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DOP Chapter 408 – Internal Conflicts (2)
Translated by: Andy
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4/5 (14)

The two both have a solemn expression on their face. Xuan Yuan Yi furrowed his brows, “The empire or the beauty…Xuan Yuan Che, you should know what’s more important. You don’t need me to tell you right?”

Xuan Yuan Yi used Xuan Yuan Che’s full name to address him. This shows that he was already very angry.

Xuan Yuan Che had a cold expression on his face as well, “I told you that I won’t bring harm to Tianchen. Father, don’t put the empire and Yue-er together. As for Tianchen….. It wouldn’t even be here without Yue-er. Father, don’t forget about that.”

There was not a single trace of politeness in his voice. Xuan Yuan Che was not patient either.

Xuan Yuan Yi stared at Xuan Yuan Che, “Yes. She has done meritorious deeds for our empire. No one will deny that. But right now, she’s more harm than good. Her crims has already surpassed the deeds that she has done.

“What crime? I told you that this was all planned by Du Gu Ye. Stop….”

“This is the facts. You said that Du Gu Ye won’t attack but now, the five empires already have their troops right outside Tianchen. Du Gu Ye said that if you marry her, then he will immediately attack. This is the truth. The iron truth.

Xuan Yuan Yi was extremely angry right now. He didn’t even wait for Xuan Yuan Che to finish talking before yelling out.

“Even if Liu Yue didn’t tempt him, even if it has nothing to do with her, she is still playing a big role in all of this. Don’t marry her and send her away.

Che-er, there are many beauties under the heavens. You’re only losing out on this one.

You love her. Father knows that. But Tianchen is much more important than she is. You’re the future king of Tianchen, you can’t act like this.

Don’t say anything. Listen to me first. Even if you are prepared for everything, but as for Tianchen’s strength, do you think that others don’t know what we are capable of? Do you think that I don’t know our military strength? What strength do we have to go against five empires? If we fight, we will definitely lose.

Che-er, it’s not like I want to be cold blooded but I’m doing this for the country. I’m doing this for Tianchen. We have to put Tianchen as our priority and not ourselves. We have to stand by at the top and show our citizens that we are capable.

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