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DOP Chapter 449 – Breaking Through the Cocoon, Becoming a Butterfly (6)
Translated by: Andy
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4/5 (8)

In the blink of an eye, Liu Yue watched as all of the trees and flowers start to wither near Ouyang Yufei.

Hundreds of flowers withered, all plant life dried up.

They all fell very quickly one after another.

Liu Yue was extremely shocked when she saw this scene. This was the first time that she was truly speechless.

She could see the entire process of the plants withering. She can clearly see the wave of flowers dying in front of her eyes. It was very clear.

Even the trees that were dozens of feets high started to dry up as the dead leaves started to fall. The dark green and brown leaves floated down from the sky. In just a few seconds, all of the bare branches could be seen.

Within the flower garden, all of the dancing butterflies, bees, and birds fell as if they ran into an invisible wall and lost their life.

The range of rotting became bigger and bigger. More and more life started to die.

In just a few second, the originally beautiful garden with birds and flower turned into a death garden.

Only rotting flowers and death were in their view. The place was filled with desolation and despair.

The entire area was devoid of life. In just a few second, all forms of life disappeared. Only a deathly silence remained.

Within 3 miles, there was no sign of life. It was all extinguished.

Liu Yue’s fists turned cold. It was cold sweat.

Such a strong poison….. Liu Yue gaze swept across the entire area. It was all rotten. Only death remained.

If this kind of poison spread through Tianchen, if it spreads into the palace…..

Liu Yue shivered. This kind of speed and power. It was basically unstoppable.

This was only a small move from Ouyang Yufei and yet it was so strong already…..

Then Tianchen…… then Xuan Yuan Che….

She slowly closed her eyes. This kind of ability. No wonder why the king was afraid. How can they fight against something like this?

“This is one of their simplest poisons. Anyone of status in that place have it. Murong Liu Yue, this is an inheritance from thousands of years ago. It is not ordinary at all.”

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