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DOP Chapter 425 – Sorrow Night (7)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by:


The loud voice of Empress Chen was carried by the wind towards Xuan Yuan Che. Hearing the word ‘die’, his heart shook. What’s going on with mother and Liu Yue? He started to move even faster.

Liu Yue stopped and frowned. What is Empress Chen talking about? She didn’t mind about this small matter at all.

She stopped and turned around.

Seeing that Liu Yue have stopped, Empress Chen let out a sigh of relief. With a happy look, she walked up to Liu Yue, “Yue-er.”

Right as she called out, a mysterious force struck her back, pushing Empress Chen towards Liu Yue.

Liu Yue had stopped moving. She was holding onto the book with one hand and her dagger with the other.

Seeing that Empress Chen was falling towards her she unconsciously reached out to hold onto her. The dagger in her hands accidently went towards the Empress as well.

The two of them were very close. The dagger had pierced the Empress’ dress.

Both of their faces paled immediately.

At the same time, if one was looking from far away, one would think that Liu Yue had stabbed the empress.

Liu Yue’s heart shook. She quickly pulled back her hand.

From far away, Xuan Yuan Che saw everything as he flew over.

“Mother.” Xuan Yuan Che’s expression changed, not believing what he was seeing.

His Liu Yue wants to kill his mother?

The bloody dagger was inserted in the Empress’ chest. Empress Chen’s face was filled with shock.

With Liu Yue’s back facing him, Xuan Yuan Che wasn’t able to see what kind of expression she had on. He can only feel the cold aura extruding from her body.

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