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Chapter 769: Attending an Exchange Meeting Together

Liu Ming lifted his hand, and several blue flags were inserted into the door. Suddenly, a burst of blue light was looming. It was a small partition array.

After confirming that the enchantment had been activated, he nodded in satisfaction, sat on the floor and cultivated on his own.

3 days later.

At this time, Liu Ming was studying the mystic of Beast Armor Tactic in the room.

At the moment, 8 tentacles sea beastkin was in the adult stage and should be able to transform into more forms. In addition, the half book snatched from the Yin Yang Strong Demon, except for the relatively complete introduction of Beast Armor Tactic, the introduction of the other 2 mystic arts about manipulating beast was stopped abruptly. According to the power of Beast Armor Tactic, the power of the next 2 mystic arts was also quite amazing.

After turning over this broken book, he put it away, closed his eyes, used Divine Thought to scan the Celestial Tablet and planned to practice in the illusion.

At this moment, there was a knock on the door outside the house.

“Is Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu in the house?”

This sound transmission sound was quite familiar; it was Long Yanfei who suddenly visited.

After Liu Ming thought slightly, he got up to collect the surrounding formation flags and opened the door.

A young woman with a beautiful figure and in a white dress stood in the doorway. Long Yanfei was looking at him with a smile.

“Oh, it’s Senior Sister Apprentice Long, please come in. By the way, how did the senior sister apprentice know that I live in this house?” Liu Ming turned sideways to let her in while asking with a hint of surprise.

“Eh, does Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu not know that there is an enchantment outside this house that records the identity information of the person living inside? However, only those who hold the Taiqing Sect’s token can check it.” Long Yanfei blinked her eyes. She explained while walking into the house, then she saw on the wooden chair in front of the tea table.

Liu Ming only realized it now. Since he entered this house, he had never left. He wasn’t really clear about the features of this pavilion.

“Senior Sister Apprentice Long isn’t just here for a simple visit right?” Liu Ming also sat down and asked tentatively.

Speaking of which, this woman didn’t look for me when I arrived at the main peak of Thousands Spirit Mountain, but she visits me now. It obviously has something for me.

“Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu, don’t say that. It has been two years since you returned to the sect. You were first nominated by the Sect Master to participate in the Tianmen Convention. Then, you fought and defeated Wen Zeng at Piaomiao Peak. Now you even have a marriage contract with my Sister Jia Lan. After so many things had happened, I didn’t have the time to congratulate you yet.” Long Yanfei looked at Liu Ming and said with a smile.

“Senior Sister Apprentice Long, I just had some good encounters when I left the sect and the battle between Wen Zeng was just a fluke.” Liu Ming shook his head and replied.

“Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu is too modest. You can represent the Taiqing Sect in the Tianmen Convention this time shows that the Sect Master has some confidence in you.” Long Yanfei replied with a spurious smile.

“Senior Sister Apprentice Long, why bother to say these kind words? Aren’t you selected to participate in this Tianmen Convention too?” Liu Ming said.

“Keke, okay, I will stop. Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu, I came to invite you to participate in a private exchange meeting with me. Sect Master reminded us to not act alone so as to avoid unnecessary trouble. This exchange meeting has people from various forces, so I think of junior fellow apprentice.” After Long Yanfei smiled, she said somewhat cautiously.

“Exchange meeting? I’m also going to comprehend a mystic art before the Tianmen Convention starts. I don’t have much interest in it. Why doesn’t senior sister apprentice find another person to go with you?” Liu Ming thought for a while, and he tactfully refused.

Since the major sects gathered here, there would be many troubles in this exchange meeting and he did not have much to exchange, so he didn’t want to waste time on this.

“Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu, don’t rush to refuse it. You can reject after listening to my words. In this exchange meeting, the disciples of the 4 major ancient sects and the 8 major families will attend. There is even someone from the Sky Beastkin Valley. I heard that there will be some rare beastkin materials from the Sky Beastkin Valley that won’t be sold easily. If Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu does not go, you will regret it.” Long Yanfei calmly persuaded.

“Beastkin materials!”

When Liu Ming heard that people from Sky Beastkin Valley were also participating, his heart moved.

Sky Beastkin Valley was not only the largest force in the Middle Sky Continent’s Beastkin Clan, but they also reared many rare beastkins that were rare in the outside world. The accumulation of various beastkin materials was even more amazing.

If people of the Sky Beastkin Valley participated in the exchange meeting, there might really be void beastkin materials.

Although he had already made an agreement with Elder Yutian, there were too many uncertain factors in it. If he could easily obtain the void beastkin material first, it was naturally most welcome for him.

