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Chapter 674: Behead the Real Pellet State Cultivator

“Real Pellet!”

Liu Ming just glanced at it, and his pupils suddenly shrank.

Blasting Real Pellet was the last desperate means of the Real Pellet State cultivator. If he was hit head-on, no matter how tyrannical his body was, he would suffer heavy injuries or even died on the spot.

Once the Real Pellet exploded, although the cultivator would not die, his cultivation would plummet. The possibility of condensing the Real Pellet again would be several times more difficult than before.

Therefore, Real Pellet State cultivator would never sacrifice their Real Pellet unless they were desperate.

The fat old man was so desperate because he discovered that Liu Ming’s strength was far beyond his expectations. His attacks were endless like a stormy sea, making him unable to react in time.

With the fat old man’s vicious character, he spouted out the Real Pellet with the intention to threaten. As long as Liu Ming stopped his offense, he could catch a breath, retrieve the Real Pellet and used other weapons or skills to deal with Liu Ming.

The magic weapon prototype he had wasn’t just the wooden staff only. It was just that the fierce attack of Liu Ming made him unable to take out another weapon. Also, using 2 magic weapon prototypes at the same time consumed a lot of mental power, so he needed to bestow himself with some supportive mystic arts first.

Once entering the Real Pellet State, having more magic weapon prototypes wasn’t better. Most Real Pellet State cultivators generally focused on cultivating a prototype of a magic weapon prototype so that it could be advanced into a real magic weapon as soon as possible.

Even if they carried other magic weapon prototypes, they were mostly used as a supportive item. The higher the spiritual power, the lesser the use of magic weapons. For them, it took less effort to cultivate a single magic weapon to have more powerful and varied attacks than channeling another magic weapon.

Seeing that the old fat man spat out his Real Pellet, after a few changes in his facial expressions, he immediately blasted backward and made gestures with both hands.

Black gas rolled out, and a piece of silver leather armor emerged out of thin air on his body. In the vital parts of the armor, there were purple scales on them. He also released the Bone Shield to block in front.

At the same time, the golden rainbow transformed by the Void Flying Sword didn’t stop at all. In the unbelievable gaze of the fat old man, it slammed on the green pearl.


The fat old man suddenly screamed, but his voice was completely drowned out by the earth-shaking noise below.

A green blazing sun appeared at the place where the green pearl exploded. A green airwave surged at the entire mountain. Within a few miles, countless big trees were uprooted and the ground was deeply scraped by a layer. Countless dirt and rocks were mixed in the scattering smoke and dust…

After more than a dozen seconds, when the green air wave finally dissipated, a green figure was flying out of the nearby gravel; it was the fat old man.

However, at this time, the Real Pellet State cultivator was covered with scars, and his face was extremely pale. His cultivation had dropped to the stage of the Crystallization Period. At this moment, he carried a person, that was Li Huang.

This person had left listening to the fat old man’s words, but he didn’t go far. He was still on a big tree miles away to watch the fight.

As a result, he was naturally involved in the Real Pellet self-explosion. Although he was only affected by the aftermath, a few defensive spiritual weapons were broken in an instant. He immediately fainted under the heavy trauma.

The fat old man looked around nervously. After taking a deep breath, he was about to flee away directly.

But at this moment, a pale golden sword shadow that was almost invisible to the naked eye suddenly flashed out from the dust that had not completely dispersed. It turned around at the fat old man’s neck, then it returned.

The fat old man’s figure suddenly stagnated. After making a few unidentified sounds in his throat, his head silently rolled down. A blood pillar of a few feet immediately spewed out from the wound. Together with Li Huang, who was unconscious, the body fell directly from the sky and landed heavily on the ground.

The next moment, Liu Ming’s figure slowly flew out of the nearby dust.

He was also in a bad state. Not only his disguise was removed, but the silver leather armor and the bone shield also had many broken parts all over.

However, in the damaged area of ​​the silver leather armor, countless pink flesh and blood tissues emerged, quickly repairing the wound.

Real Pellet’s self-explosion is really amazing!

If he hadn’t avoided the center of the explosion in advance and instantly released the Nine Skulls Shield and used the beast armor, he would be a serious injury.

Liu Ming flew to the corpse of the fat old man, and he murmured to himself.

“What an affectionate father and son, if you escape far away in the beginning, I may not be to kill you.”

But at this moment, with a “poof“, a green light ball rushed out from the corpse with lightning speed. After a blur, it appeared 300 meters away and desperately flew away.

Liu Ming sneered and tapped at the light ball with 1 hand across the distance.


