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Chapter 922: A Wonderful Encounter

The remnant soul of the nine tail fox obviously did not expect that Che Huan would have such a move. It flew back for about 30 meters before letting out an angry shrill.

This nine tail fox soul seemed to have sensed the danger, so it no longer bothered controlling the Beastkin Clan girl. After its bloody eyes flashed, its nine tails grew larger by a few times and swept with a powerful hurricane. Then, it pounced onto Che Huan phantasm and fought in close range.

The Beastkin Clan girl, who was chasing after Liu Ming, had returned to normal in her eyes after getting rid of the control, then she fell straight from the air.

Seeing this, Liu Ming appeared beside the woman in a flash, hugged her, and landed back to the ground steadily.

The nine tailed young woman let out a soft scream before waking up, but her eyes still looked confused. When she saw Liu Ming, she even smiled charmingly at her, exuding an indescribable charm and elegance.

Liu Ming was stunned, and before he understood what was going on with this girl, the girl in his arms hugged her tightly with both arms.

Liu Ming was startled, only to realize that although the woman had escaped from the control of the beastkin soul, her mind was still not awake. She seemed to have been stuck in another strange state of absent-mindedness.

His gaze subconsciously swept the girl’s firm twin peaks and the smooth skin, and his face flushed. His arms trembled as he was about to throw her out.

“Puff puff!“

The nine tails behind the young woman suddenly swayed and entangled her and Liu Ming tightly.

The nine tails were full of indescribable tenacity, Liu Ming couldn’t break free for a while. He could only be stuck to the young woman tightly. The touch of the silky smooth tender skin was all over his body.

At this moment, a loud noise came from high in the sky. Circles of air waves rolled away wildly. The battle between the 2 phantasms in the sky had reached the climax.

Although Che Huan was only transformed by Liu Ming using totem mystic arts, after swallowing so many beastkin souls, its close combat ability had been enhanced. Its originally harmless 4 hoofs were transformed into 4 sharp claws.

Otherwise, under Liu Ming’s previous simple command, it would not be able to persist for such a long time under the frantic attack of the nine tail fox soul.

However, this phantasm was just an inanimate thing after all. Its response and attack methods were simple and slow. After the nine tail fox soul kept tearing, it was obviously at a disadvantage. Its body became smaller and blurred.

Seeing this situation, Liu Ming was shocked. He immediately chanted and channeled the totem art while ignoring his awkward situation.


A green light beam shot out from Liu Ming’s shoulder and flashed into Chen Huan phantasm.

Che Huan phantasm trembled immediately, and it pushed away the nine tail fox soul with countless spirit patterns on its body. It roared!

As soon as the roar came out, it turned into a large green sound wave and drowned the nine tail fox soul in it.

This was a kind of high rank mystic art recorded in the totem mystic arts. If Che Huan phantasm hadn’t absorbed so many beastkin souls some time ago, Liu Ming would not have been able to use it at all.

The nine tail fox soul screamed. It was rolling in the green sound wave like a ball, and its body turned into wisps of white air and dissipated. It was shrinking in size quickly.

Che Huan phantasm took the opportunity to suck the white air in the green sound wave. Its blurred body became solid almost instantly.

After a few seconds, the nine tail fox soul was only about 6 meters in size. It seemed that it was about to be exterminated in the green sound wave.

Seeing this, Liu Ming felt relieved.

At this moment, the nine tail fox soul suddenly let out a whimper and stayed motionless as if it had given up. The pair of bloody eyes were emitting numerous bloody runes.

Each of these runes were similar to the rune that had been planted in his sea of ​​consciousness before. They turned into countless mini white foxes and rushed toward Liu Ming.

Liu Ming frowned and channeled spiritual power. Black gas surged out and formed several black tentacles that danced wildly.

“Bang bang bang!“

All the mini foxes were burst apart by the tentacles, turning into cloud-like pink mist. There still seemed to be countless blood threads looming inside, and they did not disperse.

