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Chapter 907: Surprise Appearance of the Demons

“Whoosh“, the entire small room turned into a cloud of yellow sand and collapsed in mid-air.

Seeing this, the other disciples followed suit and scattered around, blasting the remaining houses in the ruin.

For a time, there were explosions in the entire ruins.

After only a quarter of an hour, the entire ruin, under the cooperation of 8 disciples of the Demon Mystic Sect, turned into a true ruin. Apart from the statue, there was nothing else to hide.

“Still no! It’s been 7 days since we entered the ruin, and we haven’t gained anything yet. Why don’t we meet up with other senior fellow apprentices to find other demonic treasures.” 1 of the disciples with dark spots on his face and a rather short stature sighed.

“Bunch of rubbish, you can’t even find a demonic stone, and you still think of finding demonic treasure? We all cultivate demonic techniques. Whether it is demonic stone or treasure, we have to sense it with our demonic qi. You can’t even find demonic stone here, then you stupid don’t even think of getting demonic treasure.” Long Xuan scolded with cold eyes.

“Long Xuan, what are you saying? Don’t think that just because master treats you well, you really think you are above us!” The short young man was furious when he heard this.

“Hmph, I have long known that you are not convinced by me as the team leader. In that case, you can try me. After all, our sect always respects power!” Long Xuan replied expressionlessly.

Hearing this, the short young man’s pupils shrank suddenly. After staring at Long Xuan for a while, he said with a grin,

“You’re right. I’ve long suspected whether you deserve the title as the number 1 Crystallization Period in our sect. Since you said so, then as you wish.”

The short young man made a gesture, and black demonic qi tumbled.

Long Xuan snorted in disdain. He flipped his palm and condensed a green demonic flame. As he moved his fingers the green demonic flame turned into a mini green snake.

When the other 3 disciples saw this, they didn’t mean to dissuade them. Instead, they stepped back a few steps, obviously intending to watch the fight.

After the green snake made a hissing sound, it grew to 9 meters long.

“Green Sun Demonic Soul? Impossible! Only Real Pellet State disciples are allowed to cultivate this technique!” Seeing this, the short young man blurted out. He stomped the ground and retreated quickly.

Long Xuan sneered and tapped a finger lightly. The green snake burst into flame and pounced out.

The short young man didn’t dare to take the blow at all. He kept dodging here and there, but the green snake was chasing him like a living creature.

But the ruin was now empty, so there was not much place to dodge at all. After a few flashes, the short young man appeared behind the stone sculpture in the center of the ruin.

“Stop, I admit defeat! Since you have already cultivated the Green Sun Demonic Soul, there is no need to do this anymore!” The pleading voice of the short young man came from behind the stone sculpture.

“Too late!”

After Long Xuan replied coldly, he stretched 1 hand, and the green snake twisted and shot toward the stone sculpture.


The entire stone sculpture burst open, scattering into giant boulders all over the sky. With a dreadful scream, a black shadow that was burned by billowing green flames was pushed into a nearby mountain. His vitality was fading quickly.

Just as all the onlookers were silent, a fist-sized crystal stone that emitted black light flew out from the rocks. It emanated a pure demonic aura.

“This is… a demonic stone!” A Demon Mystic Sect disciple who was watching the battle immediately shouted excitedly.

Long Xuan was also overjoyed.

At this moment, “puff“, a black light came from nowhere and snatched the black demonic stone.

“Court death!”

“Haha, this is really easy!”

A loud noise!

Long Xuan threw a punch in rage, but the black light dodged it easily with a blur.

Immediately afterward, 3 figures suddenly emerged from the black light after a wave of fluctuation.

“Who dares to act wild in front of me!” Long Xuan shouted in rage.

The other 3 Demon Sect disciples also went up without saying a word.

“Hehe, I heard that Middle Sky Continent also has a large sect from the ancient times that learns the techniques of demons like us. Now that I see it, tsk tsk, they are just flashy without real power!” A man who had black-green spirit patterns all over his body and had a blurred face said with a strange laughter.

“You… are the demons from the Thousands Demons Continent?” A Demon Mystic Sect disciple lost his voice after seeing the man clearly.

