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Murong Yan and Zuo Canglang passed out of Xi Hua gate; beneath the gate, he turned around shortly to take a look at Jinyang city. In his face there was a light cloud of darkness. The girl, was like a noble hibiscus, begging him to bring her away. And now that he is leaving...... she could probably only abide by her clan's wishes, right?

Not having time to think more, the horse continued galloping, and he left the city, heading towards the northwest.

This time, on paper, he only brought Zuo Canglang along, but under the situation where he knew there would be danger ahead, Leng Feiyan and Yang Lianting followed along in the shadows. It was actually Zhou Xin and Feng Ping that he didn't bring along. These two were both old subordinates of consort Rong. Back then, consort Rong had bribed many court officials, and gathered a force that was not insignificant.

These years, queen Li had slowly gotten rid of them, and what was left was not much. But people like Zhou Xin and Feng Ping, could easily make others recall Rong Jieyu from back then. Thus, Murong Yan always brought them with him, and the two of them, who only had a body full of abilities, were like caged dragons, not having anywhere to utilize their talents.

But it was exactly because they were always in the public, that king Yan and the queen's guard fell quite a bit.

The horses continued galloping, and when they passed by the imperial road, they approached Daji city. After they passed Daji city, and journeyed for sixty or seventy miles, they would arrive at Wenqi's camp. Suddenly, when they were passing through a small wooded area, Zuo Canglang called for Murong Yan, saying, "Lord master."

Murong Yan's horse's speed slowly dropped, and he said, "Go." Two people flew by from behind the horses, and from the forest, two or three leaves shot out. Zuo Canglang watched as the leaves cut through the horse's throat, and in the blink of an eye, the horse's blood sprayed out.

Zuo Canglang and Murong Yan dismounted, using the horse's corpse as a barrier.

The flying leaves slowly stopped, and a person slowly walked out of the forest. It was a male, his age perhaps seventeen or eighteen. On his waist hung a sword and a flute. His gait was leisurely, as if he wasn't coming out to kill, but more like a young sir leaving home to go out and play.

But it was exactly this youth, that between his eyes, there was a type of killing intent that would cause others to pause. Even from a great distance, Zuo Canglang could feel his sharp sword's intent. She was a bit lost in thought, but Murong Yan instead laughed, saying, "I didn't think that for me, the queen would even involve people from Cangjian sect."

The youth nodded, saying, "I don't know who you are, and also don't know who wants you dead. Since father sent me here, I came here."

Murong Yan said, "Seeing your age, could it be that you are the young master of Cangjian sect, Cangfeng?"

The young man entirely didn't seem shocked, and his eyes were devoid of hatred, and his expression was even more calm, "Indeed. Prepare for a bit, I am about to use my sword."

Zuo Canglang turned her head to ask, "Is Cangjian sect very famous?" Murong Yan squeezed her a bit, as Zuo Canglang didn't know much about the various sect strengths in the martial arts world, so that's why she wasn't surprised. But the Leng Feiyan and Yang Lianting that were hiding by the side were actually extremely shocked.

Even though, since they had left the orphan camp until now, it had only been a little over three months, but the famous name of Cangjian sect had already become familiar to their ears. Every year, the martial arts world would compete in sword skill, and Cangjian sect would never participate. This was because the heroes competing on their sword skills weren't even worth their effort in pulling out their swords.

Cangjian sect's members usually never participated in the martial arts world, but as long as the gave the word, they could instantly settle any conflicts between any sects of the martial arts world.

Originally, the imperial court could not permit such a force to exist, but after Murong Yuan ascended, he crowned miss Li as the queen. Miss Li and Cangjian sect's sect head, Cang Tianqi, were relatives, so the relationship between Cangjian sect and the imperial court became extremely intimate.

Murong Yuan passed the title of "Number One Sword" to Cangjian sect, and Cangjian sect was thus officially inducted for use by the imperial court. But, normally, their position was still extremely special, and that's why normal people basically couldn't even have the opportunity to meet them.

Leng Feiyan used her arm to poke Yang Lianting by her side, "This person is really Cangjian sect's young master?"

Yang Lianting said, "How would I know, it's not like I ever met him."

Leng Feiyan said, "How many moves of his do you think we would be able to take?"

