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DOP Chapter 402 – The Peerless Beauty (9)
Translated by: Andy
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The winner will always be the one with harder fists. Emotions meant nothing. Etiquette meant nothing as long as one’s empire is strong.

Du Gu Ye…. Good one Du Gu Ye.

The knuckles on Liu Yue’s fists cracked as she clenched her fist tightly. Good plan…. It really is a good plan. However, she won’t necessarily go along with this plan of his.

“Princess, don’t be like this. These commoners don’t know the whole story. Don’t even bother listening to them. Just don’t anger yourself.” Qiu Hen saw how Liu Yue was acting and quickly talked.

“Master.” Du Yi was not a man of many words. All he did was call out for Liu Yue.

In this month, countless rumors arose. The spearhead wasn’t pointed at Xuan Yuan Che, but Liu Yue instead.

No one blame Du Gu Ye for going to war for a beauty.

They can only blame the woman that caused him to be like this. They all placed the blame on Liu Yue.

No one remembers that without Liu Yue, their Tianchen would’ve been gone already.

No one remembers that without Liu Yue, their Emperor and their King of Yi would have died already. By then, who knows what would’ve happened to Tianchen.

No one remembers the deeds that she did for Tianchen.

All that they know right now is that she is bringing a calamity to Tianchen. Even though some of the rumors were baseless, they believed it anyways.

Everyone was being impulsive.

Humans are selfish.

Words are dreadful. This was the first time that Liu Yue had felt the pain. They were formless but they put wounds on her.

Du Gu Ye. Du Gu Ye. That damned Du Gu Ye.

“Brother, come with me.” Amongst the curses on the street, a relaxed voice called out.

Liu Yue raised her brows. This was Yun Zhao’s voice.

She slowly opened her eyes. She saw Du Yi holding a dagger right by the expressionless Yun Zhao’s neck.

Yun Zhao was looking into her eyes with a pitiful and mocking gaze. She didn’t understand what he was thinking?

“Are you satisfied?” Sitting on the chair, Liu Yue crossed her arms and looked at Yun Zhao.

Even though she was feeling down, no one can see the lonely and dejected look on her face. No one could see the discouraged, hopeless and anger in her expression.

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