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Chapter 872: Broken Sword Mountain

“Oh, so that’s how. It’s a coincidence that the sword fighting pill you assisted in refining that day should have been prepared for our next esoteric disciple. It seems that Elder Zhong refined more than 1. Since you asked about the sword fighting pill today, I will tell you about it in detail. To advance a true spirit flying sword into Sword Maru requires thousands of continuous sword fights, and thousands of sword fighting is not just sword fighting between 2 people. You must fight swords with different people as much as possible and use the opponent’s sword qi to hone the true spirit flying sword. Therefore, if a general sword cultivator wants to complete the advancement of Sword Maru, it takes at least hundreds of years if not more than thousands of years. The sword fighting pill is created by an ancient sword cultivator through continuous exploration. It can inspire the sword fighting of a sword. This elixir can use the sword intent to trigger the sword intents of flying swords within a certain effective range to commit sword fight. In this way, after thousands of trials, the flying sword will naturally advance to Sword Maru.” The man in a gray robe said slowly without reservation.

“Discple still doesn’t understand something about this. Even with this sword fighting pill, where do I go to find a place with so many flying swords to trigger sword fight?”

The man in a gray robe seemed to have guessed that Liu Ming had the sword fighting pill in his hand, but he misunderstood that it was given to him by Elder Zhong; Liu Ming naturally wouldn’t tell him that.

“If ordinary people want to use the sword fighting pill, it is naturally very difficult. According to the ancient method, some sword fighting conferences should be held every once in a while to attract a large number of sword cultivators. Although the sword fighting pill has been lost for many years, other sword cultivators will still hold such conferences from time to time to hone their flying swords. Among them, the “Sword Trial Conference” that is held every 300 years by the Heavenly Sword Hill that has tens of thousands of years of history is the most famous. As 1 of the 4 ancient sects, we of course no need to do this troublesome thing. There is a Broken Sword Mountain under the jurisdiction of the Tianjian Peak. It is an excellent place to learn sword techniques and hone flying swords. When the disciples in the peak advance to the Real Pellet State, they can have a chance to enter it for free. Although you are not a disciple of the Tianjian Peak, you can use this “Broken Sword Order” to enter it. If you want to enter again, you have to pay 2 million sect contribution points.”

As the man in a gray robe said, he raised one hand, and a red light shot out from his sleeve. It turned into a fist-sized triangle token in Liu Ming’s hand.

There was a red crystal light on this token, and an exquisite flying sword pattern was engraved on it.

“Thank you grand elder!”

Liu Ming was overjoyed. He quickly put the token into the Sumeru Ring, then he bowed to Elder Han again.

“I have to remind you 1 more thing. When this true spirit flying sword is sword fighting, if its sword qi becomes weak and exhausts consumes too much, it must be put back into your body for nourishment. If you let it sword fight too frequently, you will lose more if you cause spiritual damage to the flying sword.” The man in a gray robe reminded with a serious face.

“Disciple will remember this.” Liu Ming replied respectfully again.

“I still have other things, so you can go if there is nothing else.” The man in a gray robe waved his sleeves and asked him to leave.

After thanking Liu Ming again, he turned around and left the cave house lobby.

“You and Liu Ming seem to have a very close relationship. Previously, when Tian Ge let him participate in the Tianmen Conference, you must be doing a lot behind the scenes.” In the cave house, Elder Han, who seemed to be sitting still, suddenly said a sentence.

“Senior Fellow Apprentice Han, I just think this is more interesting, and I didn’t ask Senior Fellow Apprentice Han to give Liu Ming the token to enter Broken Sword Mountain. This is your own idea.”

A young man in a golden robe appeared at the corner of the hall with a golden flash. He said with a smile.

It was Jin Tianci!

“I think this guy is quite talented in sword technique, and his true spirit flying sword is also quite extraordinary. He is indeed talented, so I gave him the token.” The man in a gray robe said calmly.

“Hehe, anyway, this guy just got a huge benefit. I’m curious if he can really forge the Sword Maru. After all, even counting senior fellow apprentice, the entire Taiqing Sect only has a few sword cultivators who have Sword Maru. Well, as the senior fellow apprentice sect master said, the event is about to start. I have to start cultivating to recover my cultivation as much as possible. Only then I have much more chances in it.” Jin Tianci said again, then disappeared out into thin air again.

“It is about to start? How many people of our Taiqing Sect can leave that place alive this time.” Elder Han murmured, then he slowly closed his eyes.

At this time, Liu Ming, who was excitedly flying away, naturally did not know the conversation between them.