The other Demon Mystic Clan disciples, including Long Xuan, were also utterly shocked.

The demon mentioned by this Demon Sect disciple was not an ancient demon in the real sense, but a descendant of the human race who was demonized by demonic qi in ancient times. Now they could be regarded as 1 of the alien races. They mainly stayed in the Thousands Demons Continent that were countless miles away from the Middle Sky Continent. They usually wouldn’t appear in the Middle Sky Continent.

Most of these demons had relatively pure demonic technique inheritance of the demon clan, which were not comparable by the general demonic techniques that were currently circulating in the Middle Sky Continent. They even had a faint restraint effect.

In the previous trip to the ruins, the demons of Thousands Demons Continent made many Middle Sky Continent’s demonic cultivators suffer greatly. This was also the main reason why Demon Mystic Sect’s disciples such as Long Xuan were shocked.

“Since you recognize us, we can consider letting you leave. As long as you obediently make an oath to work for us and if you behave well, we can also be brought back to Thousands Demons Continent and let you learn the true demonic technique…” Another one-eyed demon with black lips and a fist-sized hole in the left eye said with a gloomy smile. In the only remaining eye, there seemed to be a trace of black gas flowing erratically.

The one-eyed demon man’s words seemed to have a hint of incitement and bewitching. The other three Demon Mystic Sect disciples couldn’t help but look at each other.

“What a joke! You demons are the mortal enemies of our humans. Want us to surrender? In your dream!”

Long Xuan quickly returned to normal as he groaned and shook his arms.

“Whoosh whoosh!” 2 30 meters long snakes came out from his arm. Their target was the one-eyed demon.

The one-eyed demon smiled disdainfully. He waved his sleeve casually, and a black wind pulled in the 2 green snakes and turned them into green light spots.

“Human race juniors who overreach yourself, since you insist on fighting, let me send you to hell!”

After the one-eyed demon said indifferently, he waved 1 arm, and the demonic qi condensed into a 9 meters long black demonic blade.

The demonic blade caused a spatial distortion as it flew out.

The 3 disciples of the Demon Mystic Sect were startled. They immediately launched demonic palms of 3 meters in size.


As soon as the few demonic palms touched the demonic blade, they were disintegrated strangely. At the same time, strands of demonic qi rolled into the demonic blade from the collapsed giant palms, causing the demonic blade to instantly grow to the size of 20 meters.

The 3 Demon Mystic Sect disciples also reacted very quickly. They retreated to both sides in a flash.

An earth-shattering noise came!

The huge demonic blade slammed into the ground. After the rolling black gas disappeared, a huge ditch more than 30 meters long and 12 meters deep appeared on the ground. The black demonic qi continued to rise from it.

The 3 Demon Mystic Sect disciples who were standing on both sides of the ditch had a chill down their spines!

Obviously, the strength shown by these demons far exceeded their imagination!

“Let me handle the green-haired boy! You 2 deal with the rest. Although these people didn’t cultivate with the purest demonic qi, they can serve as an appetizer to nourish our deficits in spiritual power in recent days. Remember, make it quick. We still have important tasks!” The ugly demon in the middle, who had black pustules on his face, suddenly commanded the one-eyed demon and the demon with a blurred face.

Then, without waiting for the other 2 to respond, he charged toward Long Xuan with greedy eyes as if he was looking at an easy prey.

The other two demons looked at each other and smiled, then they walked towards the Demon Mystic Sect disciples on both sides of the ditch in a tacit understanding.

Long Xuan squinted, and he made a gesture. The dense green flames around his body once again turned into green snakes, shooting out continuously.

The dense green snakes twisted in mid-air, rushing toward the Pustule Demon with a hissing sound.

But this demon just seemingly spread his arms, and his black demonic qi turned into a black demonic flame that surged toward the green snakes!

An astonishing scene appeared.

The strange snake, which was originally lively, disappeared into the demonic flame after a wave of sizzling sound. They couldn’t even cause a ripple in the demonic flame.

TL: The demons seem to be short of spiritual power, maybe Long Xuan has a chance?

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