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Chapter 818: Turbid Sun

The other 3 were equally shocked, and they were obviously also frozen by this strange cold. The young man with a silver car, who had the weakest body among them, was even instantly covered with a layer of white frost.

Seeing that the giant palm in the sky was about to slap down, Liu Ming intended to unseal the Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder to make a desperate blow.

Luo Tiancheng released a bright silver light; black-yellow spirit patterns emerged on the purple-haired man’s skin. The purple hair was ignited with purple flames.

Obviously, in desperation, these 2 people also intended to go all out.

But at this moment, there was an earth-shaking sound!

A white line suddenly lit up in the space above the giant palm, and it flashed down like thunder.


Blood Trident was startled, and he looked up.


A dazzling white light suddenly shot out from the white line in the air and struck at the giant bloody palm.

With a muffled sound, the giant bloody palm that seemed unfathomable in power was instantly pierced by the white light and dissipated in the air.

They only felt the coldness in their bodies disappear, and they regained their mobility.

Before they were overjoyed, the white line split into left and right, turning into a white door. 3 figures flew out from it.

A vast cosmic aura rolled out from the 3 of them. It almost instantly swept away the terrifying spiritual pressure emitted by Blood Trident.

After Liu Ming and others looked at the 3 of them, they suddenly became ecstatic.

2 of them wore bronze masks and brocade robes. They were the Sky Palace messengers who led the disciples of various sects into the Tianmen Convention.

The white-haired old man in the middle was Old Man Tian He of the Sky Palace who had shown up once before.

After the 3 people glanced at the situation in front, surprise flashed in the eyes of the messengers. Old Man Tian He stared at Blood Trident and the other 2 before saying slowly,

“I was wondering how could such a thing happen in the secret realm, so it’s you 3 monsters who are causing trouble again. After being suppressed by me for so long, you can still condense avatars to cause trouble!”

“Old Man Tian He!” When the Blood Trident saw the old man with white hair, he shouted with hatred in his eyes. The next moment, he waved the black trident, opened a space fissure and wanted to flash into it.

Qu Yao and Hellish-Insect Clan were also terrified; they turned around and wanted to escape into the space fissure.

Old Man Tian He looked solemn. He opened his mouth, and a white light had flashed into the space fissure opened by the Blood Trident.


The white light suddenly flourished on the space fissures, then it quickly closed up and disappeared without a trace.

Because of this change, Blood Trident and the other 2 had failed to escape.

With a flash of escape light, they planned to escape into different directions.

Old Man Tian He snorted coldly, and a white shuttle-shaped flying sword flew out of his sleeve.

This sword had 2 sides. 1 side had the ancient rune patterns, the other side was full of bird-shaped characters. The tail of the hilt was a beast head, which looked like a dragon and a kirin, exuding a hint of auspiciousness.

With a “buzz“, the shuttle-shaped flying sword exploded nearly a hundred white lights. As soon as these white lights appeared, they grew to the size of 10 meters. Then, they disappeared after a blur.

The next moment, dense flying swords emerged around Blood Trident and the other 2, trapping them in a strange formation.

“Sword formation!”

Liu Ming was startled.

Old Man Tian He turned out to be a sword cultivator, and he had also cultivated the magical power similar to the Sword Light Split, otherwise he couldn’t use a flying sword to set up such a magnificent sword formation.

“Old Man Tian He, don’t be too arrogant!”

Blood Trident’s eyes flashed with murderous intent, and he roared. The bloody mist on his body burst into waves of bloody light, then a bloody light shield protected the 3 of them.

Old Man Tian He snorted. All the flying swords flicked at the same time, and hundreds of 10 meters long sword qi were launched from the sword formation.

A thunderous roar sounded!

The sky full of white sword qi flooded the bloody light in it, and the bloody light shield only lasted for 2 seconds before collapsing. They were twisted into nothingness by the sword qi.

“Elder Tianhe’s spiritual power is really profound. The 3 alien race monsters can’t even fight back at all.” Seeing this, the man with a bronze mask immediately took a step forward and said respectfully.

Old Man Tian He looked dull as if he hadn’t heard the man with a bronze mask talking. He was just chanting on his own.

The man with a bronze mask stepped back awkwardly. The other female messenger glanced at Old Man Tian He, and there was also a look of anxiety in her eyes too.

Suddenly, Old Man Tian He stopped chanting. He raised both hands in front of his chest and waved them swiftly.

