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Chapter 94 - Cultivation Qi versus Glyph Swords

To these Spirit Masters, even the Perfect quality Ghost King was a treasure that was extremely sought for and low in numbers. If they were to use it correctly, there was a chance that they could gain another totem or perhaps even refine it into a few extremely useful Miasma attributed medicinal pills.

However, it was already too late to say anything!

Since the Ghost King had already been refined into a Soul Shackling Chain, even if they had unimaginable strength, they would not be able to restore it to its original state.

“Whatever, considering this child used a Perfect quality Ghost Kong to create a Soul Shackling Chain, he may have a chance of entering the top ten.” Senior Huang let out a sigh and felt quite helpless.

Seeing this, the others couldn’t help but laugh and look at each other.

Regarding Perfect quality Ghost Kings, as the Refining Corpse Faction’s master, he was naturally in need for this item the most.

Other people could only use the Perfect quality Ghost Kings to create a totem or medicinal pills, but if he were to obtain it, he could use it to practice numerous types of secret techniques that were previously cultivatable. This would allow his strength to increase by a large margin.

However, it was already too late to be talking about this.

As the time continued, the morning slowly passed by.

The number of challengers on the first arena slowly became more sparse, so much so that the hourglass would go through half its time before someone would jump onto the stage.

It was clear that at this time, after experiencing such a number of fierce battles, those still with courage to challenge the Lunar Monument’s top ten were sparse.

This was so much the case that even Shi Chuan, Nine Infant Mountain’s eldest senior, ultimately didn’t choose to challenge the first arena. Instead, he had challenged a second arena disciple sometime in the afternoon and ended up occupying the fiftenth spot.

However, even at this time, Gao Chong had yet to go up on stage. Instead, he would occasionally glare at Liu Ming with self-evident intention.

Faced with this, Liu Ming smiled and seemed not to mind.

Finally, when a disciple failed his challenge in the arena, the embroidered robed Spirit Master once again brought the hourglass out. The minute sand slowly trickled away and passed two-thirds of the way, yet no one had issued a challenge.

At this moment, the adjacent disciples couldn’t help but become nervous.

The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader and the other Spirit Masters on the jade platform all changed their expressions as they watched.

The tiny sand specks continued to flow and the remaining sand on the top of the hour glass quickly became one-half, one-third, one-quarter…

Gao Chong who was originally coldly watching Liu Ming, finally twitched his face.

After a short moment, he watched the sand and once looked back at the placid Liu Ming. A flint of hesitation flashed across his eyes.

“Junior Gao, you cannot delay any longer. This brat clearly knows your plan but once the time ends, they will no longer allow for any more challenges. This brat is most likely planning on forcing you to renounce challenging the top ten.” The neighboring youth with arm rings lifted his head before impatiently speaking.

“I don’t believe that he would do something like this. Worse comes to worse, I won’t participate in challenging the top ten and waste the rest of my time with him.” Gao Chong gloomily said.

“But Junior Gao, not only can he miss entering the top ten, he can also wait until the very last arena is about to close before entering the stage. Junior Gao, on the other hand, cannot delay like this. If you don’t challenge the top ten, not only will your reputation suffer a large blow but master’s face will also be lost.” When the youth with arm rings saw that the hourglass only had one-tenth of the sand left, he anxiously spoke.

Hearing this, Gao Chong starting to become slightly impatient.

“Senior Gao, it’s unworthy for you to act like this because of a trifling thief. Worse comes to worse, let the other seniors deal with him. I don’t believe that he actually has the strength to enter the top ten.” Having listened to the conversation, Mu Ming Zhu couldn’t help but open her mouth.

“That’s right, this truly won’t do. Let me personally challenge him. Even if my strength isn’t enough to enter the top ten, I can still barely enter the top twenty.” The youth with arm rings nodded his head.

“That works; I must do as you say. I really cannot let master down. If this brat’s strength isn’t any good, then Senior Xin should be enough to take care of him. If he really is able to enter the top ten round robin, I will no longer be afraid of not having the chance to fight him.” Gao Chong eyed the upper half of the hourglass where only a tiny layer of sand remained. He finally ground his teeth and spoke.

Subsequently, his feet flashed and he turned into a shadow before appearing on the stage.

High atop the jade platform, the Barbarian Ghost Sect’s Leader emitted a faint smile when he saw this.

Practically at the same time, Liu Ming also let out a soft smile.

“I would like to challenge the fifth place Senior Tie.” Gao Chong’s gaze swept over the banners in front of him before he coldly spoke.

“You wish to challenge me? Very good. I would also like to see exactly how terrifying the legendary Earth Spiritual Pulse disciple is.” The Core Disciple standing under the fifth banner was a youth wearing a wooden crown. After hearing Gao Chong, he immediately soundlessly stood up.

As the fifth ranked student on the Lunar Monument, like the four people ranked ahead of him, from the very start, no one had dared to challenge him.

“Junior Zhang, if I remembered correctly, Tie Jian seems to be your Mysterious Glyphs Faction’s most outstanding disciple. However, he isn’t too interested in drawing Glyphs so he has been cultivating a method of integrated Glyphs and Secret Sword Techniques.” The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader suddenly opened his mouth and asked a question.

