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Chapter 851: Visit

“Well, now that you have decided, I will take you back to my sect directly when the matter here is over. In these few days, you have a good rest here.” Liu Ming said calmly, then he walked to the quiet room and meditated.

2 days passed quickly.

At this time, Liu Ming, still couldn’t see Elder Ouyang Ying, was pacing back and forth in the room impatiently with a gloomy face.

Thump thump!

There was a soft knock on the door. Liu Ming frowned, and he walked over to open the door.

A refreshing fragrant wind rushed over, and 2 beautiful young girls in lavender dresses stood outside the door with a smile. They were actually the Sister Ouyang Sisters.

“It turns out that the 2 Miss Ouyang are here!” After Liu Ming was slightly startled, he hurriedly invited them into the house with joy.

“Since we parted away 10 years ago, Brother Liu still looks lively as usual.” Ouyang Qian said with a pursed smile.

Quyang Qin, who was still standing behind Ouyang Qian, was looking at Liu Ming with a smile in her eyes, but she didn’t speak.

“2 fairies are getting more and more radiant.” Liu Ming said so, but he was thinking something else in his mind.

He was planning to visit them, so he didn’t expect them to come over.

“I went out a few days ago, and I just heard that Brother Liu came to Ouyang Family, otherwise I would have come to see Brother Liu to recount the past. Speaking of which, Brother Liu only took ten years to cultivate to the peak of the Crystallization Period. The speed is really impressive.” After Ouyang Qian looked Liu Ming up and down, a hint of envy appeared on the pretty face.

“Under the support of the sect, I barely managed to reach this point. Fairy has overpraised.” Liu Ming said modestly.

After Ouyang Qian rolled her eyes, she suddenly asked with such a smile,

“I heard that Brother Liu came to visit Elder Ying this time. Could it be that you want to borrow the Clear Exquisite Wall?”

“This is indeed the purpose of my trip. But what I’m worrying about is that my master Yin Jiuling and Senior Ouyang Ying of your family are old acquaintances, and they have exchanged the 3 usages of the Clear Exquisite Wall, so I’m here to visit. However, for some reason, Elder Ouyang Ying has been avoiding me.” Liu Ming said with a wry smile without concealing it.

Ouyang Sisters glanced at each other.

“If you are here to borrow the Clear Exquisite Wall, I’m afraid it will be difficult. It isn’t that our Ouyang Family backs out from the promise, but the Clear Exquisite Wall is our family’s sacred artifact. There is a limit on the number of times it can be used, and it can only be used once every 5 years. Only one person can use it at a time. Elder Ying is probably also in a dilemma now.” Quyang Qin suddenly said slowly.

“Is it because the Clear Exquisite Wall has just been used?” Liu Ming’s face changed slightly after hearing this.

“It’s not, it’s just…” Quyang Qin’s beautiful eyes flickered twice, then she hesitated.

“If Fairy Qin has anything to say, please say it.” Liu Ming raised his eyebrows and said.

But Quyang Qin smiled slightly and stopped talking.

“We came to see Brother Liu this time is because it’s related to the Clear Exquisite Wall.” Ouyang Qian spread her green hair on her ear and said with a light sigh.

Liu Ming frowned slightly without speaking, but he was waiting for Ouyang Qian to continue speaking.

“I wonder if Brother Liu remembers Long Xuan from the Demon Mystic Sect?” Ouyang Qian suddenly changed the thread of discussion.

Liu Ming was startled, then nodded and said,

“Of course, this person is a disciple of the Demon Mystic Sect, very powerful. Why is Miss Ouyang mentioning this person suddenly?”

“Long Xuan also came to this Xuanmeng Mountain more than 10 days ago. It is a coincidence that the purpose of his trip is the same as that of Brother Liu, which is to borrow the Clear Exquisite Wall. It is reported that after the Tianmen Convention, he immediately returned to the sect to practice hard, and he has great improvement. He has reached the peak of the Crystallization Period. He even learned a powerful mystic art of the Demon Mystic Sect. He inquired that there will be a major event in our Ouyang Family and we need to borrow external force, so he requested to borrow the Clear Exquisite Wall and marry one of our sisters.” When Ouyang Qian said this, a look of disgust flashed across her face.

On the other hand, Quyang Qin also had a frosty face at the moment. Obviously, she didn’t like this results as well.

Liu Ming thought quickly, recalling Ouyang Sisters’ attitude toward Long Xuan in Tianmen Secret Realm, and he already guessed the reason why Ouyang Sisters came to visit himere.

After a while, he slowly said,

“If I remember correctly below, the relationship between the Ouyang Family and the Demon Mystic Sect is hostile, right? Both of you are excellent disciples of the Ouyang Family. Your family master did not hesitate to sacrifice both of you to win over Long Xuan?”

“There are no eternal enemies, only eternal benefits. It may be that something happened between the family leaders and the Demon Mystic Sect. There is a high-ranking elder in the family who is trying his best to promote this matter. The one who sacrifices is naturally low rank disciples like us.” Ouyang Qian said with a snort.

