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Chapter 859: Mind Demon

Liu Ming’s body moved. His face faintly seemed to be uncomfortable with the feeling of coldness, but he endured it without opening his eyes.

Soon, he felt the effect of the green light. The stabbing pain gradually eased a lot.

Liu Ming looked slightly happy. It seemed that Clear Exquisite Wall really deserved to be the treasure of the Ouyang Family. It not only had the effect of calming one’s mind.

He once again channeled his mental power to his meridians to control the surging spiritual power.

A quarter of an hour, 2 quarters of an hour; time passed bit by bit…

After a long while, there seemed to be countless thunders in Liu Ming’s ears. The spiritual power in his meridians gathered into an astounding river of spiritual power that flowed straight to the sea of consciousness.

He was shocked. At this moment, there seemed to be countless vague black shadows blocking the spiritual power before the 153 spiritual power crystals.


The surging spiritual power hit the black shadow one after another, and they shattered like a wave the next moment.

“It really appears… ‘realm obstacle’!” Liu Ming looked solemn.

The so-called realm obstacle, in fact, was called the bottleneck of a realm. From the most basic Spirit Apostle Stage, it had accompanied all cultivators without exception.

However, the realm bottlenecks encountered by the low rank cultivator were very weak. The higher the cultivation level, the greater the shackles of this realm.

Generally speaking, when all cultivators tried to advance to the Pseudo Pellet State and Real Pellet State, the obstacles would emerge with such clear entity.

At this time, everyone’s natural talents and the purity of the accumulated spiritual power began to come into play!

The realm obstacles of outstanding spiritual bodies such as Sky Spiritual Pulse and Earth Spiritual Pulse were definitely much easier to break through than ordinary cultivators.

Liu Ming had even seen in the Taiqing Sect’s record that in the archean era, there were some incredible spiritual bodies that could avoid realm obstacles.

In other words, these people could cultivate all the way to the Real Pellet State or even higher levels without hitting any bottleneck!

These thoughts flashed through Liu Ming’s mind. He had the Three Spiritual Pulse, which was the worst of all cultivators.

He opened his eyes and waved 1 hand. A green light flew out from the jade box beside him into his mouth.

It was the clear jade pill given by Yin Jiuling!

The elixir turned into a warm current flowing in his body in an instant. Black gas surged out from him frantically and turned into a black tentacle that danced wildly around him.

In his meridians, the blocked spiritual power wave gathered once again and impacted the realm obstacle again and again.

The constant collision of spiritual power and the obstacle intensified the stabbing pain in Liu Ming’s body again.

Even with the green light emitted by Clear Exquisite Wall, it didn’t seem to work. Especially in his mind, there seemed to be someone stabbing it with countless fine needles. Even with Liu Ming’s toughness, he couldn’t help but want to scratch his head.


While controlling the spiritual power to hit the bottleneck, Liu Ming tried to adjust his breath, but no matter how he tried to calm his mind, the stabbing pain didn’t reduce.

“No, this means the mind demon is about to act!”

He immediately noticed the abnormality in his mind.

An anxious mood emerged in his mind, which was the sign of the outbreak of the inner demon!

Liu Ming decisively waved another hand, and the clear soul pill turned into a green light into his mouth.

A sense of coolness flowed into his stomach through his throat, and it gradually spread into his sea of consciousness.

He felt a slight clear in his mind, and the mental power in the sea of ​​​​consciousness seemed to have increased a bit.

“This elixir really deserved to be the treasure of the Ouyang Family. Its effect is extraordinary!” Liu Ming exclaimed in his mind, and the anxiety seemed to be reduced a lot.

In the sea of consciousness, under the repeated impacts of the spiritual power waves, the black shadow obstacle finally began to crack.


This low, inaudible sound made Liu Ming’s sea of ​​consciousness tremble like it was struck by lightning. The surge of spiritual power instantly overwhelmed the black shadow.

His spirit was involuntarily mixed in the spiritual power. After directly breaking through the black shadow obstacle, his vision had fallen into darkness.

Everything around disappeared in an instant. He could only see endless darkness, and there was no sound at all. The dead silence made him feel a little irritated.

“Illusion, no, this is the power of the mind demon!”

Liu Ming was astounded!

After all, the Clear Exquisite Wall could only calm one’s mind to reduce the effect of the mind demon, but it couldn’t completely stop the appearance of the mind demon.

He licked his lips, then he recalled the method of breaking the mind demon recorded in the records and several things reminded by Yin Jiuling. After taking a deep breath to calm his mind, he walked forward.

