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DOP Chapter 393 – Convergence from all directions (12)
Translated by: Andy
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“This old King Wu have heard all about the King of Yi’s heroic deeds overseas and in the rainforest. This old one is very happy to see that the King of Yi is such a talented man. Talents like this must be appreciated. Even though Tianchen and Aoyun are separated by mountain passes and rivers, we are still good friends with good relationships. I hope to deepen the relationships of our two countries even more. I have sent the crowned prince Du Gu Ye and the fifth princess towards Tianchen for a marriage. I hope that we can forever maintain our good relationship.”

This quick message from Aoyun caused the entire hall to become silent. Not even the sound of breathing could be heard.

Du Gu Ye! Xuan Yuan Che clenched his fist.

“Urgent message? This is a good……” Xuan Yuan Yi felt Xuan Yuan Che’s gaze and swallowed his words before he finished talking.

“The Aoyun Empire have also sent four hundred thousand troops to accompany the crowned prince and princess. They have already passed the borders of the Chen empire.”

“Whaat?” The right minister jumped in surprise. Four hundred thousand troops to accompany a marriage? What kind of marriage accompaniment is that? This is…..

“They’re stationed outside of the Chen Empire already? Shit.” Xuan Yuan Yi couldn’t sit still anymore. Nansong’s hundred thousand troops was nothing in his eyes. However, Aoyun’s four hundred thousand was a completely different matter.

“Che-er, this…..”

Xuan Yuan Che was expressionless as he waved his hands. He looked out of the palace at the blue sky and calmly said, “What are we fretting about?”

Everyone in the hall calmed down when they heard Xuan Yuan Che. They all looked at each other. Snow Saint was trying to force a marriage but why did two more empires appear out of nowhere as well? What does this mean?

“Reporting in. The Zhao Empire have opened their borders. Three hundred thousand Snow Saint troops have entered the Zhao Empire and coming towards us. They are saying that they will accompany the seventh princess in her marriage.

Xuan Yuan Yi shivered. The Snow Saint troops came as well?

“Excuse…. This is all an excuse!” The right minister’s expression turned green.

Why would you need to send so many troops for a simple marriage? The marriage is simply an excuse. They want to ally together to attack Tianchen. They’re basically declaring war on Tianchen!

“That’s right. It’s all an excuse! Nansong, Aoyun and Snow Saint. They’re all colluding!”

“Shit. If the Chen Empire and Zhao Empire are both allowing them to pass then they might be…..” Some of the generals present were shocked.

Three empires were colluding together to attack, two empires have opened up their borders. There’s only Hou Jin left….

“Reporting in. Aoyun’s crowned prince have personally written a letter for the King of Yi.”

Another urgent report came in.

“Bring it up.” Xuan Yuan Che’s eyes were filled with coldness. Du Gu Ye…. Who else besides Du Gu Ye could have planned all of this.

It seems like everything was prepared already and sent to Tianchen at the same time.

This……. This is going to be chaotic.

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