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After returning from the horse field, Murong Yan immediately went into his study. Zuo Canglang quietly watched over him from outside the room. Even though he had been appointed Qi Yi marquis, but the officials that came to congratulate him from court were not actually many. And his estate remained quiet, and there was only the occasional sound of the cawing of ravens.

An attendant sent over the dinner meal, but Murong Yan didn't move at all. The servants couldn't do anything, but to inform Wang Yunzhao. Wang Yunzhao was also in a tough spot, as currently, within the whole estate, who didn't know about what had happened with Jiang Bilan?

The master's heart wasn't feeling well, this, everyone knew.

Wang Yunzhao brought a few small dishes over, and stood outside for a while, saying, "Miss Zuo, his highness hasn't had dinner yet, even now. Why don't......"

Zuo Canglang understood his intent, and went ahead to receive the plates. "How about I go inside to ask again."

Wang Yunzhao's expression relaxed, "We'll count on miss."

This was the benefit of having a female subordinate by one's side, as no matter how Murong Yan was, at the least, he wouldn't throw a temper tantrum at a woman.

Zuo Canglang brought the dishes in, while Murong Yan sat next to his desk, his hand had drawn half of something green, fell to the side, but he didn't lift it again. Zuo Canglang didn't look at the contents of the painting, but put the food onto a table, "Lord master, the time is already not early, please eat first."

Murong Yan put aside his brush, saying, "Accompany me to drink some wine."

Zuo Canglang was startled, saying, "This subordinate believes, right now is not the time to ignore one's wounds via intoxication. How about this subordinate pour some tea for master." After she finished speaking, she arranged the cutlery, and indeed began pouring him a cup of tea.

Murong Yan held the tea in his hand, and saw that the tea was warm and strong. He smiled a bit, saying, "You, ah...... when did you also learn to be so bothersome."

Zuo Canglang added some more veggies to his bowl, saying, "Just a moment ago."

Murong Yan smiled, saying, "Then just accompany me and eat some, you are a slave with big guts." Zuo Canglang sat across from him, he gaze slowly descending. Murong Yan drank a mouthful of hot tea, saying, "But what you've said is true, right now is not the time to ignore my issues with wine."

At the end of the fourth month, when the matter between the crown prince and Jiang Bilan had slowly cooled down, the northwestern army camp sent some news, Cheng Yu country had recently been secretly accumulating troops, and probably would make some move soon. King Yan issued an edict, ordering Wenqi to quickly prepare for war, and at the same time, he ordered Murong Yan to leave for the northwestern army camp, on one hand rewarding the troops, and on the second hand, he would become a general.

This support, exceeded everyone's expectations. Murong Yan, had for so many years, been neglected from taking any duties in court. Currently, king Yan suddenly sent him into the military, and the court officials couldn't help but privately speculate and consider what it was all about.

Murong Yan received the edict, and according to propriety, thanked his grace, and gifted the eunuch that announced the edict.

After the eunuch had left, he turned around, and said to Zuo Canglang, "You called it."

Zuo Canglang seemed as though there was something else on her mind, and asked, "His highness wants your highness to reward the troops, but did he send forth any new funding or rations?" Murong Yan pointed to himself, "Why don't you take another look?"

Zuo Canglang said, "Not a single penny, your highness is going with empty hands, so how are you supposed to reward the troops? It's not like you can stand in front of the three armies, without a single coin, and just flatter them from top to bottom?" They're not all fools. This type of edict, isn't it done to embarrass him?

If they really left just like this, then if the three armies were unsatisfied, or made a mockery out of it, who would continue to put this military supervisor in their eyes?

Murong Yan said, "Father king...... actually managed to guard against me to this extent. He ordered me to reward the troops, obviously just to serve as an excuse to force me to leave. But if I managed to get some military merit, being given a fiefdom would not be asking for much."

Zuo Canglang recovered her mood, and turned to look at him, saying, "Lord master really plans on just going to the northwestern army camp just like this?"

Murong Yan looked in her eyes, solemnly saying, "My going to the northwestern army camp is entirely useless. Father king perhaps will allow me to follow Wenqi to make some small military merit, so that potentially he can grant me a fief in the future. But, he definitely wouldn't allow me to make a name for myself, or to become successful, understood?"

