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Chapter 713: Sha Chuer

“What are you holding in your hand?” The Sand Clan girl did not answer Liu Ming’s question, but she looked at the silver-white long flute in his hand with interest.

It was the first time that Liu Ming heard this woman speak, and her voice was as soft and crisp.

“Long flute, an ordinary musical instrument.” Liu Ming replied faintly. The people of Sand Clan were trapped in this Odd Desert, and they were almost completely cut off from the outside world, so it was not surprising that they didn’t know about the long flute.

“We also have musical instruments here. This is the first time I have seen this long flute, but its sound is very nice; I like it very much!” The Sand Clan girl said with a chuckle. Her beautiful eyes were flashing like nine stars in the sky. Everything was overshadowed by her eyes.

“Miss has overpraised it.” Liu Ming nodded slightly in respect. His face was calm, but a trace of doubt aroused in his mind.

After paying close attention for half a month, he discovered that this Sand Clan girl seemed to be a high-ranking person in the Sand Clan tribe. She had nothing to do with him, why would she talk to him with initiative now?

“I heard other people say that you have been to many places outside, is this true?” The girl suddenly asked like this when her conversation turned.

“It’s true indeed.” Liu Ming nodded, still wondering the intention of the other party.

“In this case, can you tell me about the outside matter? Don’t talk about those that have been told to other people, tell me about things you haven’t told me.” The Sand Clan girl smiled, tidied her skirt and sat beside Liu Ming, looking at Liu Ming with expectation.

Liu Ming could smell a faint fragrance which made him move, then he took another glance at the girl; her eyes were clear.

“Hehe, what miss wants to know, I will tell anything I know.” Liu Ming replied with a slight smile.

Although this Sand Clan girl was at the early stage of the Crystallization Period, her personality seemed to be quite innocent and naive. Hearing that, her face suddenly showed a hint of joy. She really asked a lot of outside matters, but her questions were far more specific than that of the other Sand Clan people.

Liu Ming was also patient. Except for some of his own affairs, he told them all.

As a result, after the 2 asked and answered in this way, half an hour had already passed.

“It’s getting late, thank you Brother Liu today. I have something to do, so I will go back first.” Although the girl was unwilling, she looked at the horizon, stood up and said goodbye.

“My pleasure. Chatting with miss also benefited me a lot.” Liu Ming replied with a smile.

When talking just now, he also took the opportunity to ask some things about this Odd Desert; he also got some things he wanted to know.

The Sand Clan girl smiled faintly without saying anything, then she turned into sand and rolled toward the oasis.

Liu Ming looked in the direction where the girl left with his eyes flickering.

For a long time, a burst of hissing sand sound came from not far away!

Tens of miles away from the sand dune he was sitting on, a black sand curtain swept toward him; even half of the sky was covered.

“Another sandstorm…” Liu Ming murmured helplessly when he saw this.

Living in this place, it was still very uncomfortable to face the sky full of black sand from time to time.

Then, he strode toward the oasis.

In the next 2 months, the frequency of sandstorms outside the oasis where Shaman City was located had not diminished, but it had become more frequent. Even the number of times that Sand Clan people go hunting on weekdays had also decreased.

But these had no effect on Liu Ming. He still wandered around the oasis every day, and he would go to the sand dune outside the city to play the long flute to relieve his emotions in the evening.

At this moment, the Sand Clan stunning girl would show up on time without saying a word, just standing and listening quietly.

Liu Ming’s solo performance was boring, so it didn’t hurt to have such an audience.

The 2 gradually became familiar with each other.

Every time after listening to the play, the Sand Clan girl would ask about the cultivation realm outside. What made Liu Ming strange was that this girl was not interested in the southern wilderness, but she often asked about the 8 great families of the Middle Sky Continent.

Although Liu Ming had some doubts, he wouldn’t ask her.

On this day, the melodious song slowly drifted across the boundless desert. When the song ended, Liu Ming slowly got up and the long flute away.

The Sand Clan girl looked at him quietly behind him. Suddenly, she said softly,

“My name is Sha Chuer.”

