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Chapter 976: Purple Yuan Fruit

“A treasure that senses the demonic aura… Could it be a demonic crystal bead?” The bloody face said sharply.

“Now it’s my turn to ask, where did you come from? How did you enter the ruins?” Liu Ming asked again coldly.

“Boy, you don’t need to ask about my origins. Like you, I came to this upper realm ruins from Middle Sky Continent, but during this period, I possessed another disciple of another noble family to get in. By the way, you and I don’t have any enmity, are you interested in cooperating with me?” The bloody face suddenly changed the conversation.

“Cooperating with you?” Liu Ming was startled when he heard that.

“Yes, although your cultivation is a little lower, you are still very intelligent. You help me get an item in this ruin, and I can give you unimaginable benefits.” The bloody face’s words were full of temptation.

“Oh, let me hear about it.” Liu Ming squinted, but he asked calmly.

“Hehe, it’s very simple. I have lived countless years, so I know countless wonderful techniques. For example, the mystic arts of splitting the soul, as long as you learn it, you can split your soul at will. In this way, even if your true body unfortunately falls, you can continue to survive. In addition, I also know countless secret pill recipes, which can help you successfully advance to the Real Pellet State, and…” The bloody face talked eloquently. It seemed that as long as Liu Ming nodded, he could immediately get infinite benefits.

“En, it sounds good.” Liu Ming’s eyes flashed, and he seemed really moved.

“Of course, it’s definitely the best move if we work together. First, find me a suitable body, then I will first teach you this soul splitting mystic art…” The bloody face smiled and said.

A cold sneer suddenly appeared on Liu Ming’s face. He clenched his right hand, and the purple lightning net instantly closed.

“Boom“, the bloody face screamed. It was turned into ashes by the purple lightning arcs.

The reason why Liu Ming talked so much with the bloody face until now was mainly to find out the identity of the blood shadow and whether he had other avatars in this upper realm ruins.

From his words, he had roughly guessed what he wanted to know.

As for cooperation, he knew that he couldn’t compare in scheming with an old fox who had lived for countless years. One mistake could cause him eternal suffering.

The Haoran Academy Real Pellet State cultivator Sun Peng was a good example.

With his status and cultivation, if he wasn’t bewitched by the so-called Blood Ancestor, how could he be easily possessed by him.

But these thoughts were just a glimpse in Liu Ming’s mind. He glanced at the cultivator surnamed Sun, searched his body and took off a storage ring. After that, he came to the entrance of the ruin.

Now the enchantment outside the ruin had been broken. Behind the green stone pillars, there was a dark cave, and a row of white stairs lead straight to the underground.

In the entrance of the cave, a strong earthy smell came out, and there was a faint glow inside.

Liu Ming stood in front of the cave with a hint of excitement, but he didn’t go in immediately. Instead, he pondered.

He slapped his waist, and a cloud of black air flew out of the soul-recovering bag. A young girl wrapped in black gauze was revealed.

“Master!” Xie’er blinked a few times and bowed to Liu Ming Yingying.

“Xie’er, explore this cave for me. If it’s dangerous, don’t act rashly and come out immediately.” Liu Ming instructed.

“Yes!” Xie’er twisted her waist, and a yellow cloud appeared on her body. She flashed and dug into the ground.

Liu Ming took an elixir and held an upper grade spirit stone in his hand to recover.

After a full quarter of an hour, Xie’er’s voice came into Liu Ming’s mind. He immediately walked down the white stairs.

The cave slanted to the underground and there was no fork along the way. It was just dark inside. Liu Ming walked carefully while releasing Divine Thought to check the surrounding movement.

Fortunately, it was the same as Xie’er’s voice transmission, except for the humid and slightly earthy hot air blowing from time to time, there was nothing strange in the tunnel.

The further down he went, the more frequent the hot and humid wind, it was hard to imagine where the cave led.

After walking for about 15 minutes, the stairs gradually became smoother, and the originally narrow tunnel gradually became wider. The hot wind also became increasingly hot.

Liu Ming should be thousands of meters deep underground. After walking for a while, the tunnel finally disappeared, and a half-closed stone door appeared in front of him.

Liu Ming pushed open the stone gate, and an open underground swamp world appeared in front of him.

This underground space was about 500 meters tall and a radius of several acres. The surrounding stone walls were inlaid with a lot of unknown luminous ores, illuminating the surrounding environment.

At a glance, there were pitch-black swamps bubbling everywhere, and the hot and humid winds were formed above the swamp, exuding a rotten breath.

