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Chapter 246 – Exposing the Criminal (1)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by: Andy
TLCed by: Andy

Winter was over and Springtime has come.

In the blink of an eye, a few days had passed. The movements in Hou Jin had died down. The place had become very peaceful. It felt as if the incident from a few nights ago never happened.

Liu Yue was walking with Chen Fei, talking about how the criminal immediately took his own life after being caught. There were no tricks involved. He died instantly.

They couldn’t get any information out of him at all. Nothing about his backer either.

However, there was one thing that came out of the incident. Liu Yue’s suspicions were cleared and Chen Fei became closer and closer to her. They were talking as if they were old friends.

This could be considered some sort of good luck.

Although her face looked calm, she was in deep thoughts.

The one who died. It wasn’t her and it wasn’t Xuan Yuan Che. So who was the scapegoat?

She firmly believes that she was the only one who entered the secret room. There was nobody else.

It seems like someone was following and helping her.

Help her? Who would help her? Could it be Yun Zhao?

When she had free time, she leisurely talked with Yun Zhao. But Yun Zhao seemed like he didn’t know anything about it. She kept pestering him about it but she couldn’t get anything.

Seeing this, she didn’t bother asking anymore.

Time flowed like water and the day of the wedding was quickly approaching. Chen Fei sent many servants over to Liu Yue and the whole General Mansion was bustling.

Everybody in the mansion was excited.

Only Liu Yue had a cold look on her face. There were too many people in the mansion and Xuan Yuan Che had gone to who knows where for the past two days.

Because she always had a cold look on her face, no one thought that anything was wrong. They were all busy working and were all very excited.

The next day, the weather was perfect.

The blue sky resembled a perfectly made silk cloth. There were no clouds at all.

The warm sunlight illuminated the city. It was very comfortable.

“I say brother, I feel like you haven’t been yourself these few days.” Yun Zhao said as he looked at Liu Yue.

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