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Chapter 97 – Scarlet Flame Bead and Blood Marrow Pill

If the young man hadn’t paused fast enough, he would have perhaps lost an arm or a leg from the Wind Blades.

After forfeiting, the young man did not wait for the large man in embroidered robes to announce the results. Instead, he immediately jumped off the stage gloomily.

The crowd below was in an uproar from seeing this and they could not help but start discussing what happened.

“This Junior Bai is so strong, he actually only used the Wind Blade Technique to easily defeat two opponents. Who knows if he has other techniques up his sleeves!”

“How can he release the Wind Blade Technique this quickly? It gives me a feeling that he had no need to chant at all. The power also cannot be compared to a normal Wind Blade.”

“Idiot, you still can’t tell. Junior Bai’s Wind Blade Technique has already been cultivated to the legendary Perfection and might have even condensed a Technique Seal in his mind!”

“Technique Seal, what is that?”

“This… to not even know what a Technique Seal, how can we continue this conversation. When you go back, go ask your elders, then you will know.”

With the first stage in such an uproar, it naturally attracted the attention of disciples on other stages nearby. Some Barbarian Ghost Sect disciples who weren’t paying attention walked over curiously and started to ask what was going on.

“Hm, that… Isn’t that Senior Bai! I… I’m not mistaken, right? Senior Bai is actually standing on the first stage! Doesn’t the banner next to him represent the ninth Core Disciple?!” Xue Shan was with the group of disciples that had walked over out of curiousity to see what was so lively, and after sweeping his gaze casually across the stone stage, he immediately became astonished to the point where he began to blabber.

Wan Xiao Qing and a few other Nine Infants Faction disciples, after clearing seeing Liu Ming’s face on the stage, all became dumbstruck.

Also astonished were the other Barbarian Ghost Sect disciples that recognized Liu Ming.

The one most surprised from them was Mu Yun Xian, that beautiful young woman whom had some understanding of Liu Ming.

She was originally at the stage where Du Hai was. Seeing that Du Hai, had just defeated a challenger, she relaxed a little and looked toward the other stages, resulting in her immediately seeing Liu Ming on the first stage.

After seeing this, Mu Yun Xian’s facial features became colorful and overwhelming happiness rushed to her.

For Liu Ming to really possess the power to gain a high placement on the Lunar Monument, even the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader would have to think twice about whether it was time for Gao Chong to change his Human Cauldron.

If Liu Ming could get into the top ten Core Disciples and come back alive from the Life and Death Trials, Mu Ming Zhu would definitely be safe. The higher ups in the sect would definitely not allow a person intimate with a disciple that had the potential for great contributions to be hurt by the people of the same sect.

Just when Mu Yun Xian was exalted, there were finally no more challengers for the first stage.

The Spirit Master in embroidered robes allowed the sand in the hourglass to fall until the last granule of sand, before immediately announcing that challenges for the first stage had ended.

The disciples under the ten banners on the stage temporarily received their placements. Before the second round of challenges began, nobody could challenge them.

After hearing the Spirit Master in embroidered robes make such an announcement, many of the disciples below looked at Liu Ming and the other people with envy and reverence.

If this Large Competitions was like any of the past Large Competitions, for the ten disciples on the stone stage, perhaps at least half of them would remain in the top ten placements after the Large Competition finished.

Even if some of the disciples dropped out of the top ten ranking in the second round of challenges, they would still be ranked very high on the Lunar Monument.

After the Embroidered Robes Spirit Master finished his announcement, Liu Ming and the other people also all left the stage one by one.

“Junior Bai, you gave face to our Nine Infants Faction.”

“Senior Bai, congratulations, you are the first disciple from our Faction to enter the top ten Core Disciples rankings in the past few years.“

“Haha, with this, how can the other Factions continue to look down upon the Nine Infants Faction!”

As soon as Liu Ming stepped off the stage, Xue Shan, Wan Xiao Qing and other Nine Infants disciples immediately surrounded him and all spoke raptly.

Liu Ming naturally handled it with modesty but at this time, a cold voice was heard.

“Junior Bai, you really are a secretive person. However, don’t think that just condensing a Wind Blade Technique Seal is enough for you to remain in the top ten Core Disciples. According to what I know, among the disciples that are lower ranked, they still have many other hidden cards and are waiting for the second round of challenges to fight seriously. If I were to celebrate, I should only do so after the whole Large Competition has ended.”

It was actually Gao Chong, who was with the Shi Jian couple and other people. He walked across and from far away, he spoke coldly to Liu Ming. Mu Ming Zhu, who stood next to him, had a shred of shock in her expression.

It seems that the matter of Liu Ming getting a place in the top ten caused her to be extremely shocked.

“Junior Gao, you will know whether or not I stay in the top ten tomorrow when the second round ends.” Liu Ming turning his head around and looked at Gao Chong. He spoke plainly.

“Good, then I will wait and see.” Gao Chong expression was extremely gloomy. He firmly looked at Liu Ming before turning around and leaving with the other people.

Xue Shan and the other Nine Infants disciples, who were standing to the side, naturally heard the conversation full of conflict between Liu Ming and Gao Chong. They could not help but look at each other in dismay.

As the competition at the first stage ended, several other stages also slowly ended in the same way. One by one, the challenges came to an end.

When the sun was about to set, finally, nobody was going onto the last stage either.

At this time, the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader flew out from the jade platform. He announced that the first round of challenges of the Large Competition really had ended and the Ranking Challenges between Core Disciples over ranking would begin tomorrow.

