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Chapter 386 – Convergence from all directions (5)
Translated by: Andy
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3/11 owed.

These words filled Liu Yue’s heart with warmth. She smiled and looked at Empress Chen.

Seeing this, Empress Chen patted Liu Yue’s hand, “Since you’re back now, why don’t you guys host your wedding? Look at my son, every time he comes back, the first thing he would do is go see you. If you guys still don’t get your wedding, then Che-er will definitely blame me.”

“Thank you mother.”

Empress Chen and the other concubines all started to laugh. This Liu Yue is really direct!

“It will probably happen next month. After the King of Yi marries Yue-er, it probably won’t take more than a few days until that seventh princess marries him as a concubine. Even if her Snow Saint Empire is strong, they still have to respect our Yue-er.” One of the imperial concubines laughed.

“Right. Right. They have to respect our Yue-er.” The other concubines all repeated with smiles on their faces.

When Liu Yue heard this, her expression sank.

Empress Chen saw this and lightly patted Liu Yue’s back, “Yue-er, Che-er is going to be Tianchen’s emperor sooner or later. He’ll definitely have a few concubines. But, Yue-er, no one will be able to take you off of the Empress’ seat.

Later on, mother will teach you some things. You need a big heart to become the mother of an empire. Our Yue-er will definitely not be inferior to any past empresses at all. Am I right?”

Empress Chen was trying to comfort Liu Yue.

When Liu Yue heard this, she felt torn and didn’t say anything.

One of the commanders turned towards Xuan Yuan Che and smiled, “The prince is really lucky. To have a princess as outstanding as Liu Yue and you also have the seventh princess of Snow Saint as your concubine. This kind of luck, I’m afraid only our King of Yi can have this kind of luck.”

“Haha. That’s right.” Many of the nearby ministers all yelled out in joy.

Hearing this, the joyful and warm expression that Xuan Yuan Che had suddenly turned cold. He coldly looked at that minister and released a cold aura. It sent shiver down people’s spines.

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