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Looking at the fellow in front of him who had drunk the whole bottle of Alang Vineyard wine, which was worth two gold coins, in one gulp, and touched his lips suspecting that it was not good enough, Lin Jie suddenly had an impulse to kill him.

"Unfortunately, this cup of Thousand Fruit Wine is not made from the elemental water from Water Overlord, what a misfortune." Aubrey shook his head and licked his lower lip as though he was not yet satisfied. He sucked up a drop of wine that was about to fall off the ground into his mouth. Then, he raised his head satisfactorily. "The wine tastes good and reminds me of the pure glutinous wine of Lyon Village… Why? They sell it here too?"

Lin Jie pulled the corner of his mouth and thought to himself, 'Pure glutinous wine produced in Lyon village? F*ck! One cup was worth three gold coins! I'm not even willing to drink when considering the price! Sure enough, there is no free lunch in the world.'

"One cup of pure glutinous wine." Lin Jie called for the bartender, while his heart was bleeding.

"Great! Here, take this!" Aubrey laughed, tapped his hands and a golden written contract suddenly appeared in his hands. Lin Jie took it happily and turned around, bidding him farewell casually. Aubrey happily lifted his glass and sniffed it gently. The rich and mellow liquor was about to make him faint.

"This wine is delicious! Seems like I should be taking this kind of job more often." Aubrey laughed as he watched Lin Jie rush off in panic.

Lin Jie looked at the contract in his hand and shook his head helplessly.

A corrupt official's approval cost five gold coins! That was a part of the expert-level trials. Lin Jie estimated that even if he was not a red-name player, there would be a variety of difficult tasks waiting for him.

Lin Jie quickly returned to Hall of the Wind Spirit and handed over the contract to Sword Saint. The great hero who was always serious smiled and said, "Not bad, this is your reward!"

----"You learned the skill Undefeated Anger."

Expert-level missions naturally had good rewards corresponding to their difficulty. Lin Jie opened the skill bar, and his eyes lit up.

Skill: Undefeated Anger

Casting Resource: Action, Warrior's Roar

Skill Description: Active Skill. When you receive fatal damage, it will be blocked, and you will enter an invincible state for 2 seconds. Cooldown: 1 natural day.

Job Restriction: Warrior

Expert-level trial missions were generally divided into three to six stages, and each stage could be rewarded with either equipment or skills. Lin Jie was happy in his heart! That skill was definitely one of the most practical skills for warriors!

In the hand of a Shield Specialist, it could earn 2 seconds for the teammates.

In the hand of a Weapon Specialist, one could give an explosive output of combo.

And in the hand of a Berserker, one could have 2 seconds of frenzy killing time!

Very soon, Lin Jie's joy turned into worry. 'Who to find next?' The priestesses of the temple were no less disgusted with him than the dark creatures. Although it was possible to get the approval from a priestess of a lower level, the lower difficulty meant lousier reward! That had no difference from damaging his own strength!

Lin Jie could only seek for another way. 'Maybe… Pagans?' Lin Jie suddenly had an idea.

Meng Mountain was located at the war front of the border of Town of Meyer. The land was barren, and no plant was growing on it. However, there was still one nameless village that survived in such a harsh environment.

Coke-like wood was used to build cottages, and villagers were crazy about drawing a symbol similar to the eye. Every time they drew one, they got some energy from it - that was the food they lived on.

This symbol, known as the "Omnipotent Eye," was what the villagers believed in.

When Lin Jie entered the nameless village, he saw a yellow, thin, scattered-haired child showing a strange smile and drawing a symbol of the Omnipotent Eye on the wall. When the last stroke fell, the child closed his eyes and his dry stomach slowly bulged up as if he had eaten enough.

"I'm full." The child bulged.

Everything in the village was creepy and made people really scared.

Lin Jie searched everywhere and finally found a missionary in the village chief's room, wrapped in a black cloak, holding a scripture in his hand. His muddy eyes looked at Lin Jie. He laughed and asked, "Why, passerby, are you hungry?"

Missionary Yatv: Level 13 Rare Elite, Health Points 13,000

A rare elite meant high-grade equipment and special items!

Lin Jie walked up and asked, "Mr. Missionary, I have a business offer to make. I'm not sure if you are interested."

"Hehe, business? I love business." The missionary shook the dust of the stool full of scriptures and symbols, and sent the dusty stool to Lin Jie, gesturing with his hand. "Please take a seat, we could slowly talk about it."

Lin Jie frowned and cut the stool using the Blade Aura from his tip of Broken Blade. He said calmly, "I need something from you."

