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DOP Chapter 440 – Where the shadow goes (9)
Translated by: Andy
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“Che-er, let’s go back. Father will feel bad if you keep this up.” Standing besides Xuan Yuan Che, Xuan Yuan Yi sighed.

Xuan Yuan Yi only wanted Liu Yue to leave. He never thought about killing her. He knew in his heart that those things that he did with the right minister would not be able to kill Liu Yue given her abilities. They wouldn’t hurt her. He never thought about killing. He didn’t dare to kill her.

But he didn’t think that…… Ah…..

There was no answer or reaction from Xuan Yuan Che. There was only an icy cold aura that surrounded him. That was his isolated aura. It was colder than the aura that came from him three years ago.

“Che-er, let’s go back. If Yue-er knows that you’re doing this, she’ll feel worried too. Let’s go back. With Yue-er’s abilities, she’s definitely safe. Remember that year? Mother thought that you were gone. In the end, didn’t you come back by yourself? Che-er, Yue-er is definitely fine.”

Empress Chen’s eyes were completely red from crying. She was feeling sad. Very sad.

She’s lost her Yue-er already. She can’t lose her Che-er as well. No way.

The wintry gale howled as it blew past the mountains.

His face was wan and shallow. Yet it was cold. Emotions cannot be seen from his empty eyes.

His heart….. His heart was sunken to the ground.

One day passed after another. In the beginning, he was like a wild beast, uncontainable. But now, he didn’t dare move. He was afraid. He was afraid that he was going to find her. He was afraid that he was going to find her remains. He was scared….

He started to trust Empress Chen’s words….

“Prince, there’s news from Snow Saint…..”

“Prince, the Ao Yun troops have started to move…..”

Reports after reports were sent to Xuan Yuan Che. Seven days ago, he had massacred everyone that came with Du Gu Ye and Helian Yun Zhao. He seriously injured the two of them and locked them up. Now, he was going to deal with the repercussions.

The still Xuan Yuan Che who had been staring at the mountain stream began to move. He slowly closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

Yue-er, I’m waiting for you to come back. I’m waiting here.

Right now, he had to clean up this mess. When his Yue-er returns, he will conquer the world, and no one will be able to say a thing.

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