“Something is wrong”

Liu Ming immediately realized that something was off. He flickered and wanted to get out of the encirclement of the mist together with the young woman.

At this moment, the young woman in her arms giggled, and the nine tails that wrapped Liu Ming exerted a huge force abruptly.

Liu Ming was caught off guard, then he fell to the ground together with her.

Almost at the same time, the surrounding pink mist suddenly surged toward them. The blood threads in the mist were waving nonstop, looking confusing to the eyes.

Even though Liu Ming had Dragon Tiger Hell Prison power and protective aura, the pink mist simply ignored his defenses.

Liu Ming instantly smelled a faint sweet scent, and he was in a trance immediately. His eyes became slightly red as an uncontrollable heat surged into his head, making him help the young woman tighter. His fingers were subconsciously stroking the smooth skin.

The warm and smooth touch of the fingertips revolved between Liu Ming’s limbs and bones like a numb electric current, making him unable to extricate himself. His action became more and more wild as his hands moved around the plump chest.

Under Liu Ming’s stroking, the young woman let out a flirtatious moan. Her eyes became more dazzled. Her body moved slightly up and closer to Liu Ming’s chest. Her 1 arm hug his back and the other was roaming on his chest.

Her beautiful face was even more enchanting under the illumination of red light.

Suddenly, she lifted her head and kissed Liu Ming’s cheek.

Liu Ming only felt a heat on his face. A faint scent of the virginal body went into his nose and mouth, making his heartbeat accelerate and become disordered.

How could any man not be moved by such a stunning woman who threw herself into him?

What’s more, Liu Ming was still a virgin.

But at this moment, a faint clear sound suddenly came from the sword pouch on Liu Ming’s waist.

When Liu Ming heard this, he gained a sense of clarity instantly. He struggled out of the fox tails and held the Soul Lock in his hand.

However, before he could activate the spiritual weapon, a fox tail swept over like lightning, knocking the Soul Lock in his hand into the air. At the same time, a scorching hot arm wrapped around Liu Ming’s arm and immediately pulled him back.

Liu Ming was startled. He tried to break free from it, but the soft panting sound came, followed by a “tearing” sound. His shirt was torn apart by the young woman. A hot and smooth body was attached to his chest, making Liu Ming’s sanity collapse once again.

After he snorted, his body trembled slightly, and the fox tails that were tightly wrapped around his body dissipated into light spots. He held her up while stroking all her buttocks, waist, etc with both hands. He kissed her delicate lips and sucked them unskillfully.

At the moment of kissing, their sweet bodily fluid was flowing between their mouths. This moist and lingering feeling completely stimulated Liu Ming’s primitive instinct. He groaned and pressed the woman under him.

Perhaps because the Che Huan totem was not taken back by Liu Ming, no other beastkin souls dared to get close. There were only bursts of crashing sounds in the pink mist, accompanied by the man’s low ground and the woman’s seductive moan from time to time.

Presumably, even if the beastkin soul came to disturb them now, they would certainly not be bothered.

At this moment, Liu Ming was deeply caught in a lustful dream.

The white Thousands Beastkins Hall seemed to have no days and nights at this moment.

They tossed around in this space for a long time. Liu Ming, who had tasted the taste of a woman for the first time, seemed to have endless energy. He was completely unable to extricate himself at all.

The young woman did not regain her sanity at all. Her delicate body was always stuck to him. Her arms were tightly hugging Liu Ming’s back and moving around as if she wasn’t satisfied yet.

For a long time, the pink mist only dissipated. The blood thread in it also disappeared. A pair of man and woman was hugging tightly in a deep sleep.

When the pink mist completely dissipated, Che Huan phantasm returned back into Liu Ming’s shoulder.

Liu Ming, who was in a deep sleep, immediately shuddered and opened his eyes abruptly, only to find that in front of him was a stunning and beautiful girl’s face. She was also looking at him with a stunned expression. Her hands were holding on to his waist.

TL: What a welfare, hmmm. Will he take the responsibility or it will be just an affair?

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