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DOP Chapter 438 – Where the shadow goes (7)
Translated by: Andy
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3/5 (8)

“Crowned prince, we have to leave! We have to get out of here.”

The tone of the voice became more and more urgent. However, all Du Gu Ye wanted was to see that person being rescued. He wanted to make sure that she was alive.

He going to wait. He’s going to wait it out.

He stared into the distance without saying anything. Nothing could move him right now.

Rain continued to pour.

“Prince, don’t worry. In your state right now, it’s better to leave it to Qiu Hen. You have to trust him. Trust in his abilities. Also, Du Yi followed the princess down as well. He’s a very capable man. Nothing will happen to the little princess. Even if you go now, you won’t be able to catch up. It’s a bit too late already. Leave it to them.” While holding onto Xuan Yuan Che, Yan Hu explained while coughing up blood.

The angry and sorrow beast finally calmed down after listening to Yan Hu’s words.

The Xuan Yuan Che who was being held down by six generals and Yan Hu suddenly stopped struggling. Yan Hu’s words had brought him back to his senses.

Du Yi jumped down in pursuit immediately. With his abilities, he can definitely save Liu Yue. He can protect her. He definitely can.

ALso, even if he go now, it’s too late.

Yan Hu was right. His words had brought Xuan Yuan Che back.

“Let go.” The wild tone turned into a cold one in a split second.

The fiery Xuan Yuan Che had turned back to the cold and domineering Xuan Yuan Che. It made everyone stupefied. Everyone’s hearts tightened.

Seeing this, Yan Hu and the generals slowly let go of him while being cautious as well. Their prince won’t lie to them right……?

Xuan Yuan Che looked deeply into the deep dark abyss where Liu Yue had fallen into. He then turned around immediately.

Suicide by jumping in? No. He won’t do that. His Liu Yue is definitely alive. He trusts her. He trusts Du Yi’s abilities.

He trusts them. He can only trust that they are capable…..

Right now, what he has to do is return this debt of blood with blood!

He was ready to massacre. He was ready for revenge.

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