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DOP Chapter 389 – Convergence from all directions (8)
Translated by: Andy
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These words are suddenly so hard to translate ._.

3/5 (8)

Liu Yue tried to turn her hands around but it seems like her hands were tied up by her undergarment. She couldn’t undo it no matter how hard she tried. It felt as if she was tied up.

After struggling for a while, she looked up at Xuan Yuan Che.

The room suddenly became hotter and hotter.

Liu Yue’s eyes smiled as she revealed a lustful expression.

This look that she had on her face….. It was able to instantly kill any man alive.

“It’s stuck. Come help.” Liu Yue let out a soft seductive voice.

“Oof.” Two streams of blood shot out of Xuan Yuan Che’s nose. His face was so hot that you can fry an egg on them.

He plugged his nose and then calmly replied, “It’s too hot. My nose is feeling a bit dry….” While saying that, he quickly disappeared like the wind.

“Hahahaha…..” Seeing this, Liu Yue laughed and rolled around on her bed.

Her Xuan Yuan Che was so pure. It was too cute.

Outside the palace, Yan Hu saw Xuan Yuan Che wildly flying towards the Imperial Icy Springs. He furrowed his brows and looked over at Qiu Hen, “Is the weather really that hot?”

Qiu Hen looked up at the sky and heard Liu Yue laughing in the palace. He calmly looked back at Yan Hu, “Well it’s going to be hot for one more month. It won’t be hot anymore after the wedding.”

“No shit. Why would it still be hot in a month’s time.” Yan Hu glared at Qiu Hen. Of course it won’t be hot in October. What was Qiu Hen trying to say.

Qiu Hen didn’t bother with this inept Yan Hu. The weather wasn’t hot at all. However, for Xuan Yuan Che who would only touch Liu Yue after their wedding, he will be feeling extra hot for the next month.

The autumn wind blew by, creating a rustling sound as the dried leaves started to fall.

The breeze felt very nice. In the blink of an eye, it was the next morning already.

“My son, what is the meaning of this? Only marrying Liu Yue?” In the Tianchen Palace, Xuan Yuan Yi furrowed his brows as he looked at the expressionless Xuan Yuan Che.

Xuan Yuan Che replied coldly, “Father, I should be asking you what your meaning is. Did father forget that I’ll take care of my own businesses?”

His voice was cold and gloomy.

Hearing this, Xuan Yuan Yi was shocked. He didn’t forget about this matter, but……

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