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Chapter 817: Blood Trident Emerged Again


Qu Yao screamed horribly as the beastkin pellet was destroyed. Her aura had regressed to the Crystallization Period.

Liu Ming shook another palm, and a black gas surged out and transformed into 2 swift black-red lights.


Qu Yao’s defensive aura was penetrated by the black lights. After a red flash, her eyes were pierced through.


Qu Yao’s eyes were instantly hollowed out as she made a painful scream.

The Void Sword flashed and swirled around the neck of the giant silkworm.

“Puff“, the huge head fell from her body. The huge silkworm twitched a few times before falling to the ground.

At this time, Void Sword turned into waves of cold sword light and rained at Qu Yao’s head and body, turning them into large pieces of meat.

The black gas on Liu Ming’s palms slowly dissipated. On his fists, the 8 dragon scales went back into his body.

Those 2 black-red light spots were the dragon scales that he had painstakingly re-sacrificially refined with the help of Sky Beastkin blood essence. Once they were released, they were extremely powerful. However, they became consumables that could be finished.

At the moment Qu Yao was beheaded, the gray spiritual butterflies that were still fighting with the other 3 people burst into mist.

After recalling the green bull phantasm and Void Sword, Liu Ming consumed a golden yuan pill and looked at the rest.

In this series of fierce battles, even though his spiritual power was far more refined than ordinary people, he had almost exhausted 80% of it.

The purple-haired man nearby waved 1 hand, and the giant bronze bell returned to its original size and flew back to his hand. After that, he landed on the ground, consumed a bottle of elixir and sat cross-legged.

The young man with a silver car and Luo Tiancheng were not much better either. After collecting their spiritual weapons and powers, they also sat cross-legged.

Obviously, in the previous battle, they were also close to exhaustion.

Liu Ming smiled slightly and was about to say something to the 3 of them. Suddenly, his complexion changed. His figure disappeared with a flash.

The next moment, “swoosh“, a black trident came from afar at lightning speed.

Immediately afterward, a dazzling bloody light burst out along with rolling red mist.

In the red mist, a huge figure appeared in a flash. It had double horns on its head and a pair of bloody meat wings behind it.

From the look, it was the Blood Trident that had previously disappeared, but at the moment his body was more than 10 times bigger. It was almost 100 meters in size, like a giant.

Liu Ming squinted his eyes, flicked his sleeves and placed the Void Sword in front of him.

Luo Tiancheng and others who originally sat cross-legged also jumped out in shock. They were all ready like they were facing a formidable enemy.

The huge Blood Trident didn’t even look at them below, then a red light rolled Qu Yao’s corpse into his mouth.


After Blood Trident looked up to the sky and let out a strange laugh, he finally raised his head and looked at them. There seemed to be a bit of hesitation in his huge eyes, but the next moment, blood mist rolled out with a flash of red light. His giant figure became vague.

Liu Ming and others couldn’t help looking at each other.

“What does this monster want to do?” The young man with a silver car couldn’t help asking.

“I don’t know, but no matter what he does, it will not be a good thing for us.” Liu Ming said slowly.

“Anyway, we have killed 2 of them. If we use everything to kill this monster, it shouldn’t be hard right?” Luo Tiancheng took a deep breath and said coldly.

“Junior Fellow Apprentice Luo, don’t forget, these 3 monsters are just temporary avatars. Who knows if their true bodies are also nearby.” Liu Ming replied faintly.

“You said that their bodies are also in the secret realm? How is this possible?” Luo Tiancheng didn’t believe it at all.

“Hehe, it might be possible. You think these few Real Pellet State avatars can cast such a space that traps us?” The purple-haired man chuckled and said at this moment.

Luo Tiancheng’s face changed a few times. When he was about to say something, suddenly there was a buzzing sound from the depths of the meat under everyone’s feet. The sound became faster, louder and more frequent.

Liu Ming frowned slightly, and there was an ominous premonition in his mind.

Suddenly, a devouring force came from the ground below, trying to pull them into the meat ground.

However, this force was not enough to make them fear.

They made a gesture and flew into the air.

In the next moment, the meat walls of the entire space seemed to be constantly squirming, and there was a gurgling and slippery sound from time to time. A bloody, pungent smell rose from below.