In the next 3 days, he found several Tianjian Peak disciples whom he met several times to inquire about the Broken Sword Mountain.

It was a pity that these disciples were not high in cultivation, so they didn’t know much about it. They only knew that this Broken Sword Mountain was also known as the Sword Burial Mound and it cost a huge amount of contribution points to enter.

So, Liu Ming had to make another trip to the Hall of All Things. After reconfirming the news of Broken Sword Mountain, he began to prepare.

4 days later, he checked the items in the Sumeru Ring before flying to the Tianjian Peak.

An hour later, in front of a small stone house behind the main hall of the Tianjian Peak, Liu Ming in a black robe was talking with a tall and thin young man dressed in Tianjian Peak disciple costume.

“It turns out to be Fallen Serene Peak, Senior Fellow Apprentice Liu. I have long heard of your great name.” The tall and skinny young man said while cupping his fist.

“Junior fellow apprentice doesn’t have to be polite. I came here this time to enter Broken Sword Mountain.” Liu Ming smiled faintly.

“This… I’m afraid it won’t work. According to the regulations of our peak, non-Real Pellet State sword cultivator disciples are not allowed to enter Broken Sword Mountain. Even Real Pellet State cultivator has to spend a lot of contribution points to enter it.” The tall and skinny young man said with a change of face.

“I understand this, but please look at this first.”

Liu Ming calmly took out a token with a faint red light from his sleeve and gave it to the tall and skinny young man.

As soon as the tall and skinny young man Fang saw the token, he said with a surprised expression,

“This is the “Broken Sword Token”, why would Senior Fellow Apprentice Liu… But since you have this pass token, you can naturally enter it at any time. However, this “Broken Sword Token” can only be used once. After using, it will be taken back. Senior Fellow Apprentice Liu has not yet reached the Real Pellet State… have you thought this through?”

“Thank you junior fellow apprentice for reminding me, I understand it of course. Can I be teleported to Broken Sword Mountain now?” Liu Ming smiled and asked while cupping his fist.

“Of course. There are 2 teleportation circles behind the stone house, and the one that glows red is the teleportation circle at Broken Sword Mountain. Because there are too many abandoned swords in the whole mountain, which causes the sword qi to clash against each other, generating a huge power. Therefore, the elders set an enchantment on this mountain. You can enter the mountain through the teleportation array. Here is another teleportation talisman. If you are in danger in there, just tear this talisman.”

The tall and skinny young man said solemnly, and he took out a white talisman from his sleeve and handed it to Liu Ming.

“Thank you junior fellow apprentice for reminding me.”

After Liu Ming took over the talisman, he bade farewell and went to the back of the stone house. It was an empty land that was half an acre.

On both sides of the land, there was a teleportation array. The left one was flickering with faint blue light, and 3 big red words “Sword Cleansing Pool” were carved on the boulder beside. The right one was flickering with red light, and “Sword Burial Tomb” was carved on the boulder beside.

Liu Ming’s expression changed slightly, and he walked toward the teleportation circle on the right.

As soon as he stepped into the array, a red light instantly enveloped him.

Liu Ming only saw a dazzling red light and heard a low whistling wind sound, then he disappeared.

After a few seconds, he already found himself in a huge white space.

The entire space could not be seen at a glance. There was a giant gray mountain tens of thousands of meters tall. The peak of the mountain couldn’t be seen. It looked like a gigantic sword towering into the sky.

Liu Ming squinted his eyes, then he could see the distant giant mountain clearly.

On this seemingly bare straight mountain, various large and small flying swords were flickering.

These flying swords were of different lengths. The long ones that were exposed above the ground were nearly 3 meters long, and the short ones were less than a foot long. Most of these flying swords were already incomplete, but their surface still exuded a faint aura. Only a few of them were bleak, which seemed to be buried here for quite some time.

At the top of the mountain, a colorful halo was extremely dazzling. He looked closely, and it was several flying swords of different colors that were constantly emitting aura.

At the moment Liu Ming appeared, all the broken swords on the mountain seemed to sense his arrival as they trembled slightly. They seemed eager to move.

At the same time, strands of sword qi slowly floated out from these abandoned swords on the entire mountain, filling the entire space and colliding with a clanging sound in the air.

The sword pouch on Liu Ming’s waist also flickered for a moment, and the true spirit flying sword sealed inside was also eager to move as if it echoed these abandoned swords.

“This Broken Sword Mountain really lives up to its reputation!”

After Liu Ming muttered to himself, he looked around again.

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