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DOP Chapter 461 – The Bei Mu Bestows Kingship (5)
Translated by: Andy
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5/5 (16)

“Farewell my king. Mother will definitely avenge you. I will destroy the Huns and slaughter every single last one of them for you……”

The shout was filled with endless amounts of sorrow.

“Destroys the Huns……” The tens of thousands of soldiers on the Bei Mu side yelled out. They swear to avenge their king and destroy the Huns.

The King of the Huns merely laughed, “Seven…..” His hands moved towards the young King of Bei Mu.


The wild horse was now literally flying towards the golden canopy on the Hun’s side. It was just a few feet away now.


When he counted to nine, the King of Huns who thought that he had already achieved victory smiled brightly and lifted his hands.

Empress Xiao had a strong and resolute expression on her face but the King of Huns had already seen through her. He saw how she was feeling distressed and was sobbing on the inside. When he counts to ten, Bei Mu will definitely surrender.

He held his hand up high as he opened his mouth.


The King of the Huns was about to wave his hand and command his army to attack.

However, at the last second, the corpse that was dragged by the horse suddenly did a barrel roll and dashed into the Huns army.

It happened way too suddenly. No one was able to react at all.

Liu Yue immediately moved towards the King. With a flash, she unsheathed her sword and pointed at the king.

Her body moved like a fish as she glided all the cracks and openings in the army. Her speed was extremely fast, leaving everyone astounded.

“Protect the King!”

After a short while, the generals finally reacted to what was happening. The army that was lined up in an orderly fashion was now in a state of disarray.

The blazing shadow quickly maneuvered through the confused soldiers. Right now, those bows and arrows that everyone was carrying was rendered useless. They were prepared for the Bei Mu army on the other side, not for someone who charged straight into their formation.

When it came to close combat, who could possibly match up to Liu Yue?

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