Most of the disciples dispersed immediately after hearing this.

This so-called Ranking Challenge was when the one hundred Core Disciples, who were split into the ten stages, would challenge another disciple that was ten ranks in front, with the possibility of moving up in the rankings. If they won they could continue to challenge higher ranking disciples, but if they lost, they would remain with their original rank.

With this, the last ten ranks and the first ten ranks only needed to challenge or accept challenges respectively.

Of course, like Gao Chong said, several disciple did not use their true abilities in the previous round of the Large Competition. It was during the second round where the true placements between the many disciples could really be decided.

Liu Ming naturally was afraid to be neglectful, so he left the stone mountain and returned to his dwelling. Once there, he decided to properly hone his strength for the final push tomorrow.

However, not long after, there was an outer sect disciple who came to the dwelling to let Liu Ming know that Gui Ru Quan wanted to see him.

Liu Ming was not surprised at all by this. After controlling his emotions, he responded before walking out of the courtyard. He then took to the sky, flying directly to the mountain’s peak.

After a while, he arrived at the hall responsible for official business on the mountain peak.

There, other than Gui Ru Quan, Zhu Chi and the Martial Aunt Zhong, Shi Chuan also stood to the side with his arms crossed.

Liu Ming hastily went up and paid his respects.

“Chong Tian, no need to be polite, you can get up. This time you did very well. To actually be able to enter into the current top ten Core Disciple rankings gave us three a pleasant surprise.” Seeing Liu Ming enter, Gui Ru Quan immediately smiled and said.

Zhu Chi and the Martial Aunt Zhong also looked at Liu Ming with a smile.

“I do not dare take credit, I only got to this step due to luck.” Liu Ming replied respectfully.

“Haha, others can be lucky. How can your Perfection of the Wind Blade Technique and your Late Spirit Apostle level of cultivation be luck? If your two Martial Uncles and I knew of your talent in Cultivation and Secret Techniques, we would have already rewarded resources to you as well as give you some advice and help. Perhaps your strength would be at an even higher level.” Gui Ru Quan spoke with pity.

“I only learned that condensing a Technique Seal was a very difficult thing to do not too long ago, otherwise I definitely would have reported to Master Gui about my achievements.” Liu Ming naturally had an extremely honest expression.

“You don’t need to worry about anything. We don’t care whether you have the legendary Heavenly Spirit Body of Intelligence or used other means to be able to reach your current level and be able to condense a Technique Seal, we just want to ask you a question. How confident are you in continuing to hold a position in the top ten tomorrow?” Gui Ru Quan waved his hands and asked with a solemn expression.

“I cannot be too certain. However, if I don’t receive a challenge from an extremely powerful disciple, I am seventy to eighty-percent assured.” Liu Ming’s eyes flashed and responded as such.

“Seventy to eighty-percent! Hehe, looks like other than the Wind Blade Technique Seal, you still have other methods.” After hearing this, Zhu Chi spoke while laughing.

Gui Ru Quan also revealed an extremely satisfied expression.

“Very good, now I will ask you another question. Are you willing for me to become your teacher and you become a Direct Disciple of mine?” Martial Aunt Zhong, who was silent before, opened her mouth and asked something that surprised Liu Ming.

Although he had already somewhat anticipated that coming here would likely give him some benefits, but Martial Aunt Zhong wanting to take him in as a Direct Disciple was a big, unexpected surprise.

For him to be able to become the Direct Disciple of a Spirit Master, was naturally a matter that he had wished for but knew that it would most likely not happen.

“Of course I am willing. Cong Tian pays his respects to teacher!”

Liu Ming turned a little and started kowtowing to the Martial Aunt and spoke respectfully.

“Very good, you can get up. Although you are only a Three Spiritual Pulse disciple, but to be able to become a Late Spirit Apostle, as well as being able to condense a Technique Seal — who knows — you might have a shred of a chance to become a Spirit Master. You should greet your Martial Uncle Gui and Martial Uncle Zhu again.” When Martial Aunt Zhong saw this situation, revealed a slight smile and said.

“I pay my respects to Martial Uncle Gui, Martial Uncle Zhu!” Liu Ming immediately gave Gui Ru Quan and Zhu Chi a respectful kowtow.

“Martial Nephew Bai, from now on you are a Direct Disciple of our Nine Infants Faction. Quickly get up.” Gui Ru Quan smiled.

Zhu Chi also waved his hand, allowing Liu Ming to get up.

“Since Cong Tian has already paid his respects to the two of you again while his address to you has also changed, the respects should not be made in vain.” Martial Aunt Zhong suddenly gave a light laugh at the other two as she spoke.

“Hehe, Martial Sister, do not worry. Since Cong Tian has already been accepted under you, the greeting gifts naturally will not be little. Here I have three Scarlet Flame Beads to give to Martial Nephew Bai. When you meet a strong opponent, you can activate all of them and throw them it might be able to save your life.” Zhu Chi gave a small laugh, before pulling out a small, skillfully made metal box from his sleeve and tossed it at Liu Ming.

“I am not as generous as Junior. I only have a bottle of Blood Marrow Pill, which can help you strengthen your Essence Blood.” Gui Ru Quan smiled, before also taking out a small, pure white, jade bottle and gave it to Liu Ming.
TL: Remember Essence Blood + Qi

Liu Ming naturally accepted these gifts consecutively with great joy. He carefully put the two items away and was not in a hurry to open them.

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