Yang Lianting said, "Four moves. If we stood a bit apart, with one sword, he definitely wouldn't be able to kill all for of us, right?"

Leng Feiyan kicked him with her foot.

As they were speaking, Cangfeng had already walked in front of Zuo Canglang and Murong Yan; he pulled out his sword, and looked at Zuo Canglang, reminding her, saying, "I'm about to make my move."

This was the first time Zuo Canglang he encountered this type of person, who, before killing someone, still bothered to greet them, and was speechless momentarily, retreating a few steps, before finally grabbing her bow in her hand. Cangfeng also didn't mind her, but rather steaded his sword, charging straight towards Murong Yan. Leng Feiyan, who was hiding in the shadows, could no longer stand back, but rather pulled out her blade, charging into the fray.

When the two swords met, Cangfeng was a bit startled, saying, "Good martial arts."

Leng Feiyan was knocked back by the inner force that came from that strong sword blow, and she had to retreat many steps. She suddenly realized why this person didn't bother with covering his face, because even if he covered his face, as long as he made a move against someone from the martial arts world, he would still be recognized immediately.

Cangfeng took a look at Yang Lianting, who had also charged out alongside Leng Feiyan, saying, "My target is only him," pointing at Murong Yan, "you all may leave."

Leng Feiyan's anger immediately shot into the sky, "Gave you enough face, right!!" She wielded her sword, jumping, but Cangfeng's speed was fast like the wind, three swords shot out, forcing him to stay on the guard against the blows. Zuo Canglang pulled her bow wide, and right as she was about to shoot her arrow out, Cangfeng managed to escape Leng Feiyan's surrounding attacks. Within one heavy beat, he had already appeared in front of her!

Zuo Canglang was extremely surprised, Cangfeng had determined that she would definitely use the bowstring to stall his blade's edge, and that's why in the blink of an eye, the sword went directly towards her bow. Zuo Canglang's first response was to use all her might to give him a palm strike.

Cangfeng was startled, this type of fighting style, if she came forward, both sides would get injured. These three people didn't seem like bodyguards, but seemed more like death guards. Zuo Canglang had already pushed him aside, but her drawing hand had been slashed by his sword, and was really feeling numb. She had finally recognized this youth's martial prowess.

The youth was just about to charge forward, when Leng Feiyan also jumped into the fight. His brows were frowning, saying, "Sorry." He wielded his sword and stabbed straight, and before Leng Feiyan could respond, his sword had already cut through her guard, cutting straight into her chest!

This was the first time Leng Feiyan was shocked into sweating heavily, as that type of sword, was fast to the point that it made neither sound or whisper, and its movements were extremely tricky.

At the side, Yang Lianting didn't even have an opportunity to interfere. But on martial prowess, he was the weakest of the three, not to mention they had run into Cangfeng, this type of mythical figure in the martial arts world. Leng Feiyan flew back, separating from his blade, but her opening was even large. Continuing like this, she entirely couldn't bear even a few more moves.

Murong Yan just stood by the side, watching the three of them exchange moves, without speaking. Yang Lianting reminded Zuo Canglang, "Let the lord master leave first?"

Zuo Canglang lightly said, "No."

Yang Lianting lightly bit his lips, saying, "Feiyan won't be able to survive much longer, even with us three combined, it's...... it's still not his match."

Zuo Canglang said, "What did you bring with you?" Yang Lianting said, "Various types of poisons and antidotes are here." Zuo Canglang slowly became serious, saying, "First ingest some antidote, and then spray the poison powder over yourself." Yang Lianting was startled, but immediately recovered, saying, "Okay."

Seeing Leng Feiyan enter a dangerous situation, Zuo Canglang immediately drew another arrow. Cangfeng could not help but flip back, avoiding her arrow. Leng Feiyan got an opportunity to catch a breath, and retreated a few steps, pulling out a sword net, preparing to attack again.

Cangfeng was evidently also pretty surprised, as currently, the number of people who could exchange ten or more moves with hem were not many.

Leng Feiyan and Zuo Canglang, after all had some chemistry in their coordination, and immediately saw through his plan. She occupied Cangfeng, while Zuo Canglang would throw him off. Yang Lianting would set up a poison formation in various places, and would occasionally help out Leng Feiyan. The three moved as one body, advancing and retreating orderly.

