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Chapter 243 – I’m Back (10)
Translated by: Yunichan
Edited by: Yunichan
TLCed by: Yunichan

Last time, he had never seen a Liu Yue who was so angered that he wanted to kill him when his sleep was disrupted.

“Brother, you … … ”

“If you say one more word, I am going to kill you today.” Ice-cold and extremely harsh words emerged through Liu Yue’s tightly clenched teeth.

Liu Yue sat on the bed not moving. If she even moved one step, she could not guarantee whether in the next instant, Yun Zhao was still alive or not.

On hearing this, Yun Zhao instantly turned his head and slipped out of the room. His reaction was quite fast. It seemed that he was very familiar with Liu Yue’s temperament; when he could push the matter with Liu Yue, and when slipping away in stealth was the best course of action.

Closing the door from the outside, Yun Zhao’s muttering voice travelled from the distance. “What’s the matter, why did he look like his desires were not quenched, it’s not like there was a woman … … ”

“Peng.” A loud bang sounded from inside the house. Yun Zhao’s voice immediately vanished without a trace, and nothing could be heard anymore.

Fiercely glaring at the closed room door, Liu Yue turned her head to look at the window.

There was a flash of a shadow, and Xuan Yuan Che jumped in from the window. He was already dressed and groomed neatly from head to toe, though his facial expression was a little twisted.

Liu Yue stared at Xuan Yuan Che. Xuan Yuan Che looked at Liu Yue. Both of them stared at each other longingly.

After quite a while, Xuan Yuan Che walked towards Liu Yue and gathered her into his arms. He was too emotional. They hadn’t had their big wedding yet. He wanted to give his wife his utmost respect, he definitely couldn’t take her as his here so simply.

Gently kissing Liu Yue’s cheek, Xuan Yuan Che said in a husky voice. “I really missed you.”

Thousands of words came together in one single sentence, I really missed you.

Tightly squeezing back Xuan Yue Che’s hand which held hers, Liu Yue could feel the emotions rising in him. She tilted her head and smiled. “Me too.”

Her eyes with black opal-like irises were curved into the shape of crescent moons. If in this moment Yun Zhao saw such an expression on Liu Yue’s face, he would probably be dumbstruck.

That frigid lady who was as cold as ice could actually form such a brilliant expression that was warm with life. It was like an ice mountain had suddenly come alive.

“So much, so much.” With his cheek lightly grazing Liu Yue’s cheek, Xuan Yuan Che closed his eyes slightly, looking as if he was spellbound.

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