The next moment, his body immediately lit up with a gray light, and his eyes were also covered with a layer of crystal white light.

Next, there was a muffled thunderous roar in the space. There was a slight tremor at first, but it got louder and louder as if one after another thunder struck on top of them. The surrounding space was shaking because of that.

Liu Ming and the other 3 were all flustered as they didn’t know what kind of mystic arts Old Man Tian He was performing.

“Turbid Sun!”

Old Man Tian He pointed in the air, and thousands of cracks appeared in the air. Dazzling white lights came in from the cracks.

The white light was full of warmth, heat, and vastness.

The meat on the ground seemed to be burned by the white light, making squeaking sounds and emitting green smokes.

The 4 of them quickly covered their eyes and lowered their heads. If they raised their heads this time, their eyes would be burned by the white light.


The entire bloody Space shook violently, and countless space fissures appeared everywhere. It was about to collapse.

Liu Ming’s expression changed. He subconsciously made a gesture, and black gas wrapped his body.

With a flash of yellow light, he also released the Thick Earth Shield to protect himself.

The other three also tried their best to defend themselves at this moment.

At this moment, a green light stream wrapped them and brought them behind the 3 people of the Sky Palace.

The man with a bronze mask waved his hand and dissipated the blue light from his hand. It was this man who pulled the 4 of them over.

“Thank you senior for helping.” The young man with a silver car gratefully glanced at the man with a bronze mask and cupped his fist to bow.

Seeing this, the rest also thanked him.

The man with a bronze mask waved his hand, but he did not speak.

“Senior, there are 7 others who were taken into this bloody space with the 4 of us. They are all swallowed by the meat below.” The young man with a silver car saw meat being melted under the white light, and he suddenly said in shock.

“We already know about this. Don’t worry, they will be rescued soon.” The man with a bronze mask said faintly.

After hearing this, the young man with a silver car took a deep breath.

Liu Ming also looked at ease.

At this moment, the white light in the air suddenly brightened a hundred times. Liu Ming could see nothing in his eyes. He could faintly feel a giant sun appeared above him. Waves of white light rings were circling it and emitting flames from time to time.

Amazement, infinity, eternity, magnificient, epic… were filled in Liu Ming’s heart.

Old Man Tian He waved his hand, seeming to directly pull down the sun in the sky.

“Boom,” the bloody space turned into red lights that collapsed directly.

After the surrounding scenery blurred, everyone appeared in another gray space.

The sun as large as a huge mountain hovered over everyone’s heads. In comparison, Liu Ming and the others were as small as ants.

Old Man Tian He’s Mystic Comprehending State aura exuded under the white light, complementing each other with the giant sun in the air.

Xuan Ying and Xuan Wu, the 2 Sky Palace messengers, looked at the figure of Old Man Tian He with a hint of awe and envy in their eyes.

But for the 4 of them who were at the Crystallization Period, the shocking fluctuations of the sun above their heads almost stunned them.

The man in the bronze mask glanced sideways at the 4 of them, and he launched a green light curtain to cover the 4 of them.

Liu Ming suddenly felt a lightness in his mind, then a pure mental power came from the mind imitation insect into his body. The clarity in his eyes was restored again.

“Thank you senior for your help.” Liu Ming was awakened. He took a breath and hurriedly bowed to the man with a bronze mask.

The masked man nodded unexpectedly when seeing Liu Ming recovering so quickly.

Then the purple-haired man, Luo Tiancheng, the young man with a silver car also woke up one after another at this moment.

At this moment, the space below them fluctuated. 7 figures wrapped in white light appeared. It was Ouyang Qian and the others who were swallowed by the bloody space.

Xuan Ying, the female messenger of the Sky Palace, waved her hand, and a silver brilliance rolled out to catch all 7 of them.

All of these 7 people looked unconscious with a weak breath, but at least they were in no danger of life.

Old Man Tian He took a step forward, looking at a certain direction of the gray space, a sneer suddenly appeared on his face.

Then he launched a palm toward the sky.

A huge crystal light shot out from the palm. An infinite gray gas rolled out as a spatial fluctuation spread out; a space tunnel was suddenly opened.

At the end of the space tunnel, 3 tall black buildings, with a top tip and a round bottom, looked like 3 tombs, giving them a strange and unfathomable feeling.

TL: Luckily Old Man Tian He arrived. So, now what? Do they continue in the Tianmen Convention or it is over?

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