Zuo Canglang looked depressed, but Murong Yan gripped her shoulders with his two hands, saying, "The queen has often schemed against me these many years, but could never ultimately force my death, and this time, with my leaving of the Yan capital, and leaving for a desolate place with few people, but a place riddled with constant warfare, our northwestern frontier, to her, this is a heavenly gifted opportunity."

Zuo Canglang was a bit startled, "Since it's this way, why does lord master still want to abide by the edict and head to the northwestern army camp?"

Murong Yan slightly exerted strength with his two hands, saying, "Because of you. If you always follow me, you will always only remain a bodyguard. And currently, the military power of Great Yan is mostly held in Marshal Wen's hands. If you don't receive his help, no matter how many battles you fight in this lifetime, or how many military merits you achieve, you will never be able to enter the military."

Zuo Canglang understood a bit, "Lord master is saying, to let me stay by Marshal Wen's side?" But I just want to accompany by your side...... she slightly opened her lips, but finally, still swallowed that second statement. Even if they were companions everyday, they still had a distance between them like the stars and the earth. Accompanying by his side...... that was such a luxury aspiration.

Murong Yan said, "This is the choice that is most beneficial towards you."

His two hands rested on her shoulders, warm and comforting. Zuo Canglang lowered her head, softly saying, "This subordinate will follow your orders."

The next day, Murong Yuan summoned Murong Yan.

In the study, king Yan sat atop his high seat, while Murong Yan knelt by the ground.

King Yan's brow was furrowed, as he did not like this child. He did not want to see that pair of eyes. It made him think of back then, when consort Rong entered the palace, and the noble and royal bridal gown on her body.

Since consort Rong's death, that child's eyes had never again expressed closeness towards him, and he despised that pair of eye's coldness. Motherfucker, you have the guts to hate this old one; even if this old one is your old man, he is also Yan country's emperor! You have the guts to hate this old man!

He of course would not open his mouth to curse out loud, but he only threw him aside in a cold yard within the deep recesses of the palace. Go ahead and hate, this old man is to lazy to talk, but reality will teach you.

When a man held no power in his hands, when he had no ability, hatred and love, were both useless things. Pride and dignity, were nothing but cold and royal jewelry, and towards court officials, it was priceless, but to someone that was about to freeze to death, it was crap that was worthless.

If one day, you can crawl over here, and lower you head and softly call this old man the term "father king." Mmm, if there was such a day......

But he didn't wait for that day, and Murong Yan had come of age.

He occasionally would still make him perform some duties, but they were all some inconsequential things. Of course Murong Yan would go and do them, but his work was neither too good, nor too bad. But he never made a mistake. There was a year when the country was suffering from a drought, and he ordered him to go and help with resolving the famine, and pretended to forget to provide funds.

When Murong Yan arrived at the place, he set out a feast, inviting the wealthy merchants together, and said that father king sent him to help with the famine, and wanted them to fund it. The merchants of course did not agree, and they all expressed that they didn't have money, and there were no coins!

Murong Yan of course expressed that he understood, and softly and in a conciliatory tone had them all sign a memorandum expressing that they did not have the money, and that their families were all innocent, did not have any corrupt dealings, and could not help the refugees, nor could they help with funding well digging.

On this side, they were signing the memorandum, but on the other side, he had ordered people to seize their assets.

After the merchants had finished attending the feast from morning until night, and returned home, they could all only stare blankly. Everyone was of course unsatisfied, and banded together to go to court against him. And then he had everyone sign in blood on a list. After they had finished signing on the list, he pulled out the memorandum.

The offense of lying to the emperor, either the memorandum was false, or the accusatory list was false.

Take your money or your life, choose for yourself.

Two years later, he used his own money to repay the money that was taken from this list, and returned all that he could. The merchants were all extremely thankful, and all bowed low, admitting that his second highness was merciful.

This little guy.

Murong Yuan took a look at the person kneeling down there, saying, "I have already notified Wenqi, that this time even though there is movement by Bei Yu, but they may not have the gall to use force against my Great Yan. You had better obediently stay in the army camp, and listen to his arrangements. You are not allowed to raise additional scandals."

Murong Yan said, "Yes."

