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DOP Chapter 278 – A Tooth for a Tooth (8)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Andy
TLC by: Andy

“Father.” Fei Yan rubbed his head. His face was still very pale.

Watching his son wake up, Fei Cheng Lie was feeling very happy. It seems like the antidote that the kid gave him was the real deal.

He grabbed Fei Yan’s hands and sat by his side, “You’re finally awake. Thank god….”

Hearing his father’s cry, he propped himself up and said, “I….. I was poisoned….?”

That day, his body suddenly bursted out in pain and he couldn’t control himself at all. However, he was still mentally stable and knew what happened.

Fei Cheng Lie nodded, “I’ve already found out who poisoned you. Don’t worry about this anymore.”

The one who poisoned Fei Yan definitely have ties with that kid. Now that he has conspired with him, Fei Cheng Lie can’t pursue him anymore. Or else, Chen Fei will start to become suspicious.

It was better if they didn’t talk about this matter anymore.

Fei Yan knew that with the power that his father has in the Hou Jin Empire, he’s probably taken care of the person who poisoned him. Heh. How dare they poison him without knowing who his father is.

Fei Yan nodded weakly and coldly said, “General Liu Yue. You dare poison me? It seems like you won’t be let off that easily…..”

“Liu Yue?” Fei Cheng Lie suddenly interrupted before Fei Yan could finish talking. How was Liu Yue connected to his?

Seeing how shocked his father was, he was shocked as well, “Didn’t father take care of Liu Yue already? He should be the one who poisoned me….”

Furrowing his brows, Fei Yan started to think about the events, “I remember that I didn’t touch anything suspicious that day. The only foreign thing I touched was Liu Yue’s hands. He must have poisoned me then. If not, then how could I have been poisoned?”

Hearing this, Fei Cheng Lie felt chills and shuddered.

Liu Yue…. Liu Yue…. How can it be him? Unless…..

He suddenly shivered. He recollected the time when he first saw Liu Yue’s face. It had almost caused his heart to stop. That face…..

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