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Some sweet moments between Lan Ning and Yan Ru Yu…. the moments that most of us have been eagerly looking forward to. Happy Reading!

Chapter 59.1:

After Lan Ning touched the lips of Yan Ru Yu, she quickly retreated. It is very quiet in the room. The tip of the tongue of Yan Ru Yu swept across the corner of his lips, looking down at Lan Ning. 'Is that it?'

This is the first time, Lan Ning took the initiative to kiss him. She was feeling shy. She blushes and gives herself an imposing manner while speaking to Yan Ru Yu. 'Otherwise, what else do you want?'

'At least this.' Yan Ru Yu came forward, gently held her waist, bowed his head and kissed her lips.

His movement are very light and slow. It is like fine tasting of food. But for a long time, Lan Ning still can't stand it…. Especially when the tongue of Yan Ru Yu inadvertently wrapped up his tongue. Lan Ning's heart trembles.

This is the first time she kissed someone deeply. She can only try to respond to him instinctively. She did not know whether the technique of Yan Ru Yu is good or not. After all, she did not have a comparable object. But under the guidance of Yan Ru Yu, she gradually relaxed and carefully enjoyed the kiss.

The microwave oven 'ting' and brokw the slightly embarrassing atmosphere inside the room. Yan Ru Yu slowly loosens Lan Ning's lips and kissed her deeper than ever.

Lan Ning gasped as if she had just finished a long-distance run.

The face of Yan Ru Yu has not changed much. But his expression is a bit dissatisfied. 'Why have you been holding my hand?'

Lan Ning said: 'Of course. I am afraid that your hands will touch everywhere else.'

Yan Ru Yu: '…..'

'Well, the awareness of self-protection is still in place. But it can be slowly removed in front of me.' He can only give this evaluation.

When Lan Ning saw him heading out of the kitchen, she took out the food from microwave and followed him out.

After putting the plate on the table, she looked at the pair of glasses on the table. 'Hey, you wear glasses?'

She took the boring glasses on the computer next to her and looked a little curious.

'Yeah.' Yan Ru Yu picked up his eyebrows. He picked up the chopsticks and picked up a piece of rice cake. 'Having to face the computer so much for the past few days, the eyes cannot stand it. So, I changed the frame eyes.'

'Oh. It is contact lenses that you have been wearing. I thought your vision has been good.'

Yan Ru Yu looked at her sideways. 'When I saw you first time, I knew that you were wearing contact lenses.'

Lan Ning: '…..'

How did he know? Are you really bragging? 😊

Didn't want to argue with him on this issue. Lan Ning was interested in playing with his glasses. 'I haven't seen you wearing glasses yet. Wear it and show it to me.'

Yan Ru Yu put down the chopsticks and took the glasses from her hand and placed it on his nose. 'Are you satisfied?'

'Wow' This kind of rhetoric make her feel a bit novel. She looked at him up and down while nodding. 'Good. Very nice looking.'

Yan Ru Yu: '…..'

He did not take off the glasses off and continued to eat.

Lan Ning had brought a lot of dishes over. These were originally she left to bring to the company for lunch the next day. Now, they are finished by Yan Ru Yu. She can only go downstairs to buy lunch box at noon tomorrow.

After Yan Ru Yu is full, it seemed that his spirit is lifted. Lan Ning packed up the lunch box on the table and prepared to bring it back home to wash.

'You leave it here. I will wash it later.'

Lan Ning picked up her eyebrows and said with ease: 'Oh, then it will be a trouble for you. I will come tomorrow night to pick it up.'

'Well, I will cook tomorrow night. Come here to eat.'

Lan Ning remembered that there would be a press conference for 'The Actor' tomorrow. He is sure? 'Do you have time tomorrow? Isn't the press conference is tomorrow?'

When it comes to the press conference, Yan Ru Yu is a bit annoyed. 'The press conference will be held in the morning. At noon, everyone should have a meal together. And then I will come back in the afternoon.'

Lan Ning thoughtfully said: 'So, you will see King Mo tomorrow!'

Her expression suddenly got excited. Even the volume of her tone was a little higher.

Yan Ru Yu looked at her with a slight smile. 'So?'

'So? You can see King Mo when you want!' Lan Ning is excited. This is probably the closest time she had been to Mo Zhen in her life. 'Can you help me to get his autograph?'

'No!' Yan Ru Yu refused sharply.

Lan Ning: '…..'

She snorted and enthusiasam instantly extinguished a lot. 'Nevermind then.' When there is opportunity next time to get his autogragh, she would grab that opportunity.

'Time is not early. I will go back first.'

She stood up from the couch and was going to head outside. Yan Ru Yu took her wrist and looked at her. 'Do you need me to send you?'

Lan Ning said: 'So close. There is no need for you to send me…'

'You also mentioned that time is not early. I will send you.' He said while standing up from the sofa and holding Lan Ning's hand, head out of the door.

The apartment building where he is staying is not far from the apartment building where Lan Ning stays. They got there within few minutes. When both of them stood downstairs, Lan Ning looked at him with a funny look: 'Is this an exercise after a meal?'

Yan Ru Yu was silent and looked at her with a slight sigh of relief: 'I have been busy changing the script for the past few days. So, I had not had time to missed you. But when I see you today, I found out how much I want to see you.'

Lan Ning: '…..'

Teacher's love skills are lunched. When they start, it is hard to prevent.

She looked up and looked at him with a pair of black eyes. 'Teacher, do you wnt me to say that I miss you too?'

'Do you miss me?'

'You guess?'

'Missed. Or else, you would be so active to send the meals.'

Lan Ning smirked and smiled: 'Okay, I will fulfill your wish. I did miss you.'

Yan Ru Yu also laughed. The arc of the corner of his mouth suddenly seems to light up the entire night sky.

Lan Ning pulled out her hand and ran into the apartment.

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