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Chapter 659: Starlight Array

So Liu Ming took off the token from his waist and shook it on the enchantment of the jade box.

A green light flashed out from the token.

As the gray enchantment on the jade box disappeared, the box was opened slowly, revealing the item in it.

A fist-sized pitted golden crystal stone was in it.

Liu Ming carefully took out the crystal stone in his hand, only to feel a little bit cold. It seemed to be extremely hard.

As he flicked his finger to launch a sharp sword qi, it just disappeared the moment it hit the crystal stone like nothing happened.

After the golden crystal stone absorbed the sword qi, the golden light on the surface was faintly stronger than before.

Seeing this, Liu Ming nodded in satisfaction, then he put the crystal stone back into the jade box and put it into the Sumeru Ring in his hand.

After doing all this, he checked the identity token with Divine Thought and found that there were only more than 10,000 points left in it. He could only smile helplessly.

Although he had used all his contribution points, he was still happy to get got the material to forge the sword embryo body.

Liu Ming left the hall here through the magic array, then he hurriedly flew toward the sect market.

At present, he had gathered all the main materials to forge the true spirit flying sword. Now, he needed the auxiliary materials and some tools needed to set up the starlight array.

2 hours later, when Liu Ming came out of the sect market, he had collected almost all the auxiliary materials needed in the Sumeru Ring.

The starlight array was not a great array in the Taiqing Sect. In addition to forging the sword embryo, there were also the branches of refining elixir and practicing starlight technique in the inner door.

Therefore, he also successfully spent more than 200,000 spirit stones in a shop that specialized in selling such array equipment.

However, Liu Ming had no idea how to set up the array.

After all, he was not proficient in the array; he could only set up some simple temporary arrays.

In addition to the high difficulty in setting up the starlight array, the key lies in the choice of timing and location.

Although the ancient book recorded the ways to calculate the star position and the best spot and time so that one could attract more starlight energy, it couldn’t be mastered in a short time. It was much easier to spend some spirit stones or contribution points to hire a disciple who was proficient in array.

After making a plan, he immediately made a gesture and flew toward the Xuan Hall.

Half a quarter of an hour later, in Xuan Hall, Liu Ming was talking with a seemingly kind-looking deputy disciple.

“I want to post a mission here. Regarding the process, please give me some pointers.” Liu Ming said to the deputy disciple while cupping his fist.

“Oh, senior fellow apprentice, you only need to clearly tell me the specific content of the mission, including the time and place and what needs to be done, and give the rewards of the mission to us first. After the mission is completed, we will give the reward to the person who completes it. In addition, we will charge you 30,000 processing fee for posting a mission in the Xuan Hall’s inner notice. If no one takes this mission in more than a month, we will return the mission rewards to you. However, the processing fee isn’t refundable.” The deputy disciple explained slowly.

“Then I’ll trouble junior fellow apprentice. I would like to hire a disciple who is proficient in array to set up an array that can draw the star energy. I have gathered the complete tools to set up the array. As for the reward… 6,000 contributions and 200,000 spirit stones.” Liu Ming said after thinking.

If it was a common array, the reward was at most 1,000 contribution points or simply 100,000 spirit stones.

However, the starlight array was quite special. Although it was not too advanced, there were not too many disciples who really studied this type of array. Only those who were quite proficient in calculating the star position could use the starlight array with great precision. If the reward was not enough, no one would be willing to accept it.

Besides, he was in a hurry now, so he would rather give more contribution points and rewards at a time.

So, Liu Ming paid the contribution points and spirit stones under the guidance of the deputy disciple, then he saw his mission on the 6th mission of the 3rd row on the inner notice.

Looking back at the 5th mission of the 3rd row, most of them were assisting in killing some high rank beastkin or finding rare materials together, and the contribution points and spirit stone rewards given were much less than Liu Ming.

Liu Ming immediately showed satisfaction, then he returned to his cave house.

He went straight to the secret room to continue comprehending the way to forge the sword embryo body while waiting patiently.

As a result, only 2 days later, he received a notification from Xuan Hall, saying that someone had accepted the mission he posted. He couldn’t help being delighted.

In the afternoon, a golden appeared at his door in a flash, revealing the figure of a young man in a golden robe.

At this time, Liu Ming in the cave house’s secret room noticed someone coming. As he saw the person at the door, he couldn’t help blurting out.

“It’s you!”

The familiar young man in a golden robe in front of him was actually Jin Tianci; the mysterious young man who made the limelight in the outer courtyard major competition more than 10 years ago.

When he scanned with his Divine Thought, he found that the young man was still at the realm of Condensation Period later stage. His cultivation didn’t seem to advance at all after more than ten years.

“Hehe, after 10 years, Brother Liu has really changed a lot. I heard that Brother Liu not only completed the 36th floor of the Void Spirit Tower floor to enter the inner door, but you also killed more than a dozen evil cultivators such as the Blood Emperor in one fell swoop. You even advanced to the Crystallization Period with your Three Spiritual Pulse. Tsk tsk, now everyone knows about you in the inner and outer doors.” Jin Tianci said with a grin.

“Brother Jin is polite. I was just lucky. Right, Brother Jin comes here today, is it…” Liu Ming immediately said a few humble words with a calm expression, then he asked with some doubts.

“Yes, I have accepted Brother Liu’s mission, so I come without noticing you.” Jin Tianci replied calmly.

“It turns out that Brother Jin is even an array master. In that case, please come in and we will discuss slowly this array.” Liu Ming was overjoyed when he heard the words. He quickly made an inviting gesture.

Jin Tianci followed Liu Ming into the cave house with a smile.

Not long after, in the hall, they sat on either side of a stone table, facing each other.

“Brother Jin, sorry for the poor hospitality.” Liu Ming cupped his fist and said apologetically.

On weekdays, he only cared about cultivation, so he didn’t prepare any spirit tea to serve the guest at all. This made him feel a little embarrassed.

“Haha, Brother Liu doesn’t have to be so polite. Let’s get to the point now.” Jin Tianci waved his hand and smiled indifferently.

“Speaking of this, I got a message from Xuan Hall in the morning, saying that someone had accepted the mission I posted, but I didn’t expect it to be Brother Jin.” Liu Ming raised his eyebrows and said.

“To tell Brother Liu the truth, I’m practicing some kind of mystic art that needs the power of the stars, so specifically studied this array before. If you and I cooperate this time, it will kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Brother Liu does not need to pay for the spirit stones and contribution points to me. I just need to use the array after it is set up.” Jin Tianci said with a smile.

“So that’s the case. I just need to use the power of starlight to sacrificial refine something. As long as there is enough time, I can of course let Brother Jin use it again.” After thinking about it, Liu Ming agreed to it.

He was a little worried that it would be difficult to find a suitable candidate in too short a time. In this way, not only would he be able to complete his work, but it also saved him some expenses which was completely beneficial to him.

“Okay! I know that Brother Liu is also a forthright person, so it’s a deal. Without further ado, let go and choose a suitable place to set the array. What do you think?” When Jin Tianci heard the answer, he immediately clapped happily and got up.

“That’s what I’m thinking!” Liu Ming agreed without hesitation.

The 2 immediately got out of the cave house.

On the open space outside the cave house, Jin Tianci flicked his sleeve and took out a ruler-size disk array. After launching a symbol at it and made a gesture to calculate, he suddenly flew toward a certain direction.

Seeing this, Liu Ming didn’t ask much. He also released his small green sword, following behind in a green light.

In order to find a suitable location, they searched the Thousands Spirit Mountain for 3 or 4 days. They almost went around the entire Thousands Spirit Mountain Range twice.

As a result, at noon that day, when the 2 came above a place in the mountain range, the special disk array held by Jin Tianci finally buzzed.

“Okay, I finally found it!” Jin Tianci was overjoyed, then the golden light faded as he landed.

Seeing this, Liu Ming also landed in a flash of green light. He couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

It was so difficult to find a suitable place for the array, which was beyond his expectation.

It was now midday; the scorching sun was blazing. After looking around at the top of the hill, Jin Tianci told Liu Ming that the starlight array had to be set up at night.

Liu Ming gave the set of tools, 36 small golden flags, to Jin Tianci, then he sat cross-legged by the side.

Jin Tianci naturally meditated on the spot too.

A few hours later, when the sun set, the moonlight filled the mountains and the sky was filled with stars. Jin Tianci suddenly opened his eyes and stood up. At the same time, he took out a disk array, starting to set up the array.

TL: Jin Tianci is still at the Condensation Period? Is he practicing a mystic art that can directly advance him to Pseudo Pellet or even Pellet State like Blood Emperor? Can Liu Ming forge the sword embryo body successfully?

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