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Chapter 919: Beastkin Soul

Liu Ming didn’t know the runes of the beastkin clan, but judging from the sophistication and the aura, it was clearly a specially made talisman.

Liu Ming stared at the silver talisman for a while before slowly nodding,

“Okay, since you have a way to find the Thousands Beastkins Hall, then I will accompany you. But I have to say this first, if we encounter other unknown dangers in there, I do not guarantee that I will accompany you to the end.”

“Don’t worry! For this trip, I have read a lot of information before I came to the ruins. There will never be any mistakes. Speaking of which, the talisman didn’t have any reaction to the place we went just now. It seems that we looked for the wrong place after taking so much risk.” The young woman smiled instead.

Then the young woman turned around and continued to walk forward.

Liu Ming naturally followed behind the woman, carefully observing the surroundings and remembering the route while walking.

2 days later, Liu Ming and the young woman in palace costume had almost been to half of the ruin after breaking the enchantments all the way. They did obtain some rare elixirs and materials, but the number was not too much after splitting between them.

However, having not found Thousands Beastkins Hall for such a long time, Liu Ming couldn’t help but mutter in his mind. He immediately decided in his mind that if there was still no clue after another day, he should consider leaving.

After all, in this upper realm ruins, every day was extremely important. He couldn’t waste too much time here.

At noon on the third day, when they broke through a formidable enchantment with a size of several acres and entered a rather wide side hall, the talisman held in the woman’s hand suddenly released a silver halo.

Liu Ming was overjoyed to see this. The young woman in palace costume also stopped and looked around in the side hall.

This side hall was about 40 meters in area. Except for a round old stone table and 3 stone benches, there were 8 different shapes of beastkin head stone carvings evenly distributed on the surrounding walls.

At first glance, these stone carvings didn’t look any different from ordinary stone carvings, but the 8 beastkin heads were all staring at the stone table in the hall.

The young woman in the palace dress pointed at a wolf head.

A white light went into the wolf head. After a flash, a 6 meters jackal phantasm rushed out and howled at the ceiling of the side hall.

“It should be right here.” After the young woman in palace costume muttered to herself, she turned around and shot white lights on the other beastkin heads one after another.

The rest of the beastkin heads also released phantasms.

For a time, the 8 lifelike beastkin phantasms started to chase each other and play around.

“Could this be the entrance to the Thousands Beastkins Hall?” Liu Ming, who had been watching calmly, finally asked.

“Since the talisman has a reaction, it’s probably here.”

After the young woman in palace costume replied indifferently, she threw the silver talisman into the air and pointed at it with a finger.


The silver talisman burst open in an instant, turning into silver light spots that filled the entire side hall.

When the 8 beastkin phantasms came into contact with the silver light, they turned into beastkin aura that went into the stone table in the center.

The round stone table trembled suddenly, and a clear silver pattern appeared on it. After a few rumbling sounds, it sank into the ground.

After a while, an array that was a dozen meters in size was glowing with a faint gray light on the ground.

“Let’s go!” The young woman in palace costume glanced at Liu Ming, then she flashed into the array.

After Liu Ming pondered for a while, he crushed several talismans to cast several layers of shields on himself before following in.

The next moment, a beastkin aura rolled up from the array. After Liu Ming only heard a faint roar, the surrounding scenery had changed completely.

When he regained his senses, he was already in a dark and mysterious hall.

The young woman in palace costume was also looking around constantly.

Looking around the entire hall, it seemed that there was no end to it at all.

Liu Ming used Divine Thought to scan the radius for several miles, but he didn’t notice anything abnormal. When he tried to explore further, he was obviously restricted by a strange force.

This land could actually suppress Divine Thought!

“The space here is much larger than I imagined, and the beastkin aura is abundant. It’s just that the beastkin souls here have been asleep for thousands of years, so they have formed a kind of delicate balance between them. Without getting close, you humans generally can’t detect them. You can try to stimulate your totem mystic art, and you should be able to get what you want.” The young woman in palace costume moved her lips slightly and sent a voice transmission to Liu Ming.

