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DOP Chapter 429 – Sorrow Night (11)
Translated by: Andy
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Just when I thought I caught up ._.

“Brother, leave with me.” After Du Gu Ye finished talking, another voice sounded. It was Helian Yun Zhao.

“Brother, come to my Snow Saint. You can do whatever you want there. No one will do anything to you.”

Helian Yun Zhao stared at Liu Yue whose hair was moistened by the drizzle. She looked very weak and yet she has a sharp gaze. It was as if she was an injured lion.

In the icy cold sky, sparks flew in all directions.

Du Gu Ye and Helian Yun Zhao looked at each other. The sparks became more and more apparent.

Their auras collided.

The people behind them stepped up as well. The air around them was getting thicker and thicker.

They’re all here huh? Good. Good.

The people that Liu Yue hated and resented both appeared in front of her. The flames of her rage grew even bigger. She rushed past the guards with her dagger in her hand straight towards Du Gu Ye, “Don’t even try to leave.”

With her flames of rage, she struck out at Du Gu Ye with her dagger.

Du Gu Ye evaded by using his hands and stepped forward.

He raised his hand, signaling for his guards to step moving.

Liu Yue’s anger. He can feel it. Since it’s like this, then he’ll let her cool down for a bit before she gets out of hand.

Her face was very cold. Her hands danced in the air. However, Du Gu Ye blocked all of her advances.

After Liu Yue saw what Du Gu Ye was made her, she lost her desire already. Du Gu Ye was far too strong.

All of the attacks from the dagger struck air. The two of them move as fast as lightning.

A barrage of attacks were sent out from one side, while the one on the other side continuously dodged.

In the darkness of the night, it was very hard to see their movements. Only a streak of purple-gold light could be seen moving around.

The rain got heavier and heavier. Compared to the soft drizzle that floated around before, the raindrops pierced through the air.

The sad autumn wind blew heavily on the road towards the Rusi Mountains. It sent chills down people’s backs.

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