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DOP Chapter 415 – Internal Conflicts (9)
Translated by: Andy
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From the corner of her eyes, Liu Yue who was ready to leave saw something and suddenly stopped. She quickly turned back around.

Under the bright lights of the flame, the black clothed men’s sleeves were blown upward by the wind and revealed the cloth under it.

A metallic black color embroidered with some red.

Bang. When Liu Yue saw this, her mind exploded.

This kind of clothing….. It’s….It’s the clothing of the imperial guards!

Liu Yue clenched her fist. The right minister wasn’t the only one trying to kill her, there was also…..

“Master.” Du Yi furrowed his brows.

The imperial guards were separated into two factions. One faction was controlled by Xuan Yuan Che, while the other small faction was controlled by the emperor, Xuan Yuan Yi….Not even Xuan Yuan Che could challenge his father’s authority in commanding the imperial guards.

The guards who have a red embroidered pattern…. They belonged to Xuan Yuan Yi.

No wonder why the right minister has so many experts by his side. So someone was backing him up, giving him support.

She grabbed her dagger harder and harder. Xuan Yuan Yi, Xuan Yuan Yi.

The flames on the building could not compare to the flames in Liu Yue’s bloodshot eyes.

She’s not blaming them. She’s not blaming them. Fucking hell. How can she not blame them. When did she offend Xuan Yuan Yi? When has she ever let Tianchen down?

She’s been silent the whole time and had Xuan Yuan Che deal with everything. It seems like Xuan Yuan Che isn’t enough. Everyone thinks that she’s a pushover.

She turned around and without saying anything, she charged towards the imperial palace. She couldn’t hold it in anymore.

The night was getting darker and darker.

In the imperial palace of Tianchen.

“Xuan Yuan Che. How can you say such a thing?” Xuan Yuan Yi stood up and was filled with disbelief and anger.

Xuan Yuan Che stood up as well, “I’m saying this one more time. I will take care of everything. Tianchen is mine. Liu Yue is also mine. These two things, I will not let either of them go. I have my own plans!

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