“Sect Leader, Tie Jian has been mainly cultivating the Glyph Sword Technique that our Faction’s ancestor left behind. You also know that during the last Large Competition, due to him only recently picking up the Glyph Sword Technique, he was only one ranking away from not entering the top ten. Presently, with such a large passage of time, I believe that the Sword Technique he has cultivated is even more out of the ordinary.” Mysterious Glyphs Faction’s Master Zhang, who Liu Ming had met before, forced a smile as he replied.
TL: Other 6 people died + are no longer under 30

“Yes, this child was unexpectedly able to comprehend the Glyph Sword technique. One can clearly see that his talent truly surpasses the ordinary. Unfortunately, this sect doesn’t focus on cultivating the sword like the Heavenly Moon Sect, and thus we are unable to give him too many pointers.” The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader spoke in a pitiful manner.

“Then he can only rely on his own good luck in the future.” Master Zhang seemed to be quite helpless.

At this time, the two people on the elevated stage had already signed the Life or Death Writ and the surrounding light shroud had arisen. A great battle was on the verge of breaking out.

The youth wearing the wooden crown touched his sleeve. Instantly, a few inch long, light, yellow, wooden sword flew into the sky. He proceeded to perform a hand technique and a faint silver Glyph flew up. In a flash, it disappeared without a trace into the wooden sword.

Suddenly, the sword produced a shrill sound and countless Glyphs appeared on its surface.

The youth subsequently performed a single-handed technique and pointed toward Gao Chong. The wooden sword abruptly went blurry before disappearing in the air.

Gao Chong could only feel the air in front of him vibrate as a wooden sword emerged in front of him like a demon.

He was startled and involuntarily shook his sleeve; a blood red light rolled into view.

However, at this moment, the youth with the wooden crown had already muttered an incantation from a distance.

A “zi la” sound rang out and the wooden sword disappeared from the area where the coiling blood light was.

Subsequently, a dozen of wood swords appeared on all four sides of Gao Chong. After a flashing silver light, they produced a “chi chi” sound as if space was ripping apart and condensed into enormous cold sword rays that rushed toward the center.

It seemed that in the next second, Gao Chong was about to be chopped into minced meat!

Just the look of the attack was enough to terrify people.

When the group of Barbarian Ghost Sect disciples watching from under the stage saw this, they couldn’t help but involuntarily cry out.

Mu Ming Zhu’s face went incomparably white in a heartbeat.

“Break for me!”

From within the sword ray, a clear voice rang out. A smothered sound resounded before a blood-red-colored ring unexpectedly rapidly expanded from the center as it violently surged outward.

When they made contact with the blood-colored ring, the sword rays that looked devastatingly sharp unexpectedly successively disintegrated as they were repelled back by the Blood Qi.


Gao Chong strode out from the Blood Qi. His arm went blurry as he grabbed a few inch long light silver sword from within the shattered sword rays.

When the youth with the wooden crown saw this, the calm expression completely disappeared from his face. Instead, in a state of panic, he began to repeatedly perform hand techniques.

The silver-colored small sword suddenly began struggling for its life like a small snake. It seemed like it was going to break free of Gao Chong grasp in the next second.

Seeing this, Gao Chong emitted an expression of disdain as he brought his two hands together and abruptly rubbed them.

Within the Blood Qi’s oscillation, the light silver-colored sword immediately retracted its radiance and once again transformed into a light yellow-colored wooden sword.

Simultaneously, the youth wearing the wooden crown had his face go pale. He suddenly spat out a large mouthful of Essence Blood and seemed extremely exhausted.

Gao Chong sneered and tossed the wooden sword to the side before walking toward the opponent.

“I concede.”

This time, the youth wearing the wooden crown didn’t wait for Gao Chong to actually walk over as he hastily admit defeat with a bitter smile.

The course of their fight seemed to happen in mere instant.

Everyone near the stage naturally was wearing a gaping and shocked expression.

When Liu Ming finished watching, his pupils couldn’t help but contract.

“Senior Sect Leader! Although it’s very faint, only Spirit Masters should be able to control Cultivation Qi! How did Gao Chong achieve this?” When Spirit Master Zhang saw that his disciple was easily defeated, the expression earlier on his face froze and after a long time, he finally came to himself to hastily ask a question.

“That’s correct, the blood was Sect Leader’s most proficient technique, the Blood Cultivation Qi. Gao Chong has yet to become a Spirit Master and the Zhen Yuan in his body is still in a gaseous state, yet how is he able to condense the Cultivation Qi!?” Refining Corpse Faction’s Master Huang took in a deep breath before also asking a question.
TL: Zhen Yuan = Yuan Li

Gui Ru Quan and the other Spirit Masters identically displayed shocked expressions on their faces.

“There is no need for fellow Juniors to be too shocked! The reason that Gao Chong is able to achieve such a thing is due to last time Master Yan personally visited this child, he was so please he bestowed Gao Chong a drop of Demonic Dragon Spiritual Blood.” The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader calmly replied.

When Spirit Master Lei heard the words “Demonic Dragon Spiritual Blood”, he couldn’t help but jump in fright.

“That’s correct, although Master Yan was unable to kill the Scarlet Dragon, he didn’t return empty handed. Instead, he obtained a few drops of Demonic Dragon Spiritual Blood.” The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader unhurriedly said.


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