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Chapter 337 – Blue Sensations (5)
Translated by: Andy
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Her gestures were very elegant and scholarly. It was neither servile nor overbearing.

The name King of Yi was one that was renowned throughout the world. It was worthy of the princess’s respect. However, he was still the prince of Tianchen. As a princess of the Ao Yun Empire, she couldn’t respect him too much.

Xuan Yuan Che waved his hand and replied, “No need.”

He turned around and looked towards Liu Yue, “Let’s go.”

Before Liu Yue could reply, that Qing Lian stepped forward and said something, “Hold on. King of Yi, let’s not talk about whether it was fate or not that we were able to meet. We are being chased by a dangerous creature. I’m sure that the King of Yi has seen how fierce this creature already. We are in the same boat and should work together.

It is all Qing Lian’s fault. I should have known sooner. I had just realized what the creatures were. I remembered that in the [Topics of Heaven], there was a section about ants who grouped together and killed anything that was in their path.

The jungle is very big. Fate must have brought us together. I hope that the King of Yi will carefully consider his decisions.”

She was trying to persuade Xuan Yuan Che to stay but all he did was nodded as he listened.

After she finished talking, Xuan Yuan Che furrowed his brows. These words seemed like she was giving him advice but in reality, she was calling him narrow minded.

“Many thanks for princess Qing Lian’s advice. My prince and princess can handle themselves.” Qiu Hen bowed towards Qing Lian with his hands cupped.

Hearing this, Princess Qing Lian was startled. She looked over at the silent girl that was standing by Xuan Yuan Che. This was the little princess consort that shook the entire Tianchen?

Before she could see through Liu Yue, Liu Yue suddenly yelled out, “They’re here.”

After she said these words, everyone was startled. Even Du Gu Ye who was calmly sitting there jumped up. Everyone turned around immediately.

A sheet of darkness was getting closer to them. The ants that they thought they had shaken off had come for them again.

“Let’s go.” Liu Yue turned around and jumped forward.

She didn’t even look at that Princess Qing Lian. In the face of danger, her life was the most important. She didn’t care about the princess at all.

Xuan Yuan Che and Du Gu Ye both stepped forward at the same time and followed Liu Yue.

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