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Chapter 707: Gale Eagle

Upon closer look, this black cloud was actually a cluster of bean-sized beastkin insects that consisted of thousands of them. They could cover the lands of acres.

“Beastkind midge…” Liu Ming thought of a plan, and he changed the direction and went straight into the black insect cloud.

But when the purple escape light at the rear caught up, it happened to meet a large cluster of beastkin insects.

There was a flash of electric light in the purple escape light, and it went into the black cloud without hesitation. After a burst of crackling sound, a large batch of beastkin midge corpses fell from the air.

“Hehe, junior, you want to get rid of me using these beastkin midges? Don’t dream of such empty hope!”

After a few seconds, Lie Zhentian’s purple escape light whizzed out from the black cloud, and he sneered and said loudly.

It was natural for Lie Zhentian to think in this way, but the reason why Liu Ming entered the Pig Dragon Mountain vein was not just for this.

Half a day later, when the 2 gradually entered the depths of the Pig Dragon Mountain Range one after another, Liu Ming began to faintly lead Lie Zhentian behind in a certain direction.

Even though Lie Zhentian knew that Liu Ming was acting a little weird at the moment, he did not hesitate to channel the blood thunder escape mystic art to chase him down. After all, with his Celestial State cultivation, he would not be afraid of Liu Ming’s tricks.

Feeling a strong scent of blood in the back, Liu Ming immediately cast the pair of silver wings again and flew in a certain direction quickly.

Soon, a dark mountain appeared in front of Liu Ming’s eyes, and there was a dark cave with the size of more than 100 meters below the mountain.

“It seems like this is the place.” Liu Ming stopped abruptly with a thought; a strange light flashed in his eyes.

During the previous flight, he would draw a few strokes on him with the Real Pellet State Green Bull Beastkin’s blood. Finally, a few days ago, he drew the complete ‘Che Huan’ with half a bottle of blood.

He immediately chanted and channeled the totem mystic art. Followed by a translucent green bull phantasm flashing out from him, it roared and went into Liu Ming’s body. His aura immediately became vague.

After finishing all this, he kept the golden flying sword and sneaked into the beastkin lair in the cave in a faint black light.

It was pitch black in the cave. Liu Ming walked cautiously into the depths with his Divine Thought fully unleashed.

After 15 minutes, he silently came to the hillside position. After discovering the beastkins entrenched here with Divine Thought, it was 3 adult green gale eagles.

At this moment, the 3 beastkins were resting on a pile of dry grass.

The 3 gale eagles were more than 100 meters in size. Their aura was astonishing. They had a pair of huge wings of green and white color; 3 long feathers standing on the top of their heads; their purple eyeballs exuded an unusually cold and sharp green light.

And around the gale eagles, countless white bones scattered around, exuded a glowing light. Judging from the size of the skeleton, these were some huge beastkins.

When he and Wu Kui and others went to the five light bee hive to hunt the queen bee, he once heard Hua Qingying mentioning about it. 3 beastkins of Real Pellet State had been entrenched here for a long time; they were fierce and combative, but she didn’t know it was gale eagle.

Liu Ming had a thought and asked casually, so he roughly knew its lair location.

Speaking of it, the hidden effect of this nameless totem mystic art was really great. Under Liu Ming’s careful action, the Real Pellet State gale eagle didn’t even notice him.

Liu Ming quietly hid in the corner of the cave, then he channeled the totem mystic art without moving, not letting any of his aura leak.

In less than half an hour, a thunderous purple glow appeared outside the cave, and it rushed in without hesitation.

A few clearer long chirps sounded!

The gale eagles in the cave immediately noticed Thunder Beastkin’s invasion. They flapped their wings and put up a vigilant posture. The flaps stirred up strong winds in the cave, leaving marks of different depths in the cave.

3 green lights flew out from the depths of the cave like lightning. The 3 gale eagles immediately surrounded Thunder Beastkin not far away from the entrance.

1 eagle pounced at Lie Zhentian as it retrieved its wings. The giant and sharp claws grabbed toward his skull.

The other 2 pecked at Thunder Beastkin with lightning speed.


In the face of such an unexpected attack that was as fast as lightning, Thunder Beastkin just snorted and lifted an arm. As a thunderous sound came from his palm, he launched a faint purple thunderball.


The purple thunderball burst apart in mid-air, blasting dozens of purple sparks which then turned into a huge purple net. It shrouded all 3 gale eagles in 1 go.