Liu Ming was startled when he heard the words, then he looked back and smiled,

“Speaking of which, I haven’t told you my name. I’m Liu Ming…”

Before the words were finished, a yellow figure burst out from the black sand 200 meters away.

The yellow figured charged straight at Sha Chuer.

This change happened too abruptly. They were so close to the yellow figure, but they actually didn’t notice anything before.

Liu Ming’s gaze turned cold. A small golden sword emerged from his forehead, growing to the size of several feet in the air and rolled out with killing intent.

Although Sha Chuer was in the Crystallization Period, her experience in dealing with enemies was obviously not as rich as Liu Ming’s. Her reaction was slightly slower for a moment. When she turned around, a golden light had already flown past her side.


A low roar came from the yellow figure, then it fell to the sand in the blood light.

Sha Chuer let out a sigh, then she looked at Liu Ming with gratitude first. When she saw the thing in the sand, her face changed drastically.

But on the sand, a wolf-shaped beastkin with long brown hairs was lying on the ground. It had pointed ears and protuded cheekbones. Its stomach had been cut open. The dark-red blood with organs scattered all over the ground. A bloody warm heart was still beating slightly.

This beast looked like a skinny dog with its head down, but when he saw its brown long tail and fangs, he knew that it must be a bloodthirsty beast.

Liu Ming looked at the beastkin corpse on the ground with surprise.

Although this beast was not astounding in appearance, its whole body was extremely hard. He seemed to just make a casual move just now, but he actually used half of his power and the Void Sword, and he only breached the beast’s defense barely.

“This is a sand jackal, Brother Liu, be careful. This kind of beastkin has always been in groups. They will never come alone.” Sha Chuer said quickly. At the same time, she raised one hand, condensed a sand blade from the surrounding black sand and looked at the surrounding with vigilant.

Liu Ming raised his brows and retrieved the true spirit flying sword. As he was about to ask, a few yellow figures burst out from the sand at once.

A few sand jackals surrounded them in endless hissing sounds.

1 of the slightly larger sand jackals suddenly raised its front paws and howled to the sky. It quickly went past the jackals and came to the 2 of them with a flash.

The beastkin glanced at the 2 of them. After seeing the sand jackal corpse behind Sha Chuer, it suddenly raised its head and let out a sad howl.


The howl was sad and touching. The sand jackal that Liu Ming was obviously its offspring.

When the beastkin lowered its head and looked at the 2 again, its eyes suddenly became cold.

A thin green line appeared between its brows, then a third green vertical eye opened. A strange green light beam was launched at Liu Ming and Sha Chuer.

As Liu Ming was about to defend, Sha Chuer had already made a gesture and condensed a sand wall before them as if she had predicted it.

Speaking of which, this was the first time Liu Ming saw the Sand Clan people battle. Sha Chuer just made a gesture without chanting, and she could instantly condense a sand wall.


The green light beam hit the black sand wall directly, and it spread away like a cloud of mist. The dissipated green mist attached to the sand wall, slowly infiltrating into the gaps on the sand wall.

Under the green light, the black sand wall vibrated slightly. With a flash of green light, the black sand wall condensed into a green-black rock which then collapsed in the next moment.

The green light beam immediately passed through the sand wall and continued to blast toward them.

Sha Chuer snorted and waved at the strange green light with the black sand blade, but the sand blade was instantly crushed by the green light.

“Although these sand jackals are only at the Condensation Period early stage, their defenses are very high. Moreover, some powerful sand jackals can launch beam through the third vertical eye to petrify object. It is hard to guard against, so Brother Liu please be more careful.” Sha Chuer held the black sand blade horizontally and quickly reminded Liu Ming. She didn’t have much experience in fighting, but she knew all about the habits of these sand jackals.

Then, the woman flickered, appeared behind the biggest sand jackal and slashed downwards.

The beastkin seemed to notice the power of the black sand blade, so it didn’t dare to resist forcibly. It turned its body to barely dodge it.

Sha Chuer finally showed the strength that Crystallization Periodpowerhouse should have. She turned her wrist and launched the black sand blade. The sand blade trembled and split into 3, locking down the large sand jackal from 3 different directions.

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