Cangfeng quickly discovered, if he wanted to defeat these three, it would not be easy.

Of the three of them, the weak link was Yang Lianting, many times, he tried to kill Yang Lianting first, but Leng Feiyan kept him busy, and once he would turn towards Yang Lianting, Zuo Canglang would immediately fire off a few arrows, forcing him to retreat. His heart was also a bit surprised, as who would have thought, during his mission this time, he would actually run into this type of hard foe.

He clenched his teeth, and went on the offensive, as even under Zuo Canglang and Yang Lianting's interference, he still managed to stab Leng Feiyan twice. But as long as Leng Feiyan wasn't bleeding, it was still okay, but once she began bleeding, it seemed like she went into a frenzy, no longer even bothering to retreat, but rather it seemed as though her combat spirit was set ablaze.

Cangfeng clenched his jaw, as this type of occupying fight, was very good at depleting one's stamina. He not only needed to guard against Leng Feiyan, but with regards to Yang Lianting and Zuo Canglang, he also could not help but guard against them. And every drop of blood that Leng Feiyan lost, all turned into killing intent. Once time extended, his forehead started to mist some beads of sweat.

He was, after all, young, and since starting his career, he had never run into this type of opponent. His patience was pretty much whittled away, but he chose to ignore Leng Feiyan's closing sword net, and waved his sword, immediately intending on killing Yang Lianting.

Leng Feiyan's sword cut open a wound along his right back, and his blood drenched his clothes, red and eye-catching. Zuo Canglang had long seen through his intent, and in the moment he neared Yang Lianting, she had already come beside Yang Lianting's side. Cangfang could probably kill Yang Lianting in two or three moves, but he could not possibly deal with Zuo Canglang.

After exchanging moves for several rounds, Leng Feiyan once again advanced. His fight with Leng Feiyan pretty much turned into one of stamina depletion, and the blood that flowed kept increasing, but could not escape the engagement. Leng Feiyan bit her lip, as it wasn't the case that she wasn't tired. But she was the type of person, that as long as she still had breath in her, she would not collapse.

Her swings grew faster, and Cangfeng's stance slowly turned from his previous attacking stance to a defensive stance. He suddenly had a very sharp realization-- he, could he, turn out to not be these three peoples' opponent? But how was this possible? These were but three people that were unknown......

Just as this thought entered his head, he felt his breathing tighten-- a moment ago, he had actually inhaled poison powder It was not possible, as he had merely gotten close, when was it......

With one momentary distraction, Zuo Canglang shot an arrow through his right arm, and the three's morale grew greatly.

Leng Feiyan's attacks grew increasingly fast, and Cangfeng began feeling dizzy, his hands and feet busy. Zuo Canglang suddenly shot out three arrows, and one arrow hit Cangfeng's chest. Startled, Cangfeng lost his sense of pain, having lost too much blood, he felt a bit cold. Leng Feiyan's next blow, went directly towards his throat.

When he fell over, his expression was one of realization. Murong Yan stood at the side, lightly saying, "Very good."

Leng Feiyan was afraid he was not dead, and immediately added another thrust towards his chest. After adding that thrust, she fell over on the ground. The blood she lost was not less than Cangfeng's.

Zuo Canglang supported her, and right as she raised her head to call Yang Lianting, Yang Lianting took off his outer robe, and threw it far away, applying the antidote, and immediately helping Leng Feiyan to cease her bleeding. And then he frowned, saying, "Her wound is very deep, and she is suffering from internal injuries; she...... needs to rest."

Murong Yan said, "The queen sent Cangjian sect's young master here, so she must be extremely confident. So, down the road, there won't be additional ambushes; you all can return."

Yang Lianting nodded, and Zuo Canglang took a look at Cangfeng's corpse on the ground, saying, "What should we do with this person?"

Yang Lianting took out a corpse dissolving bottle from his clothes, and poured it onto Cangfeng's corpse. After the corpse was dissolved into a puddle, he took his clothes, and wrapped them into a bundle, "Nobody will find him."

Zuo Canglang rose, looking at Leng Feiyan, saying, "I'll leave her to you."

Yang Lianting nodded, "Be at ease."

His face was extremely pale, as though he hadn't yet purged the poison. Zuo Canglang clenched her teeth, saying, "Be careful of all things." Yang Lianting nodded, saying, "I will."

