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After they fixed the time to set out for the shopping trip, they bade goodbye to Lyu Liang and left.

During the three days that followed, Lyu Liang made time to visit Giant Tiger and to ask what what kind of treasure it needed. Lyu Liang's thoughtfulness moved Giant Tiger to tears once again. After much coaxing, Giant Tiger finally voiced out his request to Lyu Liang to buy it a mini portable cave residence if the price was reasonable. In this way, if Lyu Liang were to bring along Giant Tiger on his trips, they would not attract unnecessary attention. Coincidentally, that was exactly Lyu Liang's sentiment.

On the third day, after making all the necessary preparations, Lyu Liang and Zhang Ran first met up before they set out from the back hills to go to the front of the hills to pick up Lyu Xinyun.

It was no wonder that this was a once-in-three-months' day when the ban was lifted. The entrance to the hills was buzzing with people. These disciples below the Gold Core stage cultivation level were all smiles on their faces. Apparently, all of them had been holding back their excitement for a long time and finally the day had arrived for them to go out and shop to their hearts' content.

Earlier on, Yu Jun had already informed Lyu Liang of the location of their cave residences. Being disciples with special bodily constitutions, they were given special treatments compared to the other disciples. Each of their cave residence was opened on individual hills and each was located at places within the palace where there was a higher concentration of Primordial Qi.

Before they arrived at Lyu Xinyun's cave residence, they saw three people were in front of the entrance of her residence, blocking her way. Lyu Liang and Zhang Ran could see that she walk talking but looking distressed. When she finally saw Lyu Liang, for a second she looked happy, but quickly her face fell again.

"Junior Sister Xinyun, do you think those two companions of yours are not coming anymore? Even if they are coming, you can still join me. I have a close relationship with the shopkeeper of the Tianshui Pavilion, so you can get the best bargain for whatever you want to buy," said one rather handsome young man teasingly. He was dressed in yellow and was looking expectantly at Lyu Xinyun's worried face. To his right and left were two other young men dressed in white, who were also trying to persuade her.

"Junior sister Xinyun, just say yes to Senior Brother Li's invitation already! Anyways this trip is really for shopping and since you have chanced upon such a good deal, why are you still hesitating? ... Oh, will you stop pushing me!" the tall skinny man among them was talking non-stop when he suddenly felt a strong force that knocked him down to the side.

"I'm sorry! Please excuse me!" Lyu Liang squeezed passed the three men, wearing a smile on his face all these time. He pretended not to see the three men and directed his words at Lyu Xinyun, saying, "Sorry little sister, for being late. Please forgive me! Later on when we get to the pavilion, let me buy you something you like as compensation. Let's go!" Lyu Liang said, and he held on to Lyu Xiyun's sleeves and led her out of the palace.

Senior Brother Li, who was standing by was first taken aback for a second, then his expression turned furious as he shouted, "Hey you, where did you come from? Did you just call her your little sister? Please explain yourself!"

"Oh! My name is Lyu Liang and she is Lyu Xinyun, I'm her brother. What's your problem?" Lyu Liang said with a firm and confident tone.

"Nonsense! I've already made an investigation. Xinyun is the only granddaughter of the current head of the Lyu family in Sishui! The head of the Lyu family has two other grandsons. One of which has achieved the Gold Core stage, while the other is not even ten years old and is still lives within the four walls of the Lyu family house! Where did you come from? Are you also a grandson?" "My grandson? Ha ha ha!" Senior Brother Li and his two companions burst out laughing.

"You..." Zhang Ran blurted out, unable to hold in his anger anymore. However, Lyu Liang quickly stopped Zhang Ran from spitting out angry words anymore.

The look in Lyu Liang's eyes turned icy. If they were not within the boundaries of the Immortal Palace and if these were not disciples of the Immortal Palace, Lyu Liang would have strucked out at them!

"If I say she is my younger sister, she can only be my younger sister! Don't you know that the dogs that do not bark are the ones which bites. You are not even like dogs!" Lyu Liang said with a measured tone. He gave the three a last look of disdain before leading Lyu Xinyun on the way.

"Little rascal! If not for the Palace rules, I would have taught you a lesson!" Senior Brother Li was fuming and started gnashing his teeth.

"Are you going to let them go just like that?" the tall skinny young man in white who was being pushed to the floor a moment ago showed his dissatisfaction.

"Senior Brother, why don't we follow behind them. Whenever they pick something to buy, let's just snatch it away from them! Let's sabotage them! By then, you can pick something the Junior Sister Xinyun likes and buy it for her. Even if it meant that you have to win her over through the use of money, just do it!" the other young man in white, with crafty eyes, complemented.

"Awesome! Let's do that! Youshan, you are indeed full of ideas! Haha, let's go! Just you watch and see!" Senior Brother Li gritted his teeth as he watched the silhouttes of Lyu Liang and his two other companions walked further and further away.