In addition, the spirit in this underground space seemed to be several times richer than the outside, which made Liu Ming a little surprised.

When Liu Ming looked further, he was moved.

But above the swamp more than a thousand meters away, there was a large smooth stone wall, and there were several holes on it. Trickling fountain water was constantly flowing from them.

“Spiritual fountain?” Liu Ming muttered to himself. The fountain water exuded an extremely strong spirit, which was probably the source of the strong spirit here.

However, his attention was quickly diverted, because on the stone wall below the fountain, a small purple tree with a height of about 3 meters tall, strong branches, and crystal clear body grew horizontally.

A stream of spirits from the fountain was gathered at the root of the small tree. After absorbing, the spirit was concentrated on the 3 dark purple fist-sized fruits.

“This is purple yuan fruit! It should have 30,000 years old. Eating 1 can at least increase lifespan for 200 years..” After Liu Ming scanned the surrounding with Divine Thought and confirmed that there was no beast protecting the tree, he quickly came to the purple fruit tree. He glanced at the 3 purple fruits with fiery eyes.

After thinking about it, he took out a jade box and carefully put them in it.

Looking at the 3 fruits in the box, his eyes flickered for a while. In the Taiqing Sect’s Scriptures Pavilion, he had read records about this purple yuan fruit. This thing could be consumed directly, but it took a long time to digest its medicinal effect and the effect wouldn’t be greater than the effect after being refined into a pill.

After hesitating for a while, he still put the jade box away.

Now in these upper realm ruins, every day was very precious, so he couldn’t afford to spend time on it.

Even if he handed most of the items he got to the sect, he would still have one. He could make good use of it to refine a purple yuan pill.

Liu Ming glanced around again while checking the every corner of this underground space with Divine Thought.

After a moment, there was a hint of disappointment on his face.

Except for this purple yuan fruit tree. There were only some common spiritual herbs that grew in the swamp. Although they had reached a certain maturity, they weren’t rare in the Middle Sky Continent, which would be of little use to him.

“Are those beastkins trying to get this 3 purple yuan fruits only?” He murmured.

“Eh, where is Xie’er?” Liu Ming was thinking, and he suddenly remembered that he didn’t see Xie’er after entering this place.

So he hurriedly contacted Xie’er through his mind.

Bone Scorpion and Demon Flying Skull were now his important spiritual pets, so he couldn’t afford to lose them.

“Master, I sensed a special place underground. I’m exploring there…” Xie’er sent a vague message into his mind.

Liu Ming was stunned when he heard the words. He had just used his huge Divine Thought to check thousands of meters around, but he found nothing.

Could it be that the special space that Xie’er speaks of is still deeper underground?

After he thought so, he extended Divine Thought to 3000 meters underground, but except for a few ores, he still couldn’t find anything.

With Liu Ming’s current Divine Thought, it was already the limit to detect 3000 meters underground. The underground was different from the deep sea. The complicated aura and magnetic force had a great influence in Divine Thought.

Generally, cultivators used the earth escape talisman to sneak into the ground. 900 meters was their limit. Going deeper would be very dangerous. If the earth escape talisman failed, he would be buried alive underground. Even in Crystallization Period or Real Pellet State cultivator would be the same.

Xie’er was able to dive so deep because of her natural earth attribute.

Seeing that Divine Thought couldn’t find anything, Liu Ming didn’t continue to waste his energy. He retrieved his Divine Thought and waited quietly.

After half an hour, a yellow light appeared on the ground next to the swamp. After a flash, Xie’er appeared.

“Master, I found a space below, and there seems to be a lot of treasures in it.” Just as Xie’er showed herself, she couldn’t wait to tell Liu Ming.

“Okay, bring me there.” Liu Ming said with joy.

Xie’er nodded. A yellow light rose from her body and wrapped Liu Ming in it, then they burrowed into the ground in a flash.

It was the first time that Liu Ming was brought into the ground by Xie’er. It was completely different from his previous experience of using the earth escape talisman. The yellow light emitted by Xie’er shone on the surrounding soil, and the soil immediately showed ripples like flowing water.

The hard ground suddenly turned into yellow water, and Xie’er took him to dive through the ground all the way. Liu Ming was secretly surprised by the amazing speed.

Soon, they encountered a hard rocky area.

Speaking of which, Xie’er’s earth escape skill was also really mysterious. She could even flash past this hard rocky area, and her speed was slightly slower.

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