He helped Leng Feiyan up, and said goodbye to Murong Yan, and left, heading towards Daji city, leaving his and Leng Feiyan's own horses to Murong Yan and Zuo Canglang. The people on the road were few, and the youthful him half supported and half hugged Leng Feiyan, walking very slowly.

Zuo Canglang mounted the horse, and took another look at those two, but finally followed Murong Yan, whipping her horse forwards. The horses galloped, lifting a light cloud of dust.

Heading west from Daji city, it slowly turned chilly. This was the first time Zuo Canglang saw the scenery of the northwest. Murong Yan slowed down his speed, letting her catch up, saying, "Marshal Wen's camp is almost near."

Zuo Canglang affirmed, and looked towards him, saying, "This time lord master has come here, are you really only planning on returning empty handed after awarding the army?"

Murong Yan turned his head to look at her, smiling, asked, "Otherwise, what?"

Zuo Canglang said, "I think probably not. Lord master, in coming here, you definitely have a big gift for Marshal Wen."

Murong Yan found it a bit surprising, saying, "Sometimes, I really like talking with you." Zuo Canglang was originally half a horse's step behind him, and though he had lightly pulled at the bridle, she had unwittingly already caught up. And the two rode forwards, side by side. Murong Yan said, "Take a guess, what big present am I going to gift Marshal Wen this time?"

At that time, the surrounding grass was silent, his expression carrying a smile, soft and relaxed. Zuo Canglang didn't say anything, but he smiled, saying, "Say it; even if you guessed wrong, it's alright."

Zuo Canglang lightly pursed her lips, saying, "Currently, Marshal Wen is just opposing Yu country, so lord master's great present, must be related with Yu country." Murong Yan leaked out a small smile, saying, "Continue speaking."

Zuo Canglang pondered for a while, saying, "Great Yan's military power isn't strong, and Yu country has coveted it for a long time. He intends on using troops towards Yan, but he still hasn't, meaning he still has some concern. Great Yan is Western Jing's vassal state, so if they cannot quickly win this battle, probably Western Jing would not just watch them swallow up Great Yan. That's why they keep on being indecisive. Lord master's great present is either to stop the war for peace talks, or it is a strategy for defeating the enemy. But this subject believes, neither of these could be considered large gifts. It is only applying salve to a wound, to temporarily stop the pain."

Murong Yan turned his head around, asking, "Then what do you think, what could be counted as a great gift?"

Zuo Canglang said, "This subject believes, if Great Yan can win an overwhelming victory over Yu country, then that would be counted as a great gift." Murong Yan turned his head, staring at her, and Zuo Canglang said, "And currently, if Great Yan wants to prevail over Yu country, just the idea itself seems a bit impossible. But if we think about it carefully, there actually is some possibility."

"Oh?" Murong Yan looked at her, a bit amused, and Zuo Canglang said, "Because Yu country also thinks that Great Yan's odds of victory are impossible."

Murong Yan's gaze considered her, and she thought for a bit, continuing, "Second highness isn't being utilized by King Yan, and this is a fact that everyone knows. If second highness gave Yu country's emperor a personal letter, claiming to ask him for help in becoming heir, and planned on cooperating with Yu from the inside...... northern Yu would definitely believe the time had come. At that time, the Yu troops would advance without worry, and enter deep into Yan country's territory, and our troops could set up an ambush, and can take advantage of the situation, using locals and external forces, resulting in a high chance of success for Great Yan."

She was still speaking, when Murong Yan reached his hand over, pulling her over to his horse, Zuo Canglang yelped, and Murong Yan laughed loudly, and after he had finished laughing, he suddenly exerted force to rub her head, and then he lowered his head, planting a kiss on her forehead.

Zuo Canglang went limp, and Murong Yan waved his hand, throwing her back onto her own horse, suddenly whipping his horse forward, saying, "Follow quickly!"

Her bridge seemed to still have an impression of his, as where his kiss had been planted, was leaking heat. Zuo Canglang rode her horse, catching up, and she worked hard at gripping the bridle tightly, her heart feeling like the rolling hills that surrounded them.

She attained it, one of his kisses. Henceforth, the northwestern territory would no longer be a desolate place, an empty place. Even if you were to give her the whole world, she would not exchange it for this.

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