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Chapter 341 – Blue Sensations (9)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by:


The light blue fog covered the entire area. It seems like there was nothing blocking them from entering.

The group quickly entered the fog. After a moment, Liu Yue suddenly felt that something had changed. The clear weak fog suddenly thickened.

In an instant, the fog became dark blue and surrounded everyone.

Their vision started to become fuzzy. In an instant, they couldn’t even see their own hands besides them. All one can see is the blue fog in front of them. Nothing else.

Liu Yue furrowed her brow. It seems that this miasma is much stronger than she had imagined.

However, Liu Yue didn’t stop. She grabbed the arm of the person behind her and pulled her forward. She didn’t care about anyone else but Xuan Yuan Che. She couldn’t let him go.

This wasn’t so serious anyways. Murong Wu Di and the others had prepared an antidote already. It will only be a matter of time before they got out.

The fog got thicker and thicker. It became so concentrated that nothing else could be seen.

This kind of heavy feeling. It wasn’t good.

Liu Yue tightly grabbed Xuan Yuan Che’s hand and interlocked their fingers.

Once their fingers interlocked, Liu Yue suddenly felt startled.

This feeling…. This feeling isn’t right.

She suddenly stopped. She then quickly felt the hand once again. That’s not right. This isn’t Xuan Yuan Che’s hand.

She was very familiar with Xuan Yuan Che. Just by touching this person’s hand, she can tell that she got the wrong person.

“Xuan Yuan….” She opened her mouth and called out.

Right when she started to call out, a hand suddenly covered her mouth and stopped her. At the same time she felt a bit dizzy. She had breathed in some of the miasma.

She furrowed her brows and pushed the hand away.

Damn it. Why is it Du Gu Ye. This icy cold hand and the fast reaction….she couldn’t think of anyone else besides Du Gu Ye.

She threw Du Gu Ye’s hands away and suddenly squatted to feel the floor.

She couldn’t make any sounds. However, she didn’t need to make sounds to indicate where she was to Xuan Yuan Che.

She touched the ground…. It was filled with rotten leaves and decayed juices. There were no rocks at all. The entire floor was soft……

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