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Chapter 755: Extreme Yin and Yang Physique

In just a fleeting moment, the giant fire python spouted rolling flames at Liu Ming.

Before the flames reached Liu Ming, a scorching heat wave had already overwhelmingly oppressed him.

Liu Ming did not move his gaze at all. Although this fire python was powerful, he would not take it seriously at all. He lifted 1 hand, and a clear sword sound came as a golden sword shadow flashed out. It spread in fan-shaped, bursting out a chilling sword intent.

The next moment, in the buzzing sound, the sword shadow flashed and condensed into a 100 meters long sword light that blasted out.

After the billowing flames trembled, it was swept away in the golden sword qi.

The golden sword light slashed at the fire python’s head after a blur.

Liu Ming flicked his 10 fingers, and a burst of icy sword intent soared into the sky.

In the fire cloud, Gu Yu only felt a chill in his body, and his mind was completely overwhelmed by the chilling sword intent; his brain went blank for a moment.

There was a muffled noise!

The huge fire python was instantly split apart by the golden sword light, bursting into small flames.

From Gu Yu casting the fire python to it being defeated, it was only the blink of an eye. This made Sima, who was standing far away, astounded. He almost couldn’t believe his eyes.

“It’s impossible!” In the fire cloud, Gu Yu instantly regained his sanity, shouting in shock and anger.

Liu Ming snorted coldly, but he tapped in the air with 1 hand. The golden sword light rolled into the fire cloud. A golden moon emerged, spinning frantically while bursting out dense golden sword qi.

The fire cloud in the sky was instantly pierced by the sword qi, then there was a loud noise before exploding completely.

The next moment, a red figure in the fire cloud stumbled and fell out of the scattering flames, then he was hit by the oncoming sword qi and fell to the ground below.

As soon as Gu Yu landed on the ground, he tried to stand up. His face was flushed, and his eyes were full of disbelief. However, he didn’t seem to take any damage at all.

At this moment, Liu Ming suddenly felt a hot wind assaulting from the side; Sima Chong saw Gu Yu was losing, so he immediately charged up.

Liu Ming didn’t look back. His body was wrapped in black gas and turned into 3 phantasms. His true body flew forward for 10 meters, and the 2 phantasms were crushed by a golden punch.

Liu Ming only looked back at this moment. Sima Chong was shrouded in golden light at this time, his figure was doubled in size. The aura he exuded also became incomparably violent.

“Physique cultivator!”

Liu Ming pointed with his left hand, and the golden sword qi was returned to his forehead.

“Hmph, your reaction is quite fast!”

Sima Chong shouted suddenly. His dark body suddenly radiated thousands of golden lights. The black iron-like muscles bulged, and his body suddenly enlarged by 4 sizes.

This person was really a pure physique cultivator. He just slightly channeled his spiritual power, and he turned into a golden-skinned muscular man. The popping sound of the defensive aura could be heard repeatedly. He launched a golden fist shadow at Liu Ming across the air.

Black gas rolled out from Liu Ming. He punched at the golden fist shadow with his arm wrapped in dragon and tiger phantasms.

A loud impact!

The black dragon and tiger collided with the golden fist shadow, and waves of black-golden ripples spread out due to the astounding force.

Then the 2 lights collapsed at the same time, turning into nothingness.

The strength of the 2 seemed to be evenly matched!

Sima Chong was shocked and furious.

He was born with an excellent tough physique. Since he started cultivating, he had been specializing in body refining for decades. Now he even channeled the level 2 physique mystic art of the Golden Light Peak, ‘Extreme Yin and Yang’, but he couldn’t win against Liu Ming in physical strength.

After thinking for a moment, he started to chant.

Immediately, Sima Chong’s body shone in golden light again. The surface of his skin showed a strange faint silver pattern. His muscles and bones were cracking as his body enlarged again. His aura almost seemed to have changed. There was a hint of savageness in it.

Seeing this, Liu Ming didn’t dare to take it lightly. He immediately channeled his spiritual power, releasing more black gas around him.

At this moment, Sima Chong’s huge body flew up and dived down at Liu Ming. He swept his giant arm; his giant fist blurred and transformed into 8 golden fist shadows, whizzing at Liu Ming.


After Liu Ming’s body was blurred, he disappeared in the distance. The ground on which he was standing was blasted out, stirring up a burst of sands and rocks.

However, after Liu Ming’s figure suddenly appeared in the vicinity again, Sima Chong charged at him with a giant golden fist again.

