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DOP Chapter 454 – Breaking Through the Cocoon, Becoming a Butterfly (11)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by:

2/5 (11)

If a durian is hard, then I’ll smash it open with a rock. Let’s see it stay close.

Under absolute power, no matter how strong one is, they would become paper tiger.

The northern wind was chilly. There was a big and heavy snowfall. The environment was very vile.

A month’s time had passed. Liu Yue had penetrated deeply into the prairies. She looked forward. There was snow everywhere. The entire floor was filled with pure white snow.

“This place….I don’t like it.” Ouyang Yufei sighed. They’ve been walking for an entire month and have not even seen a single person. This place made him feel very frustrated.

Without saying a word, Liu Yue suddenly leapt forward. She looked at the snow on the ground in front of her.

“What. Is there something wrong?” Yufei looked around. There was nothing there. Only snow and dead trees….

“Someone passed by three days ago.” Liu Yue quickly got on her horse.

Ouyang Yufei frowned. There was someone here three days ago?

How come he couldn’t tell at all? How can she tell by looking at the snow?

In all these years, if he said that he was number two in terms of tracking ability, no one would dare to say that they’re number one. How can he miss any traces of people passing by? Strange.

He furrowed his brows and followed her. If someone passed by, then someone’s definitely in front of them.

Behind him, the little magpie and Xiao Hua stared at the ground. How can there be any traces left?

The party tread through the snow quickly. If there’s someone there, then there must be a city along the way!

The bone chilling wind breezed past them.

The dark clouds were blown away as sunlight shined upon them. It was rare for there to be such a warm ray of sunlight during winter.

Snow started to melt. Only dead grass remained on the ground. The traces could not be seen anymore.

Liu Yue continued to move forward in an estimated direction.

The party of four sped forward quickly, trying to find a city.

“There’s someone in front of us!” Once they got on a slope, Xiao Hua looked down and yelled out in joy.

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