Liu Ming was full of thoughts, then he said a little solemnly,

“In this case, what do 2 fairies want me to do, just say it clearly.”

“With Brother Liu’s intelligence, you must have guessed that we are very disgusted with Long Xuan, but as the descendants of the family, we can’t refuse this matter. Mr. Liu is strong and you have the Taiqing Sect behind your back, so we hope that you can replace Long Xuan to accept the matter. In this case, we don’t have to marry Long Xuan and Mr. Liu can justifiably borrow the Clear Exquisite Wall. Isn’t this the best of both worlds? “Quyang Qin said slowly.

Liu Ming didn’t speak immediately after hearing the words. He tapped the table lightly and started to ponder.

Seeing Liu Ming’s expression, Ouyang Sisters glanced at each other and waited quietly.

After a long time, Liu Ming suddenly said,

“Can I know what’s the matter that your family needs to use external force? With your family’s strength, you don’t really need to find an outsider right?”

“We are not very clear about this, but Long Xuan agreed without hesitation. With Brother Liu’s strength, it shouldn’t be a problem to you.” Ouyang Qian’s face became stiff, and she said unnaturally.

“Hehe, Fairy Qian is looking too highly of me. I know my own capability. If I don’t know what is it about, I might not be able to promise you anything.” Liu Ming smiled.

The Ouyang Family needed external forces to accomplish things. It wouldn’t be a simple task even without thinking, and one had to risk his life for it. How could he promise something like this?

“Brother Liu, it’s not that we deliberately hide from you. We really don’t know. However, if you really want to use the Clear Exquisite Wall to break through the Pseudo Pellet State period, you don’t even dare to take such a risk? To be honest, the person who guards the Clear Exquisite Wall with Elder Ying is exactly our uncle. If you want to borrow the next usage of the Clear Exquisite Wall, I advise you to give up on this. As long as we speak to our uncle, you will never be able to borrow this treasure. Even if you have the token of Elder Ying!” Quyang Qin said gloomily.

“Fairy Qin is threatening me?”

Liu Ming narrowed his eyes upon hearing this. He looked up and down at Quyang Qin as if he saw her for the first time.

“Although Sister Qin’s remarks just now are not very pleasant, it is indeed my sister’s heartfelt words. As long as Mr. Liu can help our sisters not to marry that Long Xuan, we can not only promise to try our best to persuade our uncle to let you use the Clear Exquisite Wall, we will also pay an extra precious reward. Among them is Ouyang Family’s clear soul pill, which can refine the soul. It is very helpful to advance to the Pseudo Pellet State.” Ouyang Qian said with a light cough.

Liu Ming frowned. Still didn’t promise anything right away.

“Well, no matter whether Brother Liu decides to do this for our Ouyang Family, let’s follow us to see our family master. Otherwise, it’s useless even if you wait here for months.” Ouyang Qian and Quyang Qin looked at each other again, and they suddenly said again.

“Alright, then I will trouble 2 fairies.” Liu Ming was startled when he heard the words. He looked deeply at them and nodded in agreement.

The Ouyang Family’s master was equivalent to Immortal Tian Ge, the head of Taiqing Sect. Ouyang Sisters could actually visit him at any time. It could be seen that their status was not low.

Immortal Tian Ge had a high status in the Taiqing Sect. Not to mention Liu Ming, even someone like Yin Jiuling, the head of Fallen Serene Peak, couldn’t see him at any time.

“Let’s go now. Family master happens to be in his residence these few days.” Hearing Liu Ming’s words, the 2 women’s faces were filled with joy.

Before leaving the house, Liu Ming instructed the boy in the bedroom, then he left with the 2 women.

After a while, Liu Ming followed Ouyang Sisters, left the Reception Pavilion and went to the depths of the Xuanmeng Montain Range.

The main peak of Xuanming Mountain was tall and majestic. The mountain was covered with purple rocks. Even the grass and trees on the mountain had a slightly purple illusory atmosphere.

After 15 minutes, under the guidance of Ouyang Sisters, the 3 came to a giant hall built with giant purple rocks on top of the peak.

As soon as he approached the purple building within 300 meters, Liu Ming only felt his body sank; a huge suction force acted on him, pulling him downward.

Liu Ming was startled. He tried to channel Dragon Tiger Hell Prison, but he still couldn’t resist this suction.

After a while, he was still pulled forcibly to the square in front of the hall.

After coming to the square, the suction disappeared abruptly.

Ouyang Sisters had already landed at this time. Seeing Liu Ming could hold on for so long in mid-air, a hint of surprise flashed across their faces.

“Brother Liu, don’t panic. This is the meeting hall of our Ouyang Family. It is protected with some anti-air enchantment.” Ouyang Qian explained.

“Oh, no wonder.” Liu Ming was a little startled, and he immediately glanced around.

TL: What’s the matter? Will he have to fight Long Xuan to replace him?

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