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DOP Chapter 435 – Where the shadow goes (4)
Translated by: Andy
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2/5 (5)

The mindless Xuan Yuan Che who had thrown himself out was quickly pulled back.

“Master…..” Yan Hu who was watching Xuan Yuan Che quickly pulled him back up. At the same time, he ran towards him to hold onto him. He won’t let Xuan Yuan Che go even if he dies.

No. He won’t let him go. The rain was very heavy and the topography of this area was very complicated. Also, it was the night time…. No matter how incredible his master was, it is inauspicious if he jumped down like this. Yan Hu will not let him do that.

“Let go!” Xuan Yuan Che’s bloodshot eyes watched as the red figure continued to fall. Xuan Yuan Che was going mad right now. He fiercely attack Yan Hu who was holding onto him.

In that moment, another figure jumped down the cliff straight towards the mountain streams.

Honor does not allow one to glance back……there was no turning back…. Who else besides Du Yi could this be.

“Pu….” Blood splurted out from Yan Hu’s mouth. His entire body shook.

How can he bear and take on an all out attack from a mad Xuan Yuan Che?

However, his grip on Xuan Yuan Che became tighter. He won’t let go. He will not let go no matter what.

Tianchen cannot lose Xuan Yuan Che. They can’t. He can’t sit there and watch his master die.

He won’t let his master gamble with his life. Even if his master kills him, he won’t let Xuan Yuan Che go.

Behind him, Xuan Yuan Che’s troops had arrived. When they saw the scene, they all moved forward to grab onto their leader.

“Let me go. I’ll kill you all.” Blood filled Xuan Yuan Che’s eyes. He was going crazy.

He fiercely attacked Yan Hu and the others. The red figure had almost disappeared from his sight.

His Yue…….. His Yue!

“Master!” Everyone yelled out.

His troops didn’t care. They didn’t try to fight back. All they did was continue to hold onto his body. They held onto him and slowly retreated away.

Fresh blood sprayed out with every step…..

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