Just after taking 2 steps, the dead silence was broken. A scorching heat rushed toward him after a flash of red light.

Liu Ming’s figure became blurred as he dodged immediately, but a sea of flame appeared beside him. His whole body was still burned by the flame. He felt intense pain from every corner of his body.

His face was distorted because of the pain. The flesh on his face quickly turned red, then it turned black again under the flame. The surface skin was curled up, and large blisters appeared on his hands and feet, popping one after another.

The temperature of the surrounding flames was getting higher and higher, the burning sound was getting louder and louder, and a terrifying burning smell spread in the air.

Liu Ming opened his eyes wide. Although the pain on his body became more and more intense, he still endured it and walked forward slowly but firmly. Every step he took, he could feel the heart-wrenching pain from his body.

“This pain is just an illusion…” Liu Ming still held a trace of clarity in his mind, and he continued to move forward step by step.

After a long time, the rampaging flames slowly subsided, returning into the world of nothingness. The burn and pain on his body also disappeared.


Cold sweat appeared on Liu Ming’s forehead, but he walked forward with more confidence.


Suddenly, a man’s deep voice came from behind. Liu Ming was shocked in an instant. His body was shaken, his face showed an unbelievable look, and his feet stopped involuntarily.

This voice was a very distant memory for him, and it was also a voice that he had never forgotten deep in his memory!

Liu Yangzong, the prefect of Yangyuan City, his father!

His mother died of dystocia when he was born, and his father raised him hand in hand since he was a child. All kinds of pictures hidden deep in his memory suddenly appeared in his mind.

Liu Ming’s lips trembled slightly, then he stepped forward again without turning his head back.

“Ming’er, you have grown up now. Father is really pleased to see that. Father is leaving, but before I leave, I want to talk to you.”

A majestic and loving familiar voice came from behind. There was also a hint of pleading in his tone.

Liu Ming gritted his teeth, forcibly suppressed the urge to look back and continued walking forward.

“Traitor Liu Yangzong! You have offended the current emperor. This is a big crime. We Ministry of Penalty will take you down!” An indifferent voice screamed, followed by the sound of the shackles chained on a person’s head.

“Take him away!” The indifferent voice commanded.

“Ming’er, save me! You know that father is wronged!” Liu Yangzong cried out for help with resentment.

With a bang in Liu Ming’s mind, the blood rushed directly to the top of his head. With his current cultivation, he could easily decimate these captors, then his father could be saved!

“Ming’er, if father goes now, you and I will never see each other again for the rest of your life. You don’t even want to take a look at me?” Liu Yangzong’s voice grew older suddenly. It sounded almost like pleading.

Liu Ming’s body began to tremble slowly because of extreme anger and hesitation. He seemed to be caught in a fierce battle. He wanted to turn around desperately several times and look at his father. However, every time at this point, there was a faint coolness in his body, keeping his mind intact. In the end, he didn’t look back.

Although there was no painful torment at the moment, Liu Ming’s clothes had been soaked in sweat. His face was more distorted due to the struggle. It seemed to be more painful than the flame just now.

After a long time, the voice of Liu Yangzong’s cry for help gradually faded away, and it finally disappeared into the endless void.

Liu Ming gasped, almost falling to the ground.

Suddenly, the ground disappeared, and he fell into a bottomless place.

Liu Ming only felt that his leg was grabbed by a big hand, and he was thrown into the air.

With a wave of his arm, he wanted to channel spiritual power to fly, but he suddenly realized that he had become a 9 years old child who didn’t have any spiritual power.

The surrounding environment was dim, and there was the sound of water waves hitting the coast in the distance. Further away, some hidden dark peaks and trees could be seen faintly.

This was… Deadly Island!

In the next moment, his body continued to fall. A trace of fear rose in his mind!

Just when he fell to the ground, there were a lot of murderous prisoners suddenly appearing below. They raised their hands, grabbed his body, and threw him toward the sky fiercely. This was repeated again and again.

Liu Ming only felt dizzy for a while, but he couldn’t shout at all.

At this moment, his ears were filled with the giggling and cold mocking sounds from these prisoners as if playing a fun game.

Although Liu Ming tried his best to stabilize his body, he was only 9 years old. There was obviously a big gap between him and the prisoners around him.


His thin body hit the ground hard. Before he got up, a big foot stomped heavily on his chest.

TL: Seems more like a reminiscence than a mind demon…

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