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Chapter 364 – The Black-clothed Asura 8
Translated by: Andy
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Blood oozed out from the python. A black circle appeared around the python’s body. The sizzling sound of sulfuric acid corroding something quickly appeared right after.

Liu Yue gritted her teeth. It was a shame… The python’s skin was too thick and she couldn’t cut through all of it. If it wasn’t so thick, then she would have been able to cut the python in half.

She didn’t dare think about anything else and was prepared to escape.

Another silk thread shot out from her sleeves onto a tree far away. She jumped off the python and went back to where she was before.

As expected of the number one assassin in the modern world. Her movements were so quick that none of the people who were fighting the python saw her move at all.

In mid-air, Xuan Yuan Che was about to defend against the python’s strike again but suddenly, the python started to squirm and tremble. Its red eyes start to burn. Its expression became very sinister. It didn’t care about the people that it was fighting anymore. It quickly turned around and flew towards Liu Yue.

Seeing this, Xuan Yuan Che was shocked. He turned towards the direction where the python was going.

Liu Yue’s black sleek hair was flying as she was moving back to her original location.

Behind her, the python that suddenly became mad had its mouth wide open as it flew towards Liu Yue without regards for anything. No one knew why this was happening….

This speed…. Everyone was stunned as they watched the scene.

“Yue! Dodge!” When Xuan Yuan Che saw what the python was going to do, he yelled out to Liu Yue. He didn’t care about anything and flew towards the Python and Liu Yue.

Everyone else was startled. Why would the python suddenly start attacking Liu Yue?

Liu Yue felt the sudden killing intent behind and her face sank. The killing intent was swallowing her up alive.

It didn’t give her any breathing room. The python flew straight towards Liu Yue.

Liu Yue trembled in fear…. She curled up into a ball and jumped to the side.

Her reaction was fast but the python behind her was even faster.

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