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Part 7

“Kun-lun Siauwhiap, arrogant man.To how is your skill so dare you to come to show off?” Exclaimed Lian Hong who immediately attacked with greatness.

The shocking Kun-lun Siauwhiap and quickly parried and then replied in disdain. “Hwe-thian Sianli, are you cruel and vicious like Hwe-thian Moli as well?”

However Lian Hong became even more angry and soon both of them were fighting furiously. As she pushed him hard by deadly attacks, forcedly Tek Kun had to be unwilling to give up and reply with great attacks. He quietly complained why the girl he had admired and secretly loved had changed into a wild, cruel girl.

At noon Hwe-thian Moli told him that Hwe-thian Sianli, as loving him, had heard of her engagement. So she was going to storm her fiance’s house at night and kill him. At first he didn’t want to believe nor care about Hwe-thian Moli’s sayings, but at evening his heart felt bad. Just playing around he then came out of the house, carrying his sword. At same time he wanted to find a chance to see his fiance whom he didn’t like.


Thus, Hwe-thian Moli who felt disappointed in her love had deliberately provoked Lian Hong to meet her fiance in a very funny way. Even this dashing girl quietly after seeing the two clashed, then quickly headed to Prince Sim Liok Ong’s house and with her skill she was able to enter the prince’s room.

“Too bad, Sim-taijin. Your son, Sim Tek Kun, is fighting with her fiancee in Ciok-taijin’s flower garden!" Hearing this, Prince Sim Liok Ong became shocked and angry. He then gathered his officers and quickly rode to Ciok-taijin’s house building.

However, Siang Lan had overtaken them and immediately knocked on the room of Ciok-taijin. “Taijin, get up quickly! Little sister Lian Hong is fighting fiercely against Prince Sim’s son!” Of course it’s very shocking Ciok-taijin, especially as hearing someone banged on and when the guards opened it, the one was Prince Sim Liok Ong himself coming and his bodyguards.

Before these two old men talked, Siang Lan had preceded them. “Quick …..! Quickly go to the back garden! Lian Hong and Tek Kun are fighting furiously … uh, damn it!”


At that time, the whole house of Ciok-taijin had woken up and heard these sayings, they were all shocked and quickly ran to the flower garden behind the building. That night was a full moon and the situation was quite bright. When they arrived in the back, they saw the light of the sword flashing and two people’s shadows disappearing wrapped in a scroll of sword rays, as if becoming one. The old men could still get to know two young men who were fighting furiously. Quickly Ciok-taijin shouted angrily. “Lian Hong …! Hold your weapons!”

This call not only shocked Lian Hong then jumped back, but Tek Kun as well became shocked and slipped backwards. He became even more surprised seeing his father there. So he quickly approached his father and exclaimed. “Dad, you’re here …??”

“Tek Kun, you come at night screwing up here. What do you mean?” His father snapped in anger.

Almost in unison, Ciok-taijin admonished his granddaughter, “Lian Hong, you were fighting in the garden in the middle of the night. What do all these mean?”

Almost simultaneously, the two young men replied, “Dad, this cruel, vicious girl wants to kill Ciok-Siocia, my fiance!”

“Kong-kong, this arrogant young man wants to kill Sim-kongcu, my fiance!”


As hearing the young man’s sayings, she became pale, so did Tek Kun. The two looked at each other in fooled while the elderly people who stood there looked even more amazing.

“Tek Kun, have you suddenly gone mad? You said your fiance Ciok-siocia is about to be killed by this girl?? Ayaaa … what else is more crazy than this …??”

Also Ciok-taijin exclaimed loudly. “Lian Hong, are you dreaming? How could this young man kill Sim-kongcu? He is Sim Tek Kun himself, your fiance!”

Both Lian Hong and Tek Kun felt as if the ground they stepped on suddenly collapsed. They stood dumbfounded, looking at each other with a sense of ignorance. They felt embarrassed, shocked, surprised, and so happy.

“You … you … are the Miss Lian Hong, my fiance …?” Said Tek Kun almost whispering.

“Kun-lun Siauwhiap … You’re actually the Sim-kongcu …?” Said Lian Hong.


Suddenly there were laughs from Prince Sim Liok Ong and Ciok Taijin. These experienced old men could guess precisely what this small-sounded sayings contained. They looked at each other, then Prince Sim stepped forward, took Ciok Taijin’s hand and was invited into the building while saying. “Uh … young people’s business! Sim Taijin, it seems that marriage needs to be accelerated! Ha ha ha ….!”

Shortly thereafter, they left Tek Kun and Lian Hong alone in the park. The both still stood at each other’s eyes, full of feelings and happiness, and affectionate views. Their lips moved with excitement at the thought of their situation and finally a laughing voice burst out off Sim Tek Kun.

Lian Hong also couldn’t hold back that ridicilous thing and laughed him while covering his mouth with the back of hia hand. “Lian Hong … you …… you’re naughty!”

The girl pouted but held back her laughter. “Who ….? Not me, you’re the one who are naughty!”

“Wrong, not us, my sweetheart. This is Hwe Thian Moli who is the culprit of all this!"


But who was said at that time had already gone a long way. And if we followed her, we only saw her shadow of female-demon-like hovering alone in the middle of the forest in the southern of kingdom’s capital. It sounded like she was laughing alone with amusement and joy, but when we saw her cheeks, we would see how tears were there.


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