Seeing this, Liu Ming sneered. He split into 3 phantasms and surrounded Sima Chong like a whirlwind.

Sima punched and got rid of a phantasm, but another new phantasm was condensed immediately!


While Sima Chong was slightly distracted, Liu Ming’s real body appeared behind him elusively. A burst of dragon and tiger phantasms directly hit his back.

Sima Chong who was caught off guard was knocked back for 100 meters by a huge force and smashed into the rocks.

He supported himself up from the ground, then he spouted a big mouthful of blood. The golden light on his body dimmed very quickly. His physique technique was canceled by a punch, and his body returned to its normal size as if it was leaking air. His aura plummeted sharply as well

“Sorry for offending you.”

Not far away, after a faint voice came, the 3 phantasms blurred and merged into 1 again, and Liu Ming appeared tens of meters away.

Gu Yu and Sima looked at each other, feeling shocked, angry and ashamed.

Both of them were easily beaten by Liu Ming with a few moves, but they weren’t seriously injured at all. Seeing the leisure look on Liu Ming, he obviously didn’t use all his strength.

“Okay, Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu is really powerful. We have overreached ourselves.” Sima wipe the blood from his mouth. As he had made a fool of himself, he bowed and left directly without bothering Gu Yu.

Speaking of it, although he was not convinced that Liu Ming won this place, he did not intend to come to challenge him. If it were not for Gu Yu’s eager invitation, he would not be so embarrassed this time. So, he naturally wouldn’t bother about this friend anymore.

Gu Yu took a deep look at Liu Ming, then he turned around and flew away without saying a word.

Seeing the 2 leaving, Liu Ming smiled indifferently, made a gesture and flew away.

At this moment, in a leather bag on his waist, a boy’s voice was heard. It was Demon Flying Skull.

“Master, the soul-recovering bag is so stuffy, let us come out.”

“You are talking too much nonsense. Didn’t master say that he will buy us a new soul-recovering bag? Can’t you wait for a few days?” In the other soul-recovering bag, Xie’er’s cold voice sounded at the same time.

Liu Ming heard the words and touched the back of his head as if thinking of something, then he flew back to his cave house.

As soon as he stepped into the cave house’s secret room, he slapped his leather bags, and a green mist and a black mist floated out and condensed into a boy in green clothes and girl in black tulle.

“Since the two of you have transformed into human-form, I won’t take you both with me temporarily. It’s better to stay in the secret room and practice peacefully, but don’t run around when I’m not around, lest you cause trouble. “Liu Ming instructed calmly.

“This… yes, master.” The girl in black tulle hesitated for a while before she agreed.

“But, in case there are people…” The boy in green clothes showed a look of embarrassment.

“But what, it’s all because of you.” Seeing this, the girl in black tulle patted the boy’s head and said angrily.

“Yes, master.” The boy in green clothes could only agree with a dejected voice.

Liu Ming seemed to notice it, and he said indifferently,

“I understand that you 2 are worried that there will be others in the sect challenging me, but with my strength, do you still have to worry? Moreover, most of the matches in the sect won’t have any life danger, so I will be fine. In this period, you 2 just focus on cultivating in the cave house.”

“Okay, then when it is the time to attend the Tianmen Convention, we will help master.” The boy in green clothes heard the words, nodding again and again.

“Master, be more careful.” The girl in black tulle said softly to Liu Ming.

Since these 2 spiritual pets had advanced into the Crystallization Period, they could not only be transformed into human form, they could speak more clearly and fluently. Their temperament and personality were similar to those of ordinary humans.

Liu Ming nodded and walked outside the cave house. When he left, he turned on all the enchantments outside the cave house before turning into a golden sword light and flew toward Xuan Hall.

Half an hour later, Liu Ming walked out of Xuan Hall with a slightly disappointed look.

It had been nearly 2 months since he issued the xuan notice mission, but there was not even a person to provide the information. It seemed that the trail of the void beastkin was much harder to find than he thought.

Liu Ming sighed softly. After standing at the gate of Xuan Hall for a while, he suddenly remembered something, made a gesture and flew toward the Precious Hall.

Previously, he used sect contribution points in Precious Hall to redeem the meteorite gold essence for the sword embryo. Although he didn’t have much contribution points now, he still planned to go to Precious Hall just to try his luck.

After 10 minutes, he came to Precious Hall and went straight to the 2nd floor.

TL: Will he find the thing he wants?

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