“Not good!” Liu Ming suddenly shouted.

The other 3 were startled and followed Liu Ming’s gaze. They saw the bloody meat cocoons that trapped the others had sunk by half; they were about to be swallowed up by the meat wall.

“What to do? Should we save them?” The young man with a silver car showed hesitation; Peng Yue was also in the meat cocoon below.

His words were more like mumbling than asking.

“It’s too late!” The purple-haired man swept across the countless big mouths emerging on the ground, then he said coldly.

Liu Ming was silent. Blood Trident was waiting for an opening on the opposite side, and they were mostly exhausted, so they couldn’t help those who were trapped at all.

After just 3 seconds, all the meat cocoons almost completely sank into the ground, leaving only a little semi-circular top part that was still squirming on the ground.

In the loud rumbling sound, the entire space began to tremble violently. Circles of air waves mixed with red light spots spread out from nowhere, blowing Liu Ming and the others into chaos.


The eerily laughter resounded in the bloody space, making them suffocate upon hearing that. The dazzling bloody light in the air was still flickering endlessly.

As the spatial tremor gradually subsided and the bloody light faded, Blood Trident appeared in their eyes again.

At this moment, his figure had returned to his normal size, but he exuded an extremely terrifying aura. He still held the black trident in his hand. When he cast his gaze, several people felt a chill down their spines and a tingling sensation on their skin.

Liu Ming’s face turned extremely unsightly!

The spiritual pressure emitted from Blood Trident had exceeded the Real Pellet State and even reached the Celestial State level. His spiritual pressure was also similar to that of Old Man Tian He and Big Dipper Pavilion Master.

“Impossible, how did his strength increase to such a point? He is just one step away from Mystic Comprehending State.” The purple-haired man looked at Blood Trident for a few glances, then he blurted out.

Luo Tiancheng and the young man with a silver car also looked extremely pale after feeling the devastating spiritual pressure.

After this previous battle, the 4 of them had roughly understood each other’s strengths. They were the best among the best. If they joined hands, no matter how terrifying the opponent was, they could still fight back.

But all this was futile in the face of the terrifying existence similar to the Mystic Comprehending State.

“Yes, I haven’t felt this for a long time. Although I haven’t reached my peak strength, it should be no problem to deal with these few ants….” Blood Trident stretched his body, feeling the surging power on his body, and he muttered with satisfaction.

“Blood Trident, how dare you swallow my clone!?” A sharp female cursing sounded in the bloody space as if coming from a far away, but it made the entire space buzz.

“Qu Yao doesn’t have to be angry. These 4 human race boys are not easy. Even your clones were defeated by them. I had to use the blood of your clones to forcibly liberate a trace of the Mystic Comprehending State power from my sealed body. Besides, the vitality of your clones was long gone, so they should have no use for you anymore!”

“Hmph! You said it like it is so easy. These clones were only condensed after the accumulation of tens of thousands of years. They all contain our original power. If you devoured them, would they be lost?”

With a cold snort, the space around Blood Trident was distorted. A green mist and a gray mist emerged and turned into 2 shadows.

It was Qu Yao and the Hellish-Insect Clan man who had been killed.

Only at this moment, the 2 of them had returned to their original looks, but their aura was much weaker.

In this scene, Liu Ming’s eyes twitched, then he revealed a wry smile.

The other 3 even looked shocked.

“It’s fine. Once we get out of this place, I will give you some compensation. Time is running out, I will kill these human race juniors first. There are still many things we need to do later.” Blood Trident replied nonchalantly. He lifted his hand, and the bloody mist above condensed.

“Poof“, a giant hand the size of thousands of meters, which was condensed like blood, emerged out of thin air. It pressed down on all 4 of them.

Before the giant palm was pressed down, the 4 felt a stern wind rushing toward their faces. At the same time, traces of cold force invaded their bodies. Whether it was the defensive aura or the defensive spiritual weapon, they couldn’t resist it at all.

After Liu Ming felt cold, his whole body seemed to be frozen. Not to mention channeling the spiritual power, he couldn’t even move his body.

TL: How can they get out of this predicament?

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