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DOP Chapter 414 – Internal Conflicts (8)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by:


After saying that, she grabbed the right minister by his beck and threw him towards the group of guards.

The guards immediately rushed over to catch the right minister.

At the same time, Liu Yue flew towards the right minister’s building instead of retreating away.

Her figure dashed through the empty air. She was moving as fast as lightning.

At the same time, Du Yi who went to hide quickly appeared from the back and set fire to the building.

The gorgeous flames immediately lit up the darkness. The archers who were hidden in the building immediately revealed themselves.

Just like that, Liu Yue entered the formation of these archers with ease.

If they want to harm her now, it would be harder than ascending to heaven.

The dagger in her hand danced. All her anger were being poured out at the moment. She used all her to strike down the archers.

She was enraged. The person who was going to become her grandfather in law wants to kill her. How can they try to look at Xuan Yuan Che after this? How?

They were all saying that it was for the good of Tianchen, that it was all for Xuan Yuan Che’s good.

They themselves should know what it was actually good for.

“Not good. The witch is escaping!”

“Shoot! Shoot….”


The scene turned chaotic very quickly. Miserable shrieks could be heard from afar.

There was no one able to shoot down Liu Yue after she had entered their formations. There was no one that can stop her from escaping.

Her sleek black hair floated in air. That beautiful face of her’s was cold and emotionless.

She was filled with anger and slaughtered a path out.

The flames continued to dance higher and higher into the building.

“Master.” Di Yi flew towards Liu Yue. He was worried for her.

“Let’s go.” Liu Yue turned around to take one last look at the flames and the right minister behind her.

The autumn wind was strong. The alluring flames were spreading very quickly.

The black clothed men’s sleeves suddenly flew upwards.

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