Seeing this, the 3 gale eagles stopped for a moment, but they quickly flapped their wings fiercely. Countless green-white feathers were launched like sharp blades on the purple lightning net.

As a burst of rumbling sounds came out, purple and green light intertwined…

However, the purple lightning net just flashed with a purple light; it still continued to close into the middle.

The remaining hundreds of green-white feathers shot out from the gaps and blasted toward Lie Zhentian.

Lie Zhentian waved his sleeve casually, and a purple glow blocked all the feathers. While doing all these, he was still paying attention to the movement inside the cave.

Liu Ming was hiding behind a huge boulder not far away, and the oncoming Divine Thought made him not dare to move the slightest; he didn’t even dare to breathe.

As the purple lightning net shrank gradually, the space the gale eagles could move was getting smaller. Their eyes showed a shock and angry expression as they chirped sharply.

Suddenly, the 3 green feathers on their heads stood up. They fell off with a flash of green light, piercing at the shrinking purple lightning net in 9 sharp feather arrows.


9 feather arrows burst open at the moment they touched the purple lightning net, and dozens of green wind blades were ejected from the explosion.

The seemingly astonishing purple lightning net was opened up with a big hole after the green lines flashed out.

These long feathers were connected with the blood of these gale eagles. Once they were released, their power was extremely astonishing. Each of the feathers would only grow after many years, so they wouldn’t use the feathers easily. Now, in order to escape from the purple lightning net that Thunder Beastkin used, they did not hesitate to use them all at once.

In the next moment, the 3 weakened gale eagles hurriedly flapped their wings, trying to escape from the net.

“Don’t even think about it!” Thunder Beastkin’s eyes flashed with killing intent. He stretched out 5 fingers, and a layer of purple lightning covered his entire palm. With a wave, 3 purple lightning arcs were launched at the gale eagles.

Amidst the whistling sounds, the 3 purple lightning arcs hit the 3 gale eagles.

Under a crackling noise, the gale eagles were stunned, then 3 thick purple lightning hit on the abdomen of the 3 gale eagles.

3 loud noises!

The 3 huge gale eagles were blown back directly. A scorched wound appeared on its body, exuding a faint burnt smell.

3 beastkins of the Real Pellet State was simply unmatched to Thunder Beastkin!

2 of the gale eagles hit the cave wall and slid down; they seemed to be dying soon. Another scorched gale eagle flew straight at the boulder that Liu Ming hid.

Liu Ming’s thoughts turned sharply. Knowing that it was impossible to hide anymore, he immediately released his true spirit flying sword. He quickly escaped out of the cave under a golden sword qi.

“Human junior, die now!”

At the moment when the true spirit flying sword appeared, Lie Zhentian immediately noticed it. With a loud shout, he pursued in a purple light. A giant purple hand of 100 meters flew out from him suddenly.

Before Liu Ming flew to the entrance of the cave, the giant purple hand appeared on top of his head in a flash. It was about to slam on Liu Ming.

Liu Ming was almost out of breath under a tremendous pressure. He quickly channeled his spiritual power, and rolling black gas came out and turned into 4 mist dragons and 4 mist tigers to resist the hand.

A muffled “bang!“

The 4 mist dragons and 4 mist tigers just dissipated as they touched the purple giant hand, turning back into black mist. The giant purple hand only trembled slightly, then it continued to slam on Liu Ming.

Taking advantage of this moment of delay, Liu Ming’s arms moved at lightning speed; Colorful spiritual lights were launched at the giant purple hand.

These spiritual lights consisted of 80 intermediate grade to upper grade offense talismans like the fire snake talisman, golden silk talisman, ice spear talisman.

These talismans turned into flames, ice spears, lightning strikes and other light groups in mid-air and went straight to the giant purple hand.

Amidst the bursts of rumbling, the giant purple hand finally collapsed into pieces.

Lie Zhentian’s face became very ugly. He shouted angrily, and a purple light flashed on his body as he was about to rush straight over.

As a result, the endless black mist in the cave suddenly seemed to be alive. It shrouded his body under a roll, and it turned into a black light.

It was Hell Prison cast by Liu Ming.

But the Hell Prison only persisted for a moment before being torn apart by countless purple lightning arcs.

The next moment, Thunder Beastkin, wrapped in dazzling purple lightning flew out of it. He looked like Thor, exuding an unmatched sense of vastness; his face was cold and his eyes were blood red, making him look extremely terrifying.

TL: Thunder Beastkin really won’t give up. How will Liu Ming escape? He wouldn’t really fight against the Celestial State powerhouse right?

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