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DOP Chapter 422 – Sorrow Night (4)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by:


Liu Yue continuously flipped through the book and read the contents. She felt a shiver go down her spine as she read the book.

The book looked ordinary but it was filled with many secrets.

Her hands started to shake. Liu Yue didn’t know if it was excitement or fear.

Xuan Yuan Yi saw Liu Yue’s expression and sighed, “Yue-er, I know that you love Che-er. If you love him, then please don’t bring destruction to him. Don’t let him die.

Du Gu Ye and them can’t even compare to those people. Ao Yun, Snow Saint, we can still fight them. We can defend against them. But if they came, Tianchen will be destroyed immediately. Che-er will definitely die.

If you love someone, could you bear watching him die? Would you bring him down? Yue-er, you’re not that selfish right?

Yue-er, our Tianchen can have anyone in here. Anyone can be a princess or an empress. However, we cannot have an empress that will bring destruction to Tianchen.

Yue-er, give us a break and let us go. Please leave.”

With each word, tears flowed down Xuan Yuan Yi’s cheeks. He was feeling very emotional.

Liu Yue who was holding the book felt shaken.

A cold feeling entered her bones, making her feel very cold.

It was still early into autumn. How can it feel so cold….

If she loves him, then don’t bring him destruction? Don’t bring his entire empire down?

If she loves him, then would she bring him down? Would she watch him die?

No. No, she will not. How could she? She was going to wait for Xuan Yuan Che to conquer the world. Why would she destroy him?

But…. But….

Her hands grasped onto the book.

Her heart tightened. She felt pain. All she wanted was to stay next to Xuan Yuan Che and watch him conquer the world. She wanted to stand by his side and laugh with him.

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