It was only when they left Immortal Palace and was flying towards Tianshui Pavilion that Lyu Liang released Lyu Xinyun's sleeve from his grip. Although Lyu Liang had only held on to Lyu Xinyun's sleeves, she was already blushing with embarrassment. Nevertheless, she was very grateful to Lyu Liang for standing up against the senior brother who was more accomplished in his cultivation as well as holding a higher status than himself. Not many people would be ready to do that for her.

"Many thanks to Sernior Brother Lyu for your help in getting me out of that sticky situation, but Li Wuyi was known to have a special bodily constitution too. He is the disciple of Saint Tianyuan, who was listed among the eight great Fairy Immortals. Saint Tianyuan was slightly plump and he is a senior Fairy Immortal who is always wearing a smile on his face," Lyu Xinyun explained the background of Li Wuyi lest Lyu Liang be disadvantaged in future.

Lyu Liang did not think that was a big deal. If they wanted to compare who their masters were, Lyu Liang's master was the founding father of Sword Character! If on the other hand, they want to talk about higher generations, I'm the junior brother of Hunyuan Sword Immortal, the leader of the sect! Lyu Liang knew these were not words that could be spoken aloud, so he just casually said, "Be at ease, little sister. I will do what I said. We already planned to go out together, moreover you don't want to have him accompany you anyways. Anyways, all these troubles will be over when you go to Xuan Nyu Sect in a few days' time. As for me, don't worry too much. Since I live in the back hills, I guess he would to dare to go there to look for me!" Lyu Liang beat his chest and assured Lyu Xinyun. The people who did not know them may well think that they were siblings, judging by how Lyu Liang treated Lyu Xinyun!

"Erm! Thank you! big brother!" Lyu Xinyun was filled with gratitude towards Lyu Liang. At the same time, she sensed a special feeling towards Lyu Liang, it was as if she had known him for a long time and he was indeed like a big brother to her!

"Oh yes, why don't you brief me on how the Lyu family is like? So that when I bump into that lad again, I would not say something contrary to what he found out from his investigations. Of course if you feel uneasy about it, you can choose not to tell me, just take it as I never asked." This was a golden opportunity to find out more about the Lyu family. Lyu Liang was not going to let this chance slip by.

"There's nothing to hide. The people all over the world know quite a bit about the Lyu family anyways," Lyu Xinyun smiled and continued, "Our Lyu family is one of the three prominent families in Sishui country. In terms of capabilities, we are just following closely behind that of Blood Divine Sect. Oh and for some unknown reason, my grandfather, who is the Xuanxian ancestor of the Lyu family set a strict rule to forbid any dealings between the Lyus and the disciples of Blood Divine Sect. Any Lyu who breaks this rule would have his cultivation immediately nullified and be chased out of the family."

Lyu Liang was glad to hear this. At the same time, he felt so honored and proud of his own grandfather! Blood Divine Sect was one of the three most influential authorities in Wufang Territory. Not everyone would be as bold as his grandfather to make such a rule! He also heard his father say that his grandfather was even a Fairy Immortal. After 500 years, he would become a Xuan Fairy! This was worth celebrating!

"In the same generation as grandfather are second and third grand uncles, who are the blood brothers of grandfather. They are also Fairy Immortals. In the beginning, grandfather had three sons. However his eldest son once broke the clan's houserules and was therefore kicked out by grandfather and had his cultivated nullified. This incident was a taboo in the Lyu family so much so that no one was allowed to talk about it. In fact, I had heard it from outsiders."

"The two sons of grandfather are Lyu Lixin, who is my father. He had just progressed to the Early-stage of Void Return a hundred years ago. He now holds the status of being the successor of the head of the household. I have another third uncle, Lyu Lizhi, who is also currently at the Early-stage of Void Return. I'm my father's only child. My third uncle had two sons, as mentioned easlier by Senior Brother Li."

"My mom told me that one day three hundred years ago, when grandfather announced that father was to be his successor to lead the family, there was not a bit of excitement or joy on his face, he simply turned to walk away. Before I set out to come to Immortal Palace, I asked father why he was still brooding now that he had shed his responsibility as the head of the household. His answer was simply that apart from grandfather, his eldest brother was the only person qualified to be the head of Lyu household. That was when I started to wonder where my eldest uncle had gone? However, everyone keep their mouth tightly shut about what happened years ago."

"When I was little, I heard from the three grandfathers, through eavesdropping, that the Lyu family had a heirloom which was to be passed down from the heads of family. I remembered the name was something like 'God Whipping Whip'. Later on, out of ignorance, I asked father if grandfather had given him the whip. Father's face fell instantly. If not for mother's protection, I would have been badly beaten. After that, I did not dare to see father for an entire month!"

At that moment, a wave of emotion was rising in Lyu Liang's heart. He wished he could say aloud to Lyu Xinyun then that he was the son of her eldest uncle whom she had never met! I really am your brother! Your blood brother! However, his rational mind reminded him that it was not the right time!

For the first time ever, Lyu Liang hated himself for being such a coward! Why? Why am I such a coward in front of my own family and do not dare to acknowledge her? He wished he could let out his rage and dissatifacation with a loud roar!

