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DOP Chapter 436 – Where the shadow goes (5)
Translated by: Andy
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Holy….. This chapter was so hard….. ._.

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A mad howl sounded. The wild and domineering howl pierced through the nine heavens on this rainy day.

On this day, the world came crashing down.

What is the love that we spend our lifetime searching for? Such that it goes so far as to make lovers follow after each other in life and in death.

They were lovers that have flown over vast distances together as a pair, flapping their old wings through many cycles of the seasons.

Happy relationships bring joy, while separation brings pain. All the more so when they are deeply infatuated and in love.

Above the layers of clouds that spread over thousands of miles, between the thousands of peaks covered in snow, as the sun sets, who should the lone man that has lost its mate live for?

“Ah…….” A sorrowful howl sounded. Between the thousands of peaks covered in snow, as the sun sets, who should the lone man that has lost its mate live for? Who should he live for?

The soldiers who surrounded Xuan Yuan Che watched as he fell onto his knees while crying out in pain.

They were all filled with mixed emotions. This was their prince….. Their prince was in pain….

Like a lone beast who had lost its mate, Xuan Yuan Che was filled with pain.

This was their prince. Their prince who was filled with charisma, and full of mettle. Their prince who was fearless and unrivaled.

This was their cold blooded and ruthless prince.

When did he become like this?

When has the prince ever shown his emotions like this?

The rain continued to pour, washing the vicissitudes of life from the world.

“Release me right now!” The mad Xuan Yuan Che spat out a mouthful of blood. His mind was so convoluted that he had harmed himself.

It was hard to tell whether the water on Xuan Yuan Che’s face was his tears or the rain.

“Master. I’ll go. I’ll go find the princess.” Behind him, Qiu Hen who usually took care of business in the palace ran over. After receiving the news of what had happened, he quickly left to see his master.

Even if Xuan Yuan Che didn’t trust other people, he would trust Qiu Hen. Xuan Yuan Che knew that Qiu Hen would not harm his Liu Yue.

“I’ll go look for her. Don’t worry master, I’ll definitely bring the princess back. Definitely!” Qiu Hen yelled towards Xuan Yuan Che. Without thinking, he called over to some soldiers, “Come. Follow me down!”

While saying that, he jumped down from his horse. He didn’t even think about how high the cliff was and immediately jumped down.

If they lost their princess, who knows what their prince would become? Everyone was worried about Xuan Yuan Che’s state right now.

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