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DOP Chapter 403 – The Peerless Beauty (10)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by:

(5/5) (15)

Xuan Yuan Che was the only one who can see Liu Yue feel weak and feeble. In front of others, she will a ct tough no matter what.

Yun Zhao stared at Liu Yue with an arrogant look in his eyes.

He was still feeling angry on the inside. He was angry and could not get over the fact that she had framed him. However, he couldn’t be angry at her.

His mouth curved up into a smile. He didn’t care about the dagger on his neck and walked over to sit down, “Brother, come with me. Du Gu Ye is determined this time. Not even Xuan Yuan Che can stop him when he makes a move. He’ll break your heart sooner or later.”

Liu Yue narrowed her eyes. A murderous intent started to seep out.

Yun Zhao felt it and shook his head, “Ahh you. If they were put in equal situations then it will be hard to tell who the victor is.

However, right now, the Ao Yun empire is the strongest empire on the continent. Tianchen is far too weak. Du Gu Ye has also spent a lot of money to make the other empires send their troops over as well. It doesn’t matter if they fight anymore. Xuan Yuan Che lost already. Well.. maybe he won’t lose. But Tianchen has lost already. He’ll lose sooner or later.”

Yun Zhao used very vague and short sentences. It was a mess but Liu Yue understood what he meant.

“Bullshit.” On the side, the angry Qiu Hen sent a fist towards Yun Zhao.

Yun Zhao dodged the fist and moved to sit next to Liu Yue.

“Words are harmful. The words of ten people can become a tiger. Brother, you’re smart. You should understand. Come with me. My Snow Saint empire won’t be like Tianchen. We’ll be able to protect you.

Yun Zhao was very serious.

“You won’t have a chance with this prince’s princess.” After Yun Zhao finished talking, the door to the room was kicked down. Xuan Yuan Che angrily stormed in.

“Your highness.” Qiu Hen called out.

Liu Yue lifted her head to look at the angry Xuan Yuan Che and extended her hand towards him.

Xuan Yuan Che got closer and pulled her hand and sat next to her. He held Liu Yue by her waist and glared at Yun Zhao.

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