"Little sister, although you don't know where your eldest uncle is, how he is now or the reason why he was thrown out of the house, from what your father said, I can feel and am confident that your eldest uncle is a noble and righteous man!" said Lyu Liang with such conviction and emotion, so he could conceal his tempestuous soul.

"Yes! I thought so too!" I totally believe my father's words! What I do know is that father despised grandfather, although I didn't know the reason, but I'm sure it has to do with my eldest uncle! However, I also believe in grandfather, that he is definitely not someone who couldn't tell right from wrong!" Lyu Xinyun clenched her fists and threw a few punches in the air!

"You two indeed look like a pair of brother and sister!" Zhang Ran, who had been quiet all these while started to say. "You two really possess similar characteristics, especially the stubbornness I see in the both of you!"

Upon hearing this, Lyu Liang quickly diverted the topic and reminded them that they needed to hurry. He realized that he was beginning to be distracted in his train of thoughts.

After an hour, Lyu Liang and his two companions finally arrived at the entrance to the market place. Flying was prohibited in the market place. Apart from Powerful figures with cultivation level of Fairy Immortal state or higher, it was impossible for common cultivators to take flight. This was also a necessary rule within the market place.

By the time the three of them entered Tianshui Pavilion, it was already filled with crowds of people.

"To all distinguished guests! The ground floor is suitable for cultivation level below the Gold Core stage, the second floor is suitable for cultivation level below the Void Return stage, while the third floor is suitable for cultivation level of Void Return stage and above. Guests who make a purchase above 200 mid grade Primordial Stones, and who are below the cultivation level of Void Return stage may proceed directly to the fourth floor! Those who are above the cultivatio level above Void Return stage may proceed directly to the fifth floor! There will be professionals attending to you! A petite man wearing a small hat shouted as he stood at an elevated reception area in the ground floor hall.

Lyu Liang's eye sparkled with excitement as he said to his two companions, "Let's go up to the fourth floor!"

His two companions was taken aback by his suggestion. Zhang Ran held on tightly to Lyu Liang and said, "Big brother, this must be the first time you are here! If you want to proceed directly to the fourth floor, you have to pay 200 mid grade Primordial Stones as down payment. Even if you subsequently do not purchase over 200 mid grade Primordial Stones, they would not return you your down payment..."

Lyu Liang chuckled and giving his two companions a side way glance, he said, "Let's just go. Since we are here together, I will foot all the bills first. You may pay me afterwards. If we go directly to the fourth floor, we can simultaneously get rid of the three flies following us!"

Long before they entered the market place, Lyu Liang already realized that they were being followed. Making a scan of the surrounding through his Divine Sense, Lyu Liang could guess the intentions of those following them. It was thanks to Tianshui Pavilion's privilege treatment for their distinguished guest that allowed them be free from the three secretive people who were tailgating them.

When the three people following behind them saw that Lyu Liang and his two companions were attended by the shopkeepers and brought to the fourth floor, they were first stunned, then their faces turned angry.

"What?! Why are they going to the fourth floor! Who could be so rich? I suppose they do not know the rules!" Li Wuyi almost blew his top.

"Let's observe what happens first, senior brother. I suppose they can't stay up there forever. If we can't take revenge on them today, we can always do it tomorrow at the auction! Since they have the guts to go up to the fourth floor, I'm sure they will be interested in the auction!" the crafty-looking young man in white broke out in an evil smile.

"Awesome! Let's do that! Hey, let's see what you have left after spending 200 mid grade Primordial Stones as down payment!" Li Wuyi burst out laughing.

"Senior... senior brother! Quick, look towards the door, a gorgeous fairy!!" the skinny tall man suddenly pointed at the door of Tianshui Pavilion. His gaze was fixed and his mouth was almost watering.

He was not the worst idiot. In fact there were already many among those men in the pavilion who were already drooling...

Walking slowly towards the gates of Tianshui Pavilion was a girl in bright red clothes accompanied by a green-robed lady. The girl was exceptionally beautiful to behold and the initially noisy great hall on the groud hall became totally quiet all of a sudden.

Unfortunately, Lyu Liang was at the fourth floor at this moment, otherwise he would also be pleasantly surprised to realize that the girl was none other than Shangguan Ying, the girl in red clothes whom he had been thinking about day and night.

"Aunt, let's go straight to the fourth floor!" Shangguan Ying said. Obviously she was not comfortable with the overwhelming attention she was getting, so they proceeded to to up to the fourth floor.

"My child, it used to be just me coming here to purchase what you needed in the past. Why did you insist on coming here personally this time? However, to be fair, this should be the way! Look at these idiots who are drooling over you, they must be dreaming!" the lady in green looked at Shangguan Ying protectively then turned to give those men a look of disdain.

Thereafter, the two ladies were led by a polite shopkeeper up the stairs to the fourth floor. All the eyes were focused on them as they went up the stairs.

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