The missionary smiled with his yellow teeth and nodded, "I know what you are looking for. The Omnipotent Eye is protecting me, it allowed me to have the power to sense the future. I could help you, but you have to help me do something too. The power of Omnipotent Eye is getting weaker, and I need many souls. Strong and boundless souls, just like souls from the alternate realms."


----'Do you accept the mission Soul Snatching?'

Mission difficulty: ★

Mission description: Snatch 1,000 souls from alternate realms.

Lin Jie was a bit shocked. The so-called souls of the alternate realms were the souls of the players! Such a mission was benign and self-serving. After the players were dead, their soul would go out of their body. If their souls were taken away, they would not be able to resurrect in an hour. And the difficulty of this task is only one star?

"This is Soul Snatching Book, come back to me when you have the souls. Hehe…" The missionary disappeared in a blink of an eye when he finished his sentence.

Shallow Smile's beautiful eyebrows slightly frowned, and her white fingers were anxiously kneading each other, revealing the doubts and uneasiness in her heart.

They had been doing the same thing for the past 15 minutes; they were just feeding the medicine to Timmy.

That poor Timmy, the werewolf found on the damaged manor, had been fed with dozens of bottles of Lineage Potion. Not only that, even though his body was as big as the wolf version of the Hulk, they were still not stopping.

"Feed it everything!" Eighteen Massacres ordered. The 100 bottles of high-cost Lineage Potion from the "auction" were slowly decreasing and drunk by Werewolf Timmy. He was unconscious with his eyes going blank, but his body and muscles were still growing bigger.

"Boss, the stats of Timmy look good enough." Cigarette Butt informed Eighteen Massacres after checking Timmy's status. Under the effect of 90 bottles of Lineage Potion, his damage exceeded 800, and his body was as hard as steel. It was estimated that it could easily kill Galru many times.

Clearing the expert-level dungeon would be easy.

No one knew how to make Lineage Potion in Lin Jie's previous life. But now, history had changed because of Lin Jie. With a flap of Lin Jie's wings, the whole course of history had changed!

"Feed all the 100 bottles!" Eighteen Massacres yelled.

The Kingdom of Glory attacked strongly, its first impact almost disintegrated the Ironwall Empire, and its prestige rose like the sun in the sky. At that glorious moment, the word 'Brotherhood' slapped them hard. That was his disgrace, the disgrace of the Kingdom of Glory! Eighteen Massacres could not wait for an eye-popping victory to wash away the shame!

Today, victory was almost there.

Since Timmy the Werewolf's attack power had reached 800, it would be alright to raise it a little more over a thousand. Then, they could clear the expert-level dungeon in the shortest time and crush the nuisance called Brotherhood.

"Grooo… Ou-" Timmy the Werewolf swallowed the potions in pain. Its muscles were about to explode, and veins were bare like pythons. It was a frightening sight to look at.

Soon, the 100th bottle was consumed!

"Let's go!" Eighteen Massacres shouted with excitement.

As if Timmy could not hear the command, his body suddenly trembled violently. His violent muscles began to burst, the werewolf's head was in great pain, and the corners of his mouth oozed with blood.

Cigarette Butt was shocked. "What's happening? What's happening?"



Timmy's roar was like a tornado, almost piercing through people's eardrums. He suddenly hit the ground crazily, his muscles turned into thick and heavy fat which then fell off, bit by bit, to the ground, leaving evaporating sounds.


Timmy exploded suddenly! Eighteen Massacres and the others, who had yet to understand what was going on, were blown up to nothing! Only bodies were left…

That was Lin Jie's idea, of course. He knew the character of the Eighteen Massacres very well. Especially under the stimulation of the Brotherhood's provocation, Eighteen Massacres would surely use all the Lineage Potion on Timmy. But no one knew that Timmy could only take up to 99 bottles. He was just an ordinary werewolf, and even if he could use anger to stimulate his inner strength, he could not exceed the upper limit. The insane stimulus of Eighteen Massacres made Timmy go beyond the limit and burst to death.

People from the Kingdom of Glory revived and sat on the ground, stunned. Then, the world announcement came.

World announcement: Congratulation to "Brotherhood" for getting first clear on Expert-level of Castle Wood! The team leader "Code Autumn" is rewarded with 45,000 experience points, 10 silver coins, and a bonus item - Werewolf's Teeth (Gold)

World announcement: Congratulation to "Brotherhood" for getting first clear on Expert-level of Castle Wood! The team member "Code Boiling Water" is rewarded with 45,000 experience points, 10 silver coins, and a bonus item - Dark Resistance Shield (Gold).

World announcement: Congratulation to "Brotherhood" for getting first clear on Expert-level of Castle Wood!…

"Brotherhood, Brotherhood!!" Eighteen Massacres lost his usual cool and went on shouting the name in rage.

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