The faint golden sword shadow appeared on top of the green light ball with a spatial fluctuation, and it pierced through the light ball.

With the scream of the fat old man, the green light ball was shattered.

At this moment, Li Huang, who had been unconscious, suddenly jumped up from the ground and crushed a certain talisman in his sleeve. He immediately rose into the sky surrounded by a cloud of silver light, and he escaped to the opposite direction of the fat old man.

Liu Ming raised his brow and flicked his sleeve. Suddenly, a large black light instantly swarmed Li Huang in it.

At this time, the pale golden sword shadow in the distance flew back in a golden rainbow, and it flashed into the black light again.

A moment later, Li Huang screamed sternly.


After Liu Ming finished all this, he also let out a long sigh of relief. He finally looked at ease.

Although this battle was not long, he still consumed a lot of spiritual power.

However, after this battle, he finally had a general positioning of his strength. Although he didn’t know how powerful the Real Pellet State intermediate stage cultivator was, at least facing the average Real Pellet State early stage enemy, it shouldn’t be a big problem.

Now Liu Ming dare not stay here for a moment longer. Just now the explosion of the Real Pellet caused such a big movement, it was very likely that it had attracted the attention of nearby people. Once a powerhouse came here, his situation would be very dire.

After taking out a golden yuan pill and consuming it in a hurry, he quickly looted the bodies, released several fireballs to dispose of the corpses here, and flew away on the Daiyue Jade Boat.

After 3 days of detours, Liu Ming finally returned to the Miaozhong Market.

After he went straight back to the residence of the inn, he immediately lay down on the bed and fell asleep.

Liu Ming slept for a whole day and night. Only after his mental power and spiritual power recovered slightly, he sat up from the bed and took out a black crystal ball and a black bracelet from the Sumeru Ring.

These things were looted from the Sumeru devices of the old fat man and Li Huang. Because he was rushing all the way before, he couldn’t check the items inside carefully.

As for the corpses of Hei Jiu and Hei Shi, they were involved in the center of the Real Pellet’s explosion. Under the destructive energy, not a single piece of their bodies were left.

While Liu Ming looked at what was in his hand, Liu Ming didn’t look that happy.

In the final analysis, he would be sought after by the Real Pellet State powerhouse because of the yun spirit pill. Although he tried his best to kill the enemies this time, it was hard to guarantee that there wouldn’t be more enemies next time.

“Now yun spirit pills are a lot, maybe it’s time to stop.” Liu Ming muttered to himself.

Then he quickly calmed his mood, reached out, picked up the crystal ball, and released his Divine Thought into it. After a moment, a hint of joy flashed across his face.

This Li Huang was worthy of being the son of the Real Pellet State powerhouse. Although this storage crystal ball did not have a lot of space inside, it had a lot of stuff. It had tens of millions of spirit stones, some spiritual weapons, elixirs, etc. All of them were valuable.

After checking and putting them into the Sumeru Ring by category, he picked up the black bracelet which he found from the fat old man.

The net worth of a Real Pellet State cultivator shouldn’t let him down.

He subconsciously weighed the bracelet, then he released his Divine Thought into it.

After a little investigation, he was surprised to find that the space inside was 500 square meters which was almost the size of his Sumeru Ring. Just this storage device alone was a decent treasure.

Inside the space were a pile of spirit stones, a messaging jade slip, a purple copper coin, a rusty bronze slip and a black short blade.

This pile of spirit stones was about 10 million. Liu Ming moved them into his Sumeru Ring without thinking, then he reached out to take out the jade slip, copper coin, and other things in it.

Liu Ming first picked up the coin. A lifelike wolf head was engraved on it, and on the other side was written 2 small characters in ancient Chinese.

“Wolf League?”

Liu Ming said softly, and his eyes moved suddenly.

In recent years, he had learned about the famous forces in the southern wilderness.

If he didn’t guess wrong, the fat old man should be a member of the “Wolf League”, an extremely mysterious organization in the southern wilderness, in addition to his apparent identity.

This organization had existed in the southern wilderness area for a long time, but almost no one could say a specific thing about this organization.

He only knew that this Wolf League was composed of many casual cultivators. Their movement had always been strange. Most of the internal members did not show their true faces to each other, and they only recognized the tokens instead of people.

Even if someone killed its members and took their tokens, they could take their place in the Wolf League.

Perhaps this was also the reason why such a disorganized organization could last to this day in a chaotic place like the southern wilderness.

TL: Wolf League? Will Liu Ming join it later?

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