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Chapter 807: Trapped

The ugly disciple of Demon Mystic Sect, after being besieged by many meat fibers, finally couldn’t suppress his irritation. After a furious shout, he was immediately covered in black air as he launched a burst of palm phantasms that cleared all the meat fibers.

The eagle-faced man sat cross-legged at a low altitude. A prismatic silver mirror hovered in front of him, shooting silver light beams from time to time.

Where the silver light beams swept, the bloody meat fibers were eliminated; they couldn’t approach the eagle-faced man at all.

Near the eagle-faced man, Xue Pan was moving around and attacking the meat fibers in high speed, leaving a series of white afterimages.

The actions of these 3 immediately attracted the attention of others. Ouyang Qian frowned; just as she was about to say something, a scene that caught everyone off guard happened!

After a violent tremor in the entire space, a mass object rolled up.

At a moment when everyone was unstable, hundreds of giant meat fibers, that were thicker than the previous, suddenly rushed toward all of them. They intertwined and enveloped everyone like a horror plant, then pulled them down to the ground.

Liu Ming only felt dizzy and smelled a stench, then he found himself trapped by a dozen meat fibers in a 50 meters bloody space.

He waved his arm without saying a word, and a black fist hit the meat wall heavily.

With a muffled “poof”, the meat was trembled and absorbed the fist shadow.

Seeing this, Liu Ming frowned slightly. He made a gesture, and a green wind blade of a few feet long was condensed. He flicked a finger and launched the wind blade at the meat wall.

After a muffled sound, the wind blade only went a few inches deep into the wall. After making a gesture, the wind blade burst into green light.

This meat wall was even harder to deal with than the meat fibers. Ordinary attacks couldn’t break it at all.

Liu Ming’s face turned solemn involuntarily.

The purple-haired man of the Big Dipper Pavilion looked indifferent after being trapped. He just simply waved 1 hand to launch a purple blade on the meat wall. It also went in for a few inches deep, then it collapsed.

Seeing this, the purple-haired man gave a sneer. He slapped an exquisite red soul-recovering bag on his waist.

“Poof“, a ray of red light rolled out and condensed into a bloody spider that was a foot tall.

The spider was as red as blood, but its 8 feet were crystal clear like a flawless jade.

As soon as it appeared in the bloody space, it waved its front claw early, sliced off a piece of meat and ate it fiercely. It made a hissing sound as if it liked this kind of meat.

“I was still worrying about how to find so much meat to feed you. Today, I can fill your stomach without effort.” After the purple-haired man murmured, he sat cross-legged to rest.

After the bloody spider devoured the meat on the ground, it jumped to the meat wall and gnawed frantically.

As the number of meat it ate increased, its body shape gradually increased, and the color became increasingly red.

After just a few seconds, it had grown to a size of a dozen meters, and its demand for meat still continued to increase as if it would never be full. The pair of front limbs kept stuffing meat into its mouth.

As the beastkin spider grew larger, the amount of meat it ate increased too. One bite could devour a few kilos of meat

Although this bloody space would keep filling the lost meat, before the meat fibers were combined, they were devoured by the spider. The meat wall gradually became thin.

At the same time, in another slightly more spacious bloody space. A yellow figure dressed like a farmer was constantly dodging the attacks of the meat fibers. His forehead was sweating profusely; he was a little out of breath.

This person was Peng Yue. He was now wearing a mechanical battle armor. While dodging, he constantly waved 2 red cylinders that were as thick as an arm to shoot light beams at a spot on the meat wall.

However, these light beams could cut off the meat fibers that came out from the wall. When the light beams touched the thick meat wall, they would dissipate instantly. The damage dealt would also be quickly undone.

At this time, the mechanical battle armor on his body was suddenly covered by a layer of bloody light. It seemed to be devouring the silver armor. The armor was obviously dim as compared to before.

On both sides, 5 yellow puppet warriors were being entangled tightly by a few thick meat fibers. Their chests had a fist-size hole; the cores inside had been smashed to pieces by something.

Near the bloody meat wall that trapped Peng Yue, the young woman in green clothes of the Haoran Academy, in a layer of yellow shield, was waving a black jade pen and releasing black spots towards those meat fibers.

As soon as the black light spots touched the meat fibers, the meat fibers turned into a pool of blood that splashed away; some even splashed on her shield.

In such a small space, it was obviously impossible to avoid the meat fibers’ attack and the blood.

“The corrosive force of this bloody space is so strong.” The young woman in green clothes glanced at the dim yellow shield and muttered to herself with a frown.

Speaking of it, the pupil art she was proud of had no use at all, and her other attacks couldn’t get her out of here. Now, she had no choice but to defend.

She sighed slightly in her heart. After waving her hand to repel another wave of attacks, she tore a golden talisman; a golden light went into the shield which made it a little brighter.

Because of the unexpected attack and speed of the meat fibers, even Ouyang Sisters who wanted to fight together were separated into 2 bloody spaces.

But even so, they still calmly flicked their fingers, releasing waves of purple and green lights around them.

But these lights could only cope with the continuous growth of meat fibers extended from the bloody space. They had no effect on the meat wall at all.

Because the 2 couldn’t cast mystic art together, their attacks were significantly weaker than before.

Suddenly, Ouyang Qian’s pretty face turned solemn. A clear dragon roar came from her sleeve as a white light shot out, turning into a white jade dragon phantasm. It swung its dragon tail and smashed all the meat fibers into pieces. After pointing toward a certain meat wall, the dragon flew over and shot a burst of silver lights from its mouth.

These silver lights only left a dense hole on the meat wall, but it was recovered with a red flash.

This made Ouyang Qian feel even more dire.

On the other side, the woman in green clothes waved a faint purple folding fan in her hand and cast a layer of purple light shield around her.

As soon as those meat fibers contacted the light shield, they turned into the blood that splashed in all directions.

However, the purple light shield was corroded by the blood in a sizzling sound, and a stench spread out. The light shield just flickered a few times, then it became extremely dim.

Seeing this scene, the woman in green clothes took a deep breath and frowned.

“I, Long Xuan, didn’t expect to be trapped here, but I will never die here.”

The ugly disciple of Demon Mystic Sect, sitting cross-legged in the unstable bloody with a pale face. He kept changing gestures.

His demonic technique had little effect on breaking through the meat wall. In addition, he had had a battle with the eagle-faced man before, so his spiritual power had been consumed too much. Now, he was really in a terrible situation.

Suddenly, the ugly disciple roared hoarsely, raised his hands to the sky, and a black short blade in his hand instantly turned into a 100 meters long giant python.

The eyes of this giant python flashed, and the scales all over its body stood up like sharp knives. All the meat fibers were sliced into pieces as it went past.

At the same time, the ugly disciple quickly shredded a piece of black talisman and cast a faint black light curtain around him. Black air kept tumbling out from the light curtain, and it collided against the meat wall in all directions.

For a while, there was a constant rumbling sound.

In another bloody space, Xue Pan kept chanting, and his body was enlarged amidst a bone crackling sound.

The next moment, the word “王” appeared between his eyebrows; his long and narrow ears became more erect; his fangs became even longer; white bristles also emerged on his arms.

Then his palms flashed with silver light, and 2 silver awls emerged in his hands, then he stepped the ground and quickly spun on the spot.

A burst of whistling sound came, a gust of wind rose from the ground, and a silver-white vortex rolled up.

TL: Will anyone fall in this bloody space?

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