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DOP Chapter 277- A Tooth for a Tooth (7)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Andy
TLC by: Andy

More to come tomorrow and the weekends.

Behind the gate were servants preparing to light up firecrackers. When Liu Yue and the princess arrived, they lit up the firecrackers and the explosions created a sound that pierced through the heavens.

White smoke started the billow and everyone was extremely happy for the couple.

Everyone was prepared to sing and dance. The entire place was filled with a festive mood.

In front of the mansion, many commoners crowded to watch the celebration. Each and every one of them had an excited look on their faces. It looked as if they were the ones marrying.

The seventeenth princess’ carriage stopped right next to Liu Yue after entering the mansion.

“The groom will now escort the bride out of her carriage!” A voice yelled.

Liu Yue walked to the front of the carriage and kicked the door. Once she did that, everybody cheered.

This act of kicking the door was to show one’s might.

After kicking the door, she lifted the curtains and stared at the princess for a bit.

Showing one’s might by kicking the door? What kind of dumb rule was that? If those dumb ministers didn’t give her a lecture about marriage last night, she wouldn’t have known about it.

However, she was the one kicking today so it didn’t matter to her.

If she returns to Tianchen and Xuan Yuan Che dares to do something like this during their wedding, she’ll be the one showing him her might.

Liu Yue received the princess’ pure white hands and escorted her out of the carriage.

The princess was wearing a crimson red gown and veil along with a red cape. She looked extremely happy.

“The newly-wed shall enter the mansion!” The voice called out again.

Walking through the smoke, Liu Yue held the princess’ hand and let her into the general’s mansion.

The firecrackers continued to explode and the festivity was getting stronger and stronger.

The general mansion on the eastern side of Hou Jin was filled with festivity while the West Cliff on the western side was deathly silent. It was as if the two places were on the opposite sides of the earth.

A shadow quickly flew into West Cliff.

After returning, the first thing that Fei Cheng Lie did was give his son the antidote.

In a while, the Fei Yan who had been unconscious awoken.

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