“Thank you for reminding.” Liu Ming cupped his fist and thanked.

Then, with his eyes closed, he channeled spiritual power into Che Huan totem, then he patted his shoulder lightly. A green bull phantasm emerged in a flash.

When the green bull phantasm appeared, ripples of fluctuations suddenly appeared in the air of dozens of meters around. A few looming white mists were condensed in the air. After a while, it turned into a giant yellow turtle phantasm and a three-legged giant eagle phantasm.

Both of them were more than 30 meters in size. Although they were a little hazy, judging from their aura, they were both Crystallization Period beastkin souls.

To Liu Ming’s surprise, the 2 just glanced at the Che Huan phantasm above Liu Ming, and they immediately fled in fear.

Before Liu Ming could cast a spell, the Che Huan phantasm suddenly opened his eyes and roared. It turned into a green light that pursued the 2 indistinct beastkin aura. The speed was astonishing.

After only a dozen seconds, a green light flashed in the distance, and a gust of wind whistled back. It was the Che Huan phantasm!

From the complacent expression on phantasm’s face, it had obviously devoured the 2 beastkin souls. Its aura had been increased slightly too.

Seeing this, Liu Ming was naturally overjoyed.

“After a while, I will use secret art to search for the beastkin that I want to inherit, and the rest will be yours.” Seeing this, the young woman in palace costume also looked satisfied. After giving an order, she sat cross-legged.

She flicked her sleeves, and 9 colorful flags appeared in her hands. Then, she spouted a silver beastkin aura at the flags.

With a flash, the 9 flags flew out of her hands. As she tapped with both hands, the flags floated in midair within a range of 10 meters around her.

After a few seconds, these small flags formed a somewhat strange array and were inserted into the ground one after another. It seemed to be out of order, but it seemed to contain some kind of mystery.

Immediately afterward, the low and obscure incantation sound came from the mouth of the young woman in palace costume. She made a gesture and launched a symbol on each of the flags.

Immediately, these formation flags trembled and shined in colorful light. Countless fine light filaments rolled out with the young woman as the center and formed a colorful semicircle light curtain around her.

After doing all this, the woman chanted with her eyes closed.

At the same time, a colorful light burst out from her body, echoing to the surrounding light curtain.

This light became more and more dazzling, and it gradually filled the entire semicircle light curtain, which was extremely gorgeous.

The young woman in palace costume looked ever more charming under this colorful light, which made Liu Ming lose his focus for a while.

The incantation suddenly stopped as she spat out a white bead. It floated before her without moving.

Seeing this, Liu Ming’s heart moved.

This bead was used during the battle with that demon, so it must be her beastkin core.

As soon as the beastkin core was spat out, she flicked her 10 fingers and launched silver symbols into it.

Immediately, wisps of faint silver lights emerged from the bead, and a light silver beastkin aura spread out with her as the center.

Liu Ming only felt that the originally calm air around him, with the integration of this silver beastkin aura, began to become a little turbulent. Some faint noises could be heard from far and near.

There were lion roars, tiger roars, eagle chirps, wolf howls… The number was countless.

These noisy voices made Liu Ming secretly surprised.

The young woman in costume in the semicircle circle was unaffected by this. She just continued to channel.

At this moment, a silver beastkin aura suddenly rose from her. It condensed into a snow-white nine tail fox phantasm.

Liu Ming glanced at the nine tail fox phantasm calmly, and he also released Divine Thought while making a gesture. He was really to launch the Che Huan phantasm at any time.

As time passed, the noise in the distance got closer and closer as if there were an astonishing number of things approaching from a distance.

Suddenly, a whistling sound came quickly from the other side!

Under a glance, there was an overwhelming red light coming toward them. Within the red light, there were dozens of beastkins of different sizes.

Liu Ming’s pupils shrank as he found that the beastkin soul at the forefront in the red light was actually a 90 meters fox beastkin.

This fox was also covered in snow-white fluff. It looked very agile. Its appearance was bright red. The 9 white fluffy tails on the back were swaying in the wind like a blooming flower. Compared with the true form of this young woman, except for the body size, they looked almost eh same.

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