The father and son turned out to actually not have any other words, and after many years had passed, the distance between the two was like a sea, and even any extraneous words were difficult to speak of between them. Murong Yuan was depressed for a bit, saying, "I remember your mother is ethnically from Hua Tai." Murong Yan said, "Son subject does not know."

Since consort Rong's death, nobody had the courage to speak of his mother before him. And a five year old child, how much could he know?

Murong Yuan pointed, saying, "Hua Tai is a good place. After this issue is done, you can go over there to take a look."

Murong Yan didn't even lift his head, bowing, and saying, "Child subject will follow your order."

Depressed, holding on to an awkward depression. They could no longer continue talking, so Murong Yuan said, "Go, be careful of all things."

After Murong Yan left Yan Imperial palace, he didn't loiter for long, but immediately brought Zuo Canglang, leaving the city for the northwestern army camp. When the queen received the news, it had just happened. She turned to right minister, Jiang Sanyi, saying, "Find some people to make a move, but don't use our people."

Jiang Sanyi was of course delighted, "By that little guy's side, Xin Feng's martial arts is not bad, so normal people probably could not counter him."

The queen knew this, "Find people from the martial arts world, and do a clean and thorough job, and no matter what, leave no trace that it had anything to do with us." Jiang Sanyi nodded, but was a bit confused, "Currently, whether inside or outside the palace, it is your highness's, you highness is truly too careful."

The queen smiled coldly, "What, does official Jiang really plan on recognizing this son-in-law?"

Jiang Sanyi quickly laughed, "Ha ha. Your highness's words are cursing this old official; this old official is entirely loyal to your highness, heaven and earth are my witness."

The queen's expression slowly turned joyful, "Don't underestimate him, a child that has lost his mother, being able to come of age in the palace, is not an easy thing. His highness is not a stupid man, and those actions within the palace, he would not have seen them before? It's just that he's gotten old, and regarding many things, he's unwilling to talk more on."

Jiang Sanyi was startled, and the queen pondered some more, and took down her hair ornament from her head, "Take this, and go find Long Sword Sect's Cang Tianqi. Have him make the move."

Jiang Sanyi was a bit suspicious, and then realizing something-- your highness and Cang Tianqi still have some relationship? Really has a fate that exceeds the heavens, and a charisma without bounds! He didn't hide his surprise well, and his expression betrayed him. The queen just raised her hand to slap him, "Cang Tianqi is my elder cousin."

Jiang Sanyi had just left from the rear gate, when king Yan entered. The queen was slightly startled, "The servants have grown increasingly lazy, your highness has come and they didn't even announce it!"

King Yan smiled, and held her hand, "It's this one not letting them announce my arrival, as I wanted to see what my queen is like when I am not around."

The queen raised her eyebrow, and one could see her youthful straightforward beauty, "Then the subject bride that your highness has seen, what did she look like?" She shut her eyes, her face shaking a bit, "your highness, has this subject bride gotten old?" 

King Yan shook his head, the fallen wind by the ruler is old, but taking in cold snow, I am able to stay stable. He had the intention to kiss that pair of red lips a bit, but after all, he is not as he was in his youth. At the left and the right, the servants were still present, so it still wasn't too good. He only brought her inside the hall, "You, ah, even if you were eighty, you probably still wouldn't be old, huh? I just like your lively and straightforward character. Mmm, even Ruo'er's character is like yours."

The queen smiled, and as it was already time to eat, ordered people to bring food. King Yan suddenly said, "I heard that Yan'er had already left for the northwest."

The queen muttered an assent. "Yan'er has the most impatient behavior, and leaving fast like the lightning, is actually a bit like......" she almost mentioned that woman again, and king Yan glared at her eyes, "After he forms a family, I want to give him a fiefdom. In this life, unless ordered, he is not allowed to return to court." The queen was startled, as why did he suddenly mention this? He...... ultimately still saw through her intentions?

King Yan lightly pat the back of her hand, "After all, he is still my child."

The queen smiled, demonstrating her motherly love, "Your highness hasn't had many descendants, and now, there is only Ruo'er, Yan'er, and Qing'er left. Your highness wanting to give him a fiefdom, this subject wife can't even begin to be happy, how could she have an object?"

Murong Yuan nodded, with her serving him, he had an long time where he couldn't shut his eyes. 

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