After thinking about it this way, Liu Ming immediately coughed lightly and said,

“Oh? With so many sect disciples participating, it seems that this exchange meeting is really not small. In that case, I will accompany Senior Sister Apprentice Long to see what rare treasures there are in this exchange meeting. “

“Very good. With Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu accompanying me, I will feel more at ease. If Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu wants to exchange something useful, remember to prepare more treasures. I heard that at this exchange meeting, very few people accept spirit stones.” Long Yanfei reminded Liu Ming suddenly after seeing him agreed so readily.

“Thanks to senior sister apprentice for reminding me, when is this exchange meeting starting? I also have to make some preparations in advance.” Liu Ming nodded and asked again.

“The exchange meeting is scheduled to be held tomorrow afternoon. Let’s meet at the east side of the pavilion at noon. Remember to cover our true faces so that the others won’t recognize us. Then, I won’t bother the junior fellow apprentice to meditate.” Long Yanfei said, stood up and left.

After Liu Ming sent her out of the door, he closed the door, walked into the house again and sat cross-legged. He borrowed the power of mind imitation insect to enter the illusion to practice.

On the second day, on the east side of the pavilion, a woman in a white dress suddenly landed among a messy pile of rocks.

At this time, Liu Ming had already waited here, and he used the bone changing technique to transform into a short and fat young man in green with an ugly face, which surprised Long Yanfei.

“Are you… Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu?” Long Yanfei asked tentatively with a suspicious face.

“Senior Sister Apprentice Long, it’s me.” The short and fat man looked up and smiled.

“I didn’t expect Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu to be proficient in the art of disguise, you almost fooled me. It’s just your taste, tsk tsk.” Long Yanfei couldn’t help but be amused.

“Didn’t senior sister apprentice also dress as an unsightly woman? The cinnabar mole on your face…” The short and fat young man replied with laughter.

“Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu is really funny. In contrast, junior fellow apprentice is obviously much better at disguise than me. Okay, no one will recognize us in this appearance. Let’s go. The exchange meeting still has some distance from here.” Long Yanfei shook her head and said, then she flew up in a blue light.

Liu Ming once again checked the Sumeru Ring with Divine Thought, and he also followed up in a black cloud.

Half a quarter of an hour later, the 2 came to a valley more than a hundred miles away. This place was covered with white snow like other places, looking remote.

Liu Ming immediately released a powerful Divine Thought to check the surrounding area, and he found that not far from the valley, there was a slight trace of spiritual power fluctuations on a giant ice stone. However, it was hard to find the whereabouts of this ice stone.

At this time, Long Yanfei had already launched a green light at a white ice stone.

“Poof“, a dazzling sparkle flashed where the ice stone was, and a crystal clear snow-white door appeared. A young man in a white robe was standing outside the door, looking at them with a smile.

“2 fellow friends must be here for the exchange meeting, please follow me.” The young man in a white robe said with a smile.

After Liu Ming and Long Yanfei glanced at each other, they landed from the air at the same time, and they followed the young man in a white robe into the cave door unhurriedly.

At this time, Long Yanfei explained to Liu Ming that the exchange was led by the people of the Sky Palace; this young man in a white robe should also be a Sky Palace disciple.

After entering the cave door, there was a tunnel. Every distance would be inlaid with a fist-sized moonstone, which was very bright.

The entire tunnel was about 1000 meters long. At the end, there was a huge teleportation array, flashing with weak lights.

“This teleportation array leads directly to the main venue.” The young man in a white robe said calmly.

They said nothing and walked side by side into the array. After a white light rolled, they disappeared.

When they could see the surrounding scenes clearly, they were already in a wide with a size of more than ten acres. The surrounding people dressed in different costumes.

Most of them conceal their facial features with clothes, some wore cloaks, and only a few people like Liu Ming who were unconcealed with a strange appearance. People with discerning eyes would know that they had disguised themselves.

Liu Ming looked around and found that Long Yanfei was missing. According to the situation, there must be some gimmick in the teleportation array that sent her somewhere in this hall.

“That’s fine too.” Liu Ming muttered to himself, then he walked to the crowded area in the hall.

When Fang walked a few meters away, he heard the voice of a middle-aged man among the crowd around him.

“I have a piece of upper grade stone jade essence. I obtained it by accident. Everyone should know the use of this thing without me telling. I’m only exchanging this with other items. It’s not for sale. Is there anyone who is willing to exchange?”

When Liu Ming was moved hearing that, he immediately got close to the crowd to look.

TL: Even if there is a void attribute beastkin, does he have enough items/weapons to exchange?

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