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Chapter 868: Return to Taiqing Sect

“Okay, I didn’t expect you to be acquainted with Mystic Comprehending State. No wonder you don’t put our Ouyang Family in your eyes… Cough…” The man with disheveled hair said a few words indifferently, then he was interrupted by a rapid cough.

At this moment, there was a trace of anger on his face, and a trace of blood recovered on his face. His aura had recovered slightly, but it was still weak. Obviously, the injury was not light just now.

“Senior misunderstood. Junior didn’t know that Puppet Emperor would directly possess the puppet of Miss Sha. Otherwise, why would I intervene in this matter.” Liu Ming said with a wry smile.

“Hmph, you don’t need to use the puppet emperor to pressure me, I will tell the family master about this matter. Since that girl has left, you don’t need to stay here anymore, leave immediately. In addition, don’t forget that you owe our Ouyang Family a favor. When the time comes, we will send you a message.” The man with disheveled hair snorted coldly, then he left with the other 4 who were dumbfounded.

In the blink of an eye, in Ouyang Kui’s seclusion place, only Liu Ming was left alone. Ouyang Kui and his family seemed to have fainted. After checking with Divine Thought, he discovered that they were just shocked by the Mystic Comprehending State’s spiritual pressure. There shouldn’t be any life danger.

Liu Ming immediately returned to the courtyard, looked up at the sky, and his face became uncertain.

After a while, he sighed lightly and flew toward the exit.

After leaving Ouyang Kui’s seclusion place, he continued to fly toward Nanming City.

After half a day, a red light quickly left Nanming City.

In the red light was a flying jade boat. There were 2 figures, 1 big and 1 small, sitting on it. They were flying away somewhere in the distance.

Several months had passed in a flash!

On this day, outside the Piaohong Courtyard of Thousands Spirit Mountain Range, a golden light came from the distance.

Liu Ming in a green robe was revealed from it.

Beside him stood a 9 years old boy who was Ye Hao with golden eyes emerald pupils spiritual body.

This time, after returning to the sect from the Ouyang Family, he did not go back to his cave house directly, but he went to the foreign affairs hall first and found a deputy who was in charge of recruiting disciples.

After some inquiries, he learned that if the disciples in the sect found someone with special physique or of the alien race, they didn’t have to wait for the annual recruitment. After being checked by the foreign affairs hall’s deputy, they would be randomly assigned to the outer courtyard.

In addition, they could also be examined directly by the respective outer courtyard, then the courtyard could decide whether to recruit them.

The actual situation was that, in order to improve their own strength and strive for resources from the sect as much as possible, the 8 outer courtyards often sought out these talented disciples.

After some consideration, Liu Ming decided to bring him into the Piaohong Courtyard. After all, he was also a disciple of the Piaohong Courtyard. If he brought someone over in person, the master of the Piaohong Courtyard and the deputies could take care of him a little bit.

As soon as they stepped into the Piaohong Courtyard, they were stopped by a tall disciple who looked like a deputy.

“Stop, what are you 2 doing at the Piaohong Courtyard? Wait a minute, you are… Senior Liu Ming!” The tall disciple looked at Liu Ming carefully, and he became very respectful as he remembered something.

“This junior fellow apprentice is?”

Liu Ming didn’t know the young man in front of him, and he asked a little surprised.

“I’m a deputy disciple, so it’s normal that Senior Fellow Apprentice Liu doesn’t recognize me. But when Senior Fellow Apprentice Liu won 1st place in the major competition in the outer courtyard, I was fortunate enough to participate, but I couldn’t fight with Senior Fellow Apprentice Liu. After Senior Fellow Apprentice Liu participated in the Tianmen Conference on behalf of the sect and won 1st place, you have been admired by 3000 disciples of our Piaohong Courtyard. By the way, why is Senior Fellow Apprentice Liu here today? Could it be… for this boy?” The tall disciple seemed to be a talker. After talking for a while, he only noticed the boy beside Liu Ming and he asked so.

“I heard that a disciple with a special spiritual body can enter the outer courtyard as an outer disciple only after passing the inspection?” Liu Ming nodded and asked with a slight smile.

“Special spiritual body? This is true. Speaking of which, our Piaohong Courtyard has been unable to recruit those talented disciples for several years. Otherwise, these disciples can make rapid progress in just a few years and show their strength in the major competition so that they can win more resources for our courtyard. Could it be…” The tall disciple spoke again, then he suddenly realized something and looked at the boy with a strange gaze.

Liu Ming didn’t answer directly, but he stretched out a palm and patted Ye Hao’s shoulder lightly.

A subtle spiritual power immediately entered Ye Hao’s body along the palm. He trembled slightly, then a numb feeling struck him. A faint golden light flashed in his eyes.

The tall disciple was excited after seeing this.

“Senior Fellow Apprentice Liu, if I’m not wrong, this boy has a spiritual pupil?”

“That’s right. In this case, can he join the Piaohong Courtyard directly?” Liu Ming nodded and said calmly.

“That’s of course, but unfortunately, Courtyard Master Jiang has been traveling for more than half a year, and Deputy Courtyard Master Liang also went out to perform a sect mission half a month ago. It will take about a month for them to return. After all, it’s best to let Courtyard Master examine this rare special spiritual body disciple. After he confirms it, the courtyard will put all the resources to cultivate him.” The tall disciple glanced at the boy carefully before saying delightedly to Liu Ming.

“Since the courtyard master and the deputy courtyard master are not here, I will bring him over later.” Liu Ming frowned slightly when he heard the words.

“Wait a minute… Actually, although I’m just a deputy disciple, according to the rules, I can arrange for him to settle down in the Piaohong Courtyard first. So, I will let him stay in the Piaohong Courtyard first. As soon as the 2 courtyard masters come back, I will immediately let them examine his spiritual body. Are you okay with this arrangement?” The tall disciple said in a hurry after thinking quickly.

“En, it’s really inconvenient to take this boy back to my cave house. If that’s the case, then I’ll have to trouble junior fellow apprentice to make arrangements.” Liu Ming just thought slightly, and he agreed to it.

“Senior Fellow Apprentice Liu doesn’t have to be so polite,” The tall disciple waved his hand and said.

“Ye Hao, this senior will arrange for you. Whether you can really get what you want in the future, it depends on your own effort.” Liu Ming turned and whispered to the boy beside him.

After listening to this, the 9 years old boy nodded again and again in confusion.

“Senior Fellow Apprentice Liu, you can rest assured to leave this little guy to me.” The tall disciple patted his chest and said. He looked at Ye Hao like looking at a precious treasure.

It was not strange as being able to introduce such a spiritual body disciple was already a credit. Once his spirit was enlightened and if his aptitude was very good, then the benefits he got wouldn’t be less.

Now that everything was done, Liu Ming didn’t stay here. He immediately said goodbye to the deputy disciple. After instructing Ye Hao a few words, he left the main hall of the Piaohong Courtyard.

After exiting the main hall, he flew toward his cave house.

After a while, he returned to the cave house.

As soon as Liu Ming entered the door, he patted the 2 leather bags. A black gas rolled out and turned into Xie’er in black tulle.

“Master!” Xie’er bowed toward Liu Ming.

Liu Ming nodded, then he inspected the other leather bag with Divine Thought and couldn’t help but smile.

Fei’er was curled up in the leather bag and sounded asleep, completely ignoring his summon.

Liu Ming shook his head. After instructing Xie’er to practice by herself, he rushed into the secret room.

He thought it wouldn’t take long to visit the Ouyang Family, but it unexpectedly took more than half a year. Now that he had returned to the sect, he could finally consolidate his realm with peace of mind.

After a stick of incense, in the secret room.

Liu Ming sat cross-legged on a futon. In an emerald-green vial beside him, there were 2 pills with 3 elixir patterns. The elixir looked as clear as jade. These were exactly pellet grade yun spirit pills.

As his cultivation improved, the effect of the yun spirit pill also decreased accordingly. After advancing into the Pseudo Pellet State, the normal yun spiritual pill had no effect on him. Even the yun spirit pills of the flawless grade had little effect.

Fortunately, he only sold the ordinary yun spirit pills earlier, and most of the flawless grade pills were kept. Although the effect was not obvious, it still had a much better effect compared to just meditating.

For him, it was not realistic to leave the sect to find materials to refine, so he just finished the rest of the pills first.

After Liu Ming thought about it, he stretched out a yun spirit pill between his two fingers and put it in his mouth. Immediately, he closed his eyes and activated the spiritual power in his body, and quietly meditated.

3 years had passed in the blink of an eye.

Since he didn’t disturb others when he came back, this year had been quite calm. No one came to disturb his cultivation.

On this day, there was a muffled sound as the stone door of the secret room was pushed open from the inside.

Liu Ming walked out from it.

In the past 3 years, he has basically used up the elixir that increased spiritual power in his hands, and his spiritual power had improved a lot than before.

At this moment, Liu Ming had consolidated the Pseudo Pellet State. The spiritual power crystal flashed with purple-silver light in the sea of ​​consciousness. His spiritual power was full. He could make